Hello, Goodbye, I Love You

Written by Isa Bedigian

This story takes place right after the finale, but changes a few facts. Due to the hiatus, the earliest Daphne could have gotten pregnant was 4/22, but I've changed the facts so that it was around 3/5 or so. Griffin has moved alone into the shed, but has taken off on his bike for awhile & no one knows where he is. It's now June first, & Julia is taking a summer semester. She leaves as this story begins. Oh, & Claudia is away @ music camp.

"You got everything?" Charlie asked for the thousandth time.
"I'm good Char," Julia assured him. "I'm all packed, my car is full of gas, & I've already got my room key." she held up a Harley Davidson keychain that used to be Griffin's. A single key was on its ring. She gave him one final hug. "I'll call you when I get there."
She ran around to the driver's side of her car & got in. She went to set her purse on the passenger seat & noticed an envelope there. She opened it & took out a single sheet of paper. When she unfolded it, butterfly & cloud shaped confetti burst out of it. It was a letter from Claudia.
I know I'm @ music camp & can't see you off, so I sent this to Bailey's email & he printed it up for me. I just wanted you to know how weird it's going to be to come home & not find you in the kitchen burning something or overheating the vacuum or something crazy like that. I've gotten so used to having you home again, & off you go. Don't stay away too long okay? I'm sure you could go to SFU & be just as happy. =)

Julia sniffled back a tear, waved to Charlie & drove off.

"You don't travel light do you?" It was later that day & Charlie was unloading all of Daphne's belongings from her driveway to the truck.
"Hey, I gave up my place, I have to move my whole life away for nine months. It's a good thing though, 'cause I saw this little lofty place not too far from your house that won't be available for another six months, so I'd say that's just about perfect. I put most of my furniture in storage 'till then--"
"How much stuff was in that place? There are two TVs here, a computer--"
"Hey, I never even use that thing. Do you know anyone who'd like to buy it from me?"
Charlie thought about how Julia & Claudia often faught over their laptop. "Don't even mention that in the house." He tied the tarp over her stuff down & helped her into the truck before getting in himself.
"I do appreciate this Charlie," she told him as he drove off. "I know I've been pretty awful lately, & we're not exactly....a thing....anymore....but..."
"I know...just...don't think about it." Charlie turned the radio on so there would be no awkward moments & drove back to the house.

"Hi Daphne," Bailey greeted her as she came in. "I'll put those upstairs," he took the two suitcases from Charlie & ran upstairs with them.
"Make yourself @ home," Charlie told Daphne. He looked around & noticed how quiet the house was. "Where's Owen?"
"He's @ Mark's," Sarah said, coming into the kitchen holding a large laundry basket. "Bailey's laundry. I hope you don't mind. The machine in our building is broke, so I came over here with Bailey to do it."
"No prob. You wanna do some of mine while you're @ it?" he joked.
"You know Charlie, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but it probably would be best if I had a first-floor room. I mean, with going up & down all the stairs & all..." Daphne sat down on a bar stool & brushed her hair back from her eyes.
"I know, I thought of that. But your room is the closest to the stairs. There really isn't any room big enough down here for a bed, so I didn't have a choice."
"Oh, okay then." she opened the fridge, then shut it. "Ooops, sorry. Do you have any pickles?"
"Probably. Help yourself. You live here now."
"I know, I'm just not used to it yet," she admitted, taking the pickle jar & a Sprite out of the fridge. "It's weird."
"Life is weird. One of my sisters is @ school for the summer, the other one wants to go to school across the country in the fall, my brother doesn't live here, I'm unemployed, Owen is...God knows where--"
"He's @ Mark's. Sarah told you, remember?"
"Yeah, I--"
"Oh my God!"
"I think my....I need to go to the hospital right now."
"Oh my God, the baby, I'll...call 911!" he shouted to no one.
"No, Charlie just drive me yourself, it will be faster."
"What about the stairs?"
"I can try to walk."
"No, I'll carry you." he grabbed her purse & slung it over his shoulder, then stuck his keys in his teeth & picked her up, bride-groom style."
"This is fun," she joked, trying to make light of the situation. Then she felt a pang of pain. "Oh Charlie, please hurry."
He sprinted down the stairs & flew to the hospital, running red lights. When he got there, they made him wait in the waiting room. He paced around scared to death for half an hour before he realised he never told anyone where he was going. A nurse directed him to a pay phone & he left messages on his own machine & on Bailey's.
"Mr. Salinger?" someone called.
"Yeah?" Charlie ran over to the nurse standing in the doorway. "How is she, how's the baby?"
"Fine, for now. The doctor will speak to you in a moment. You can go see her now, exam room six, right that way." Charlie took off without even following the nurse's finger, but he found the room just fine.
"Daphne, are you okay? What happened?"
"I'm really not sure. Something with my blood pressure or the baby's blood pressure. That guy - the doctor - said I have to stay in bed if I want to keep this baby! How can I stay in bed for six more months?"
"I don't know. I need to talk to him about this. What was his name?"
She laughed. "Smith. Of all the names...."
He kissed her hand. "I'll be right back." he took off down the hall to the nurses' station & asked to see Dr. Smith.
"He's right behind you," she told him in a cold voice.
He turned around & touched the doctor's shoulder.
"Dr. Smith, I'm Charlie Salinger. Daphne is my....I'm the baby's father. What's this about her needing to stay in bed?"
"Daphne is in a very serious condition. Her blood pressure is bad & it was effecting the baby. It was caused by stress, so it's very important that she not have any @ all for the duration of her pregnancy. That is why she must stay in bed."
"There's no way around it?"
"I'm afraid not. I'm suggesting you hire someone to take care of her if you can't do it yourself."
Charlie thanked him & banged his head on the wall a few times before returning to see Daphne.

"Stay in bed? For six months?" Julia was hanging sweaters up in her closet while talking to Claudia. Bailey had called @ camp to let her know what was up, & as soon as she had a free minute she called Julia. "How can she stand it?"
"I don't know. Bailey said Charlie said he's going to have to hire someone to take care of her 'cause he's trying to get a job & I have my own life."
"Oh, that's cool, I guess." She tossed an old tee shirt onto her bed, planning on sleeping in it that night. "Did Bailey mention Griffin @ all?"
"No sorry," Claudia looked around & noticed that her violin group was gathering for a practice. "Jule, I gotta go. Call Charlie, he'll fill you in."
"K, bye Claud. And thanks for the note."
Claudia smiled. "You're welcome." Then they hung up.

"You don't have to cook dinner, Sarah." Charlie said as he came in with Owen. After he brought Daphne home, Sarah had agreed to look after her while he went to pick Owen up @ Mark's.
"I don't mind, I love to cook. I made pasta with shrimp, since it was in the freezer & Julia isn't here."
Bailey came in & grabbed a carrot off the cutting board. "Isn't she amazing?"
"Yeah Bay, you're real lucky," Charlie commented. "Sarah, do you have a job for the summer?"
"No, actually I was thinking about working @ Salingers', if Bailey will have me."
"I don't know Sarah," he smiled @ her. "I wouldn't want all the guys hitting on you."
"Bailey," Charlie began. "Can I talk to you in the den for a second?"
"Sure, if both of us can fit in there." he joked & they walked off. "What's up?"
"How would you feel if I asked Sarah to be the girl to help take care of Daphne?"
"It wouldn't bother me, but I thought you wanted like a nurse or something."
"I want someone fun & friendly to take care of her & just sit & talk all day if that's what she wants. Sarah is perfect for that. She's like the Grace Kelly of the 90's!"
Bailey laughed. "I'm actually pretty honored man. I'm sure Sarah will be too. When are you gonna ask her?"
"Not until I talk to Daphne about it, so don't say anything k?"
"You got it, my lips are sealed."
"Good. Let's go see if dinner is ready, I'm starved."
Bailey put his arm around Charlie & they walked into the kitchen.
"Where's Sarah?" Bailey asked Charlie.
"Sorry," she said coming into the kitchen. "I went to take Daphne her food & asked her if she wanted me to eat with her, so after I serve you two, you're on your own."
The two guys exchanged a look. They knew they'd made the right choice for the job.

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