New Beginnings

Written by Isa Bedigian

Charlie tells Daphne he's getting back with Kirsten, Sarah visits her birth mother & meets her baby sister.

Sarah tiptoed into the house so she wouldn't wake Griffin. It was nearly one am, but she wanted to wait up for Bailey. She put the living room TV on quietly & sat there, channel surfing. She let her eyes wander the room and let them rest on the fireplace. She noticed there were no pictures on the mantel other then the ones of her & Bailey & of the whole family @ Julia & Griffin's wedding. She went over to the counter & opened her bookbag. She took the pictures of Isabel that Robin had given her & balanced them on the shelf with the other photos. She felt as though she had two families now. Her birth mother & her adoptive mother. Her stepfather & her adoptive father. She began to wonder which one should be more important. Which one should she spend her birthdays with? Which one would she call first when she made the dean's list, or when she won a writing contest?
"What are you watching?"
Sarah looked up. A shirtless Griffin was standing next to the couch where she was lying. She sat up & scooted over. "Nothing really, just flipping through."
"I think that Liv Tyler movie you like is on HBO,"
She laughed. "Which one?"
"The one you & Jule used to watch over & over."
"Oh, Empire Records." She turned the channel to HBO & decided to leave in on since the movie had just started.
"I miss her alot Sarah."
"I know."
"She's coming in tomorrow morning, did she tell you?"
"I got her something."
"A necklace. It's a little angel with a blue topaz eye. I just thought it might remind her of her mother or something."
"I'm sure she'll love it." Sarah faught back laughter @ the memory of what Julia had said in the past about Griffin & jewelry. She had a feeling he hadn't made anything for Claudia this time.

The next morning Charlie stopped in to look on Daphne before taking Owen to shop for school clothes. "How are you feeling?"
"Fat and lazy." she put the magazine she'd been reading down. "I gotta ask you something."
"Well, um, I was wondering if I could have this guy....Keith....come over to visit me. I mean, we're not a thing, at least not yet, but I'd really like to see him and he said he'd come over--"
"It's fine with me. I mean, we're know?"
She nodded. "I know. We're not, was stupid to ask."
"It's okay. I'm fine with it. As a matter of fact, Kirsten & I are kind of a thing now."
"I thought she was married."
"Was is the key word. They're seperated."
"I'm sorry."
"I'm not," Charlie said to himself. "Well, yeah, those things happen."
"Yeah....have a good day Charlie." she picked up her magazine & started to read, so he took that as a cue to leave, & he did.

Julia had taken a cab to the house. It just seemed easier than driving, especially since she was getting pretty carsick with all the hills. When she arrived home, Sarah was on the front porch with Owen. She ran down to see Julia & they hugged.
"You feeling okay? Can you walk the steps?"
"Do I have a choice? No, I'm fine, really."
They walked up & Julia sat on the swing & let Owen sit on her lap. "Where's Griffin?"
"He should be out here soon, I doubt he knows you're here. He's.....Jule he's fixing up the shed."
Her face paled. "You're kidding."
"He thought you wouldn't want to live with Bay & I--"
"I don't--"
"So he's doing this."
She sighed & set Owen down. "I'd better go see him."
Sarah wanted to tell Julia not to be stupid, but she just couldn't, so she went back to drawing with Owen.

Julia knocked on the open door to the shed. "Anybody home?"
Griffin looked up from the table he was sanding & beamed @ the site of her. He was sweaty & messy, but still gorgeous.
"Hey, you're here. I didn't think.....Hi!" he ran to her & kissed her. "I'd hug you, but,"
"It's okay. What're you doing out here?"
"I'm fixing it up."
"Why, so we can live in it again & blame all our problems on it?"
She suddenly felt very dizzy. She went in the house & up to her room & told Sarah to tell Griffin she'd see him tomorrow when she felt better. He was heartbroken, so before he left he put the angel necklace inside an envelope & slid it under the door. Later that night when she was getting up to go to the bathroom, she found it. When she read what he'd written about her on the note, she cried, & wondered why everytime she thought her world would be perfect, it had to fall apart.

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