Written by Isa Bedigian

Charlie announces he's moving out of the Salinger house.

Sarah showed up at the Salinger house around ten am Monday morning. Charlie was long gone, and she expected to find Claudia watching tv with Owen, but when she came through the gate to the backyard, she saw Griffin playing in the sandbox Charlie built with Owen.
"Hey," she knelt down on the grass next to them. "What's up?"
"We're building a sand city!" Owen announced proudly.
"Julia's inside, asleep. I didn't wanna wake her." Griffin molded a pile of sand into a rectangle shape. "Who's this Keith guy?"
"Keith as in Daphne's Keith?"
"I guess so." he shrugged. "He took her to the doctor's or something."
"Charlie didn't go?"
He shrugged again. "He Owe, you keep working on this, I gotta talk to Sarah for a second, k?"
Griffin stood up and walked over to the house. Sarah followed.
"Can you watch over Owen for me for awhile?"
"Griffin, that's basically why I'm here. It's my job."
"Great, thanks. I was thinking I'd go look at this apartment I found. It's the attic of this beautiful old house - won't Jule love that?"
"I'll bring back pictures for her." he went back over to Owen. "Hey buddy, I dotta go run some errands, so I'll see you later okay?"
When Griffin left, Sarah kicked her sandals off and sat on the edge of the sandbox, resting her feet in the sand as she and Owen "worked". Around one pm, Julia showed up inside the screen door.
"What time is it?"
Sarah checked her watch. "One. You feeling all right? You slept pretty late."
"I'm pregnant." she said it as though it were an automatic excuse to be lazy. She opened the screen door and came outside. "What're you doin Owe?"
"Making a sand city."
"That sounds like fun." she turned to Sarah. "Where's Griffin?"
"Work, I guess."
"He went to--"
"Owen," Sarah began, trying to shut him up. "How about if we go inside and have lunch?"
"But we're working."
"We'll come back out when we're done."
He agreed and ran ahead of them into the house. The girls hung back, waiting so that they could talk without an audience. Julia sighed at the way he took off.
"Not ready for parenthood yet?"
"This book I got says that you're never 'ready' because women are supposedly born ready to be mothers. The author called it a gift from God."
"And how well have you recieved it?"
Julia snorted. "The morning sickness, I could do without. The back pain too. As for everything else, I'm okay. I've just really been thinking about stuff lately. My mom & how she was and you know what I realized?
"She would've loved this, Sarah. She would have wanted to sit with me and touch my stomach & discuss names. She used to sit and talk with me about pregnancy and the way she felt when each one of us was born. When she was pregnant with Owen, we used to sit on the couch all night talking and she'd let me feel him kicking her stomach."
"That must have been amazing."
"It was," she turned back to the house.
"You're really lucky, you know?"
She giggled. "Yeah, I am."
"I didn't mean now. I mean, you are, but I meant before. You and your mom, you guys talked and she was there for you and she would talk with you about guy stuff. Kissing, and sex, I never talked to anyone about that. Neither of my moms. Robin wasn't around, and my mom just wasn't the type of person you could talk about things with. So, you know, I envy that you had that."
"You can still have it Sarah. With Robin. She is your mother, you know? And just because she has Isabel doesn't mean she doesn't want to be a big part of your life. She wouldn't have contacted you if she didn't want to be involved."
"I don't know Jule. We've missed alot of time and--"
"Stop! Come on, stop! I've gotta get up to bed. Don't do that, the kids might be around!"
The girls stared at each other. "What was that?" Julia asked.
A loud giggle floated through the screen door.
Their eyes met again. "Daphne's back."
They went into the house and hung back in the kitchen, watching the couple grope each other as they went upstairs. The laughing was turning into moaning. Julia went over to the stairs, but by the time she got there she could see them slamming the door to Daphne's room.
"What are they doing?" Sarah asked. Owen was behind her, eating Cherios right out of the box. Julia gave Sarah a Look. "Okay, so I know what they're doing, but I meant, why are they doing it?"
She shuddered.
"God, and in our house!"
"Well, Charlie did tell her she could have him over."
"Yeah, for a visit, not some cheap thrill in Claudia's old bed!" she rolled her eyes. "God, Charlie can really pick 'em."
The phone rang and Sarah went into the kitchen to answer it. Julia shook her head and followed her.
"Hi Charlie. Yeah, she's back. Uh-huh. No, I don't know where Claudia is, I thought she--oh, okay. I'll check on her. Sure. See you soon then. Bye." she hung up.
"That was Charlie?"
"He said that he's coming by with Bailey and Kirsten to tell us something. He also said that Claudia is in bed with cramps so I'm gonna go check on her."
"You're gonna go past that door??"
"I don't have a choice." she headed for the stairs.

"What is it Charlie?" Claudia moaned. She'd had Bailey carry her down the stairs since she didn't feel all that good. She was wearing a robe and lying under three blankets, one of which she shared with Julia who was sitting next to her.
"Kirsten and I have some news."
"Well, would you get on with it already?" Bailey asked. "I gotta get back to work."
"And I'm dying here," Claudia added.
"I guess I'll just spit it out then. Kirsten and I found this great apartment today. It's just a few blocks from here, and it's perfect for us. I'm gonna be moving."
"When?" Julia asked. She liked the idea of being the woman of the house, wearing her mother's shoes. It would feel nice.
"Next week. Daphne's going to stay here, and then when the baby's born, she'll move out, and this place is yours."
"Whose?" Claudia wondered.
"Julia's. And Griffin's, if they want it."
"Charlie, I, of course we want it."
"Then it's all settled. I--"
"What about Owen?" Claudia piped up. "I mean, he belongs here with us, but what about him? He adores you Charlie."
"I'll be around alot Claud. I'm just moving, I'm not leaving."
She frowned. "It's the same thing, isn't it?"
"No, it's not." Sarah told them. "My mom, my birth mom, left. Just took off & never saw me for sixteen years. That's leaving. When you go & you don't come back."
Everyone was quiet for a minute, then they all just sort of drifted off without really saying anything. Claudia & Julia went up to bed and Bailey gave Sarah a kiss before leaving for the restaurant. Kirsten went shopping for baby clothes, and Charlie headed upstairs to talk to Daphne. He knocked first.
"Oh shit!" she whispered. Keith was next to her in bed, naked. "Get in the closet!" he handed her a robe off the floor & ran into the closet. She reached down with her hand & swept his clothes under the bed. She flicked the TV on after getting dressed. "Come in."
He entered & closed the door. "Hi,"
"Hi," she kept her eyes on the TV.
"Can I ask you something?"
"How do you feel about my moving out?"
"You're moving out? How does this effect me?"
"That's what I want to know. I won't be that far away, and I'll be around alot, especially until the baby is born."
"So why should I care? Although it might be a little weird staying here with your siblings and not you."
"So we're okay?"
"I am." she averted her eyes back to the television.
"Is this really that interesting?"
"Are you kidding? It's Days of Our Lives. Marlena just got kidnapped again by Stefano......."

Bailey peeked outside the front door & found what he was looking for. Julia was sitting on the swing.
"This old thing has quite a past huh?"
"Yeah, it does. It's kinda odd that it's out front here now, huh?"
"I don't think so. It looks good, it looks new." he sighed and sat next to her. "Everything's changing here Jule."
"That's life. That's our life."
"It's weird. Him moving out."
"He's moved out before."
"I know, but this is different. He's like, starting his own life, with Kirsten and the baby."
"He's a grown up now Bailey. We all are."
"Do you want it Jule?"
"The house."
"Why would you ask me that?"
"I just gotta be sure. Because if you don't want it, you have to tell me."
"Why, you want it if I don't?"
"It's Dad's house Jule. One of us has to live here."
"I want it Bay. I was sitting out here thinking. When Mom & Dad moved here, she must have sat out back on this swing and thought, 'This is where I'm gonna raise my family.' And when I sit here now, and I look out at the steps, and the street, I think the same thing."
"You're planning on having a family?" his eyes were a bit wide.
"Why wouldn't I?"
"I don't know, you & Griffin were having all those problems, and then there's the"
"What me thing?"
"I guess I just never saw you as the mothering type."
"Get used to the idea Bay. It's only around six or seven months away."
"Griffin & I. We're gonna......a baby."
"You're kidding."
"Nope. I've got the morning sickness to prove it. I haven't eaten in days & I've given up coffee."
"Must be hard."
"I'm surviving."
"You're really doing this. You're really pregnant?"
"Congratulations." he gave her a hug.
"Thanks. I'll admit, I was surprised by it, too." she glanced upward for a second. "But I figure there must be a reason for it."
"You buy into all that?"
She smiled. "Sometimes I do."

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