Afterthoughts ~ Judgment Day

Written by Isa

Set after "Judgment Day" - Julia tells her family what she did to Ned

"There isn't anything wrong with you eating at home." Claudia said as she put grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup on the table for the two of them plus Charlie who was upstairs tending to Diana. "I would think you'd be even better off eating here, considering all the fat and grease in the food at the cafeteria."

"It's called a dining hall, Claudia." Julia played with her napkin.

"Same difference." she sat down across from her sister. "Eat," she instructed. Claudia broke a sandwich in half and started to eat but she noticed Julia wasn't moving. "You okay?"

"I Charlie coming?"

"He should be," she stood up and walked over to the kitchen doorway. "Charlie," she whispered.

"Yeah, 'cause he'll hear that," Julia remarked.

Claudia came back to the table. "Well, I can't yell. The baby might be asleep."

"Nope, not yet," Charlie came in, carrying her. He put her in the bouncy chair he kept on the counter and put her where he could watch her at all times before sitting down.

"Eat," Claudia instructed. "The soup is getting cold."

"I have something to tell you guys," Julia said after a few minutes.

"What is it?" Charlie asked. "If you're going to try and make more excuses for that Ned guy...

"I'm not," Julia sounded a bit frustrated. "Let me finish. He kept trying to see me. He was in Maggie's room all night the other night. I never saw him, I slept in the library, but she did. He was a real pain, I guess." she shrugged. "He, uh, was with this other girl. I saw them. And all I could think was, is he gonna hurt her too? Is she the next victim? And I couldn't let it happen, I couldn't let there be another girl."


She shot Charlie a Look to let him know she wasn't done. "So I went to the dean and I told everyone. We called the cops, Maggie and me. We got a restraining order and he can't go near either one of us. And they said they're really going to be watching him on campus." she took a deep breath. "Did you know he lied to me? He told me he'd been seeing the therapist again when he wasn't. He was just feeding me more lies, all along he was lying and I couldn't see it."

"Are you gonna stay there? At school?" Claudia asked, worry in her eyes.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. We're switching dorms so he won't know exactly where we are."

"I guess that's something," Charlie remarked. He didn't want to tell her that with all the stuff that was going on, especially the stuff with Owen, that he wouldn't mind having her home again.

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