Written by Isa Bedigian

Julia tells Griffin about the baby.

Julia held an ice pack to her head. She felt awful. She'd been throwing up all morning, & her head was pounding as though there were a whole band inside it. Any noise bothered her, even talking, but she forced herself when she heard the front door open.
"No, uh, it's me," Griffin came into the living room. "You weren't in the....shed so I figured.."
"I've been here all day. I went from my bed to this couch."
"What's wrong?"
"I think I'm pregnant."
"That's all you can say? Really?"
He shrugged. "I'm happy, I guess."
"That's just great. I knew this shouldn't have happened." She threw her head back, then regretted it because it made her sicker.
"And I don't know why it did. We were so careful. Even in LA, we always.....we did everything we could. And I know nothing is 100%, but I just.....we're gonna have a baby Griffin. What are we going to do?"
He took her hand & laughed. "Relax?"
"How can you relax?"
"It's not that bad. We are married, remember?"
"I know, but I'm nineteen & you don't have a good job & I don't have a job @ all--"
"You're going to school."
"I can't go to school & have a baby! To have a baby, I need to be home so I can make baby clothes & pick out a crib & design a nursery &--"
"Julia," he walked behind her & started to massage her shoulders. "We're married. It's okay to have a baby. I want us to have a baby." He wrapped his hands around her & rested them on her stomach. "Think about this. We're gonna have a baby of our own. And this brings us closer together than anything else ever can or will."
She sighed. "But I'm gonna get fat. With big ankles & big boobs--"
"What's wrong with that?"
She responded by rolling her eyes.
"Look Jule. You're beautiful, you'll always be beautiful to me, all right?"
"Thanks for the angel," she said, remembering that he'd given it to her. It was still upstairs on her dresser. She wished she'd put it on.
"I just thought it would remind you of the one Claudia has of your mother's. It's funny that I gave it to you & now you're going to be a mother."
"Griffin, what if I lose the baby? I mean, it's happened before, & it--"
"Shhhhhh," he kissed the back of her head then flipped his legs over the couch & sat next to her, wrapping his arm around her & touching her cheek. "Our baby is gonna be fine. It--"
"She," Julia corrected.
He laughed. "She will be fine. Okay?"
Julia nodded. "Will you just hold me?"
He proceeded to wrap his whole body around her but she shook her head. "Sideways. I don't wanna throw up on you."
He laughed & wrapped his arms around her sideways & kissed her hair.
"Another few months & we won't be able to do this. I'll take up the whole couch."
"I'll always hold you," he whispered.
She put her arms around him & kissed him. They laid down, him on top of her, on the couch & started kissing passionately. She laughed inside herself, knowing this would probably be the last time they'd be doing it for a while. She also wondered how long she'd be able to hold onto Griffin before he deserted her like everything & everyone else she'd ever loved had.

The next morning, Julia stumbled out of her bed & into the kitchen. It was habit to awaken herself with a cup of coffee, but since caffeine was out, she settled for orange juice & a bagel.
"No coffee?" Claudia asked. "That's not like you."
"My head is pounding &...oh why bother? I'm pregnant Claudia."
"You're pregnant???" Claudia jumped off the chair where she'd been eating & hugged Julia. "This so great! Congratulations! Does Charlie know? Where's Griffin?"
"Yes I am, thanks, yes he does, he left for work already."
"So are you gonna stay here now?" Claudia asked excitedly. "That would be so great! Owen has missed you so much! And Griffin, he comes in here like he thinks he doesn't belong or something...this is so great! Does Bailey know?"
"NO, & you can't tell him."
"Oh, I get it you want to. So what are you guys gonna do for a place?"
"I'm not sure. Charlie said he's been wanting to move out of here, you know, 'cause of the Daphne/Kirsten thing, so maybe I'll run the house."
"Really? That would be so fun, you'd be a cool mom."
"I wouldn't be the mom Claudia, I'd just be the one yelling @ you instead of Charlie."
"Charlie doesn't yell @ me," she bit her lower lip. "You'd yell @ me?"
"If you screwed up, yeah."
"Look @ our lives. Define screwed up."
Julia thought it over for a minute & sipped her juice. "Don't you have somewhere to be?"
She took the last bite of her Pop-Tart. "Mall with Jody. Bye!" she breezed out of the kitchen & Julia yawned & stretched, enjoying the peace of being alone. She onlee had a few more months of it left.

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