Musical Chairs

Written by Isa Bedigian

Julia finally tells someone about her pregnancy, Bailey unsuccessfully confronts Charlie about his tryst with Kirsten.

"No, no way." Bailey was drying glasses behind the bar. The restaurant was near closing time, but Sarah had been to excited about what she'd witnessed to wait until he arrived to pick her up. She'd left Owen with Griffin & taken a cab to Salingers'.
"Go ask Griffin, he saw it too."
"Wait, he saw, what were you & Griffin doing spying through the peephole in Claudia's room?"
"We heard a glass break.....evidentally they were very busy up there."
"Does Claud know?"
"You kidding? I think she'd move into the basement if we told her. You can't say anything."
"I wouldn't. Not to Claudia."
"To who then?"
"Charlie! He's.....he's got Daphne, who's all......pregnant, in bed all the time, & he's up there with Kirsten!"
"Maybe it's because he loves her." Sarah touched Bailey's arm, trying to make him realise that maybe, just maybe, Charlie felt about Kirsten the way that he felt about Sarah.
"It just seems wrong."
"It'll work out." she noticed the last few customers had left. "You ready to get out of here? I'm tired." she shot him a pointed look.
"Yeah, me too. Just lemme tell Matt & we're outta here."
Sarah waited patiently while Bailey disappeared into the back & came out with some to-go containers.
"Leftover lobster bisque. It's not good tomorrow, so we'll drop some by the house k? I know Daphne likes it."
"Do we have to?" she faked a yawn.
"No, let's go straight home."

"What do you mean you can't come home?" Claudia's voice was incredulous.
Julia switched ears & held the phone with her chin & shoulder. "I'm sorry Claud, but I have homework this weekend, & alot of it. I'll try to come home for the fourth k?"
"That's not for two weeks! Come home NOW."
"Fine! I'll go to the concert myself." she slammed the phone & stuck her tongue out @ it. Even though Julia couldn't see it, it made her feel better.
"What concert?" Sarah asked. She'd entered with her key, & Claudia hadn't even heard her.
"Oh. I have these tickets to the NSYNC concert Friday night. They're pretty good seats too. And Julia was supposed to go with me, but now she's bailing." She made a disgusted face & Sarah giggled.
"Why don't I go with you?"
"Why would you want to go with me?" Claudia muttered.
"Because you're my friend?" Sarah guessed.
"You'd go?"
"Sure. Just tell me what time to pick you up."
"I have to go shopping for an outfit first. I haven't had time to go before."
Sarah just smiled. She was glad she could be there to spend time with Claudia, because it was obvious that even after everything that happened last year, her siblings were still treating her like the forgotten Salinger.

Bailey was sitting on Charlie's bed when he came home Thursday night.
"This is a change. I'm the oldest, aren't I supposed to wait up for you?" he laughed.
"Charlie, I sorta heard something about you & Kirsten."
He kicked his shoes off. "What did you hear?"
"I heard that you & she were.......sleeping together."
"Where'd you hear that?"
"Sarah, but don't be pissed @ her."
He took his tie off & tossed it to a chair. "I'm not pissed @ anyone about anything."
"So it's not true."
"Oh, it's true."
"Does Daphne know?"
"Does she need to?"
"Look Bay. I'm a grown up. I can take care of myself. You live your life, I'll live mine."
Bailey didn't comment. He looked around the room & saw a suitcase open on a chair.
"Goin' somewhere?"
"Oh that. Just to visit Jule for a day. Tomorrow. I should be back @ night, but just in case."
"Why the visit?"
"I think we're both in need of relationship advice."
Bailey choked down his laughter. "She's seeking advice from you?"
Charlie made a face. "So, can you & Sarah stay until I get back?"
"I can't come until late, I gotta close tomorrow. Sarah's taking Claudia to a concert."
"What, why?"
"Maybe 'cause she's human?"
"What about Daphne?"
"She's a grown woman. She can lie alone in a bed for a few hours with having anyone to call to every five minutes. She's got Sarah busting around like a maid you know."
"It's not that bad."
Bailey got up to leave. "It's never that bad when it doesn't concern you," he muttered.

"Oh, you're home." Griffin went back to the book he was reading when Bailey walked in.
He tossed his keys on the counter. "You're reading?"
"It's this profenciantcy test. I was thinking maybe I could get this great job teaching mechanics."
"I thought you had something going."
"I do, but this is better money."
"So go for it."
"I don't know if I have it in me. I mean, you came in & questioned that I was reading a book."
"You gotta do what's right for you Griffin," Bailey thought he sounded like an AA sponsor. "Do whatever you've got to do to keep you happy & get you through the day."
"Uh, thanks. I'll think about that." he returned to his book.
"Sarah home?"
"In her room."
Bailey went into the bedroom & found Sarah on the bed with her laptop. She closed it when she saw him. "Hey. I was just playing Whack a Mole, no big deal. =) What's up?"
"Griffin's reading?"
"The world is turning Bailey. We must turn with it."
"Where'd you get that line?"
"It's an aductation of Shakespear. They're doing a modern musical Romeo & Juliet & I thought I'd try out."
"Where @?"
"The SF Community Theatre. I don't get paid, but it's expirience."
He kissed her forehead. "Go for it. You'll knock them dead."
The phone rang, & Sarah lunged for it. "Hello?"
"Sarah, um, hi. It's me." Julia. "Can you talk?"
"Not really. I mean, about TV & school yes, about boys & sex, no."
Bailey's ears perked up. "Why can't you talk about sex in front of me?"
She waved her hand to shut him up & listened to Julia.
"I'm assuming Griffin is there too?"
"In the living room. Julia, you okay? You sound like you've been crying."
"I have. Listen, I really need to talk, could you maybe go to a payphone or something?"
"I can do better." she put the phone down. "Bailey, tell Griffin that I want some Thai takeout & that he'd be better @ ordering since he lived there & can speak the language a bit."
"He will so not buy that." Bailey said @ the same time Julia said it over the phone.
When they were gone, Sarah settled onto her bed. "Okay, what's up?"
"I, um, I feel so stupid saying this over the phone."
"You can talk to me Jule, we're best friends. Just say it."
"I'm pregnant Sarah."

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