Afterthoughts~Separation Anxiety

Written by Isa

Set after "Separation Anxiety"

Julia peered into the cafeteria. She could see Josh, huddled into a corner with a laptop, typing furiously. "Probably some history paper, or maybe his English assignment." The teacher had been so impressed by Josh's first paper that she'd asked him to write another so that she could have the class parrot it. Julia thought it was the dumbest excuse for an assignment she'd ever heard. She didn't like parroting Shakespear's work, why would she want to copy another student? She took one step through the doors and stayed there. She was nervous, not as much as she had been when she'd visited Josh's dorm, but nervous just the same. His door had been open, and when she knocked, she saw what people would call a Stoner lying on one of the beds. He was holding a blue bong, and seemed to be somewhere on Mars.

"Uh, is Josh here?" she asked.

He moved the bong from his face, showing her that he had a pierced everything. She then remembered him from the Facebook. He scared her.
"He's studdying in the room where you eat." was his only reply before taking another puff on the bong. Julia left without saying anything and headed for the cafeteria.

Now that just a few yards seperated her from Josh, she felt compelled to go talk to him. Taking a deep breath, she walked over to him.

"Whatcha workin on?"

He sported a black eye. Aparantly Ned had gotten the better slug in. "Don't."

"Don't what?"

"Try to make small talk now. Go see your boyfriend--"

"He's not my boyfriend."

"He's not your boyfriend, but he lives in your dorm room? I'm confused. There aren't supposed to be any co-ed rooms, by the way."

"He's my roommate's boyfriend. That's why you saw her kissing him."

"Why did you tell me he was your boyfriend?"

She shrugged. "I guess lying made telling the truth easier."

"I am so lost." he closed the laptop, as if to say "I'm listening".

"I have a big complicated life back home. I don't wanna get into it takes too long and it hurts too much....but I don't know when or if I'm gonna be able to see someone. And I want you to know that 'cause if I do end up seeing someone, I want it to be you."

"Is that all?"


He leaned over and kissed her. "That should help you make your decision."

Julia grabbed her bag and walked away. It was easier for her to lie, to play someone else. And she knew it would be real easy to just pretend that Griffin didn't exsist, that she didn't still wear the ring to bed. She also knew she could never do it. She still loved him too much, and she hated him because of that.
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