Wrong Notes

Written by Dan Krovich

From Dan (May, '97): It has been awhile since we have seen any episodes, so here is an episode that I have written as the fourth season's opening episode. Disclaimer: I am not a writer. I did this for fun - I had to have something to do from 9-10PM on Wednesday nights. I also apologize for my complete lack of musical knowledge. I'm sure all of the comments regarding the violin playing are probably ridiculous. I would appreciate any comments or criticism you may have. Email me at dkrovich@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu

It's late August, early morning. Light is streaming through the windows of Griffin and Julia's apartment. The camera pans to Griffin and Julia lying in bed together under the covers. The blinds create lines of shadow across them.

Julia: Well, that's one way to get rid of jet-lag.

Griffin: Welcome home, Mrs. Holbrook.

Julia: Julia Holbrook, I think I like that.

Griffin: You THINK you like that?

Julia: You know I hadn't decided if I was going to change my name or not, but if I'm going to be a writer, I think Holbrook is better. That way I won't get confused with that other guy.

Griffin: That other guy?

Julia: Never mind.

Griffin: So, you're going to be a writer, huh?

Julia: Yeah, I think it's more important for a writer to experience life instead of being in a classroom all day. I kept a journal while I was in Europe, and I think I can turn it into a novel.

Griffin: A novel? So, do you think I could be in it.

Julia: I don't know, maybe you could have a small part. (She kisses him) You know, Griffin, it's not that I don't think this place is cute and all, but now that I'm back don't you think we could start looking for someplace a little bit ... nicer?

Griffin: (sits up) Um, I don't think we can afford it.

Julia: What do you mean? Where did all the money go?

Griffin: Getting the business going -- It's taking more money than I thought, and you spent all your money on the trip. There's just not that much money left.

Cut to close-up of Julia and then cut to shot of both of them - cut to opening credits

In Owen's room, Charlie is helping Owen get ready.

Charlie: Hey Owen, how about you and me play hooky.

Owen: Play hockey?

Charlie: No, not hockey, hooky. I'll call your pre-school and tell them you're not coming today, then I'll call the restaurant and tell them I won't be in until later, and then you and me can go to the zoo and look at the tigers. How would you like that?

Owen: (puts his hands up like paws) Tigers, Grrrrr!

Charlie: Great, you finish getting dressed and I'll be right back.

Charlie gets up and walks down the hall. Claudia is in the bathroom looking in the mirror and brushing her hair.

Charlie: Hey Claude, me and Owen are going to the zoo. Wanna come?

Claudia: I can't.

Charlie: Come on, I know you love the monkey cage.

Claudia: I can't, I have practice today.

Charlie: On Thursday?

Claudia: Yeah, the competition is in two days, so Ross said I could schedule an extra practice.

Charlie: You've been taking a lot of extra lessons this summer. What's up?

Claudia: Nothings up. This is my last year in this age group. Next year I move up to the next age group, so I want to do well at the competition this year, that's all.

Charlie: OK. If you want I can drop you off on the way to the zoo.

Claudia: No, that's OK, I'll take the bus.

Charlie: Are you sure?

Claudia: Uh huh.

The office in Griffin's garage, Julia is looking through a shoebox full of scraps of paper.

Julia: This is how you've been keeping your records?

Griffin: Yeah, I've got all the receipts in there. I even color-coded them. See, the red ones are for the incoming money, and the black ones are for the money I paid out.

Julia: What are these blue ones?

Griffin: Oh, that's the day I couldn't find my black pen.

Julia: This is no way to run a business, Griffin. You're gonna have to hire someone to organize your books.

Griffin: I don't think I can afford that. I'm not even sure I can pay the mechanics this month. Besides, I was kind of hoping you would do that. You know, I would fix the bikes and you could take care of all the financial stuff.

Julia: Griffin, I know this bike shop means a lot to you, and that's great. It's really great that you found something that you want to do, but it's not what I want. I want to start writing as soon as possible while everything is fresh in my mind. I saw so many wonderful things in Europe, and there are so many more things I want to see, but I can't if I'm stuck here.

Griffin: Oh, I see, now that you've been to Europe you're not so sure you want to be STUCK here with me.

Julia: That's not what I meant, I...

Griffin: Fine, why don't you and Justin take a trip to China, or you can go to Hell for all I care.

Julia: Oh, so this is about Justin then. Look, nothing happened. We went on a trip, we had fun, but nothing happened. I thought you were OK with the trip, I thought that's why we got married.

Griffin: Maybe that was a mistake.

Julia: Maybe it was. (Julia walks out of the office and slams the door.)

Cut to the door in Coach Petrocelli's office. Coach is sitting at his desk doing some paperwork when there is a knock at the door.

Coach: Come in.

Bailey walks in.

Bailey: Hey coach, I know it's a little early, but I wanted to get started as soon as possible. I've been running and lifting weights all summer, and I really think things are going to be great this year.

Coach: Bailey.

Bailey: (ignoring him) I was thinking that if I could move down a weight class, I'd have a better shot at districts. And then Roger could take my weight class, and I think...

Coach: Bailey!

Bailey: Yeah, coach?

Coach: Bailey, you can't work out with the team.

Bailey: What? Coach, I haven't had a drink all summer, and I've been going to my meetings.

Coach: It's not that, Bailey, it's your grades. (He holds up a piece of paper.) You're on academic probation.

Bailey: I know my grades were bad last semester, but things are different now, you know that.

Coach: There's nothing I can do about it Bailey. The rules say that if you're on academic probation, you can't participate in any organized practices with the team. I've got to follow the regulations. If I let you practice, it puts the whole team in jeopardy of being charged with violations.

Bailey: I understand.

Coach: Look, I still want you to keep in shape. If you get your grades up this semester, you can get back on the team in plenty of time to be ready for districts.

Bailey: Sure.

Claudia is sitting in Ross' foyer as a boy (David) is playing the violin in the other room. She keeps peeking around the corner. The music in the other room stops. Claudia sits back down and pretends to be looking at her music. David comes around the corner and Claudia stands up.

Claudia: That sounded great.

David: I don't know, I've been having trouble with the fingering.

Claudia: No, really, it sounded great.

David: Thanks.

Ross: (from the other room) Claudia, is that you?

David: I guess I should go. I'll see you on Saturday.

Claudia: Yeah, I'll see you on Saturday.

David leaves, and Ross walks into the foyer

Ross: Are you ready to get started?

Claudia: What? Oh, sure.

Cut to Griffin and Julia's apartment. Sebadoh's "Too Pure" begins to play. Griffin is sitting a the desk with the receipts trying to do the books for the bike shop. Julia walks in and sits down on the bed. Griffin does not look up.

(Over the instrumental intro:) Julia: Do you want some help?

Griffin: No, this is my responsibility. I'll figure it out

Julia: Fine.

Julia picks up a magazine, and they sit there ignoring each other as "Too Pure" continues to play:

Lyrics (as much as will be played in this scene) to "Too Pure" by Sebadoh (off their album "Harmacy"):

is something missing in my touch,
a tension tugging at my smile
if there's a right thing to say,
I'm sure I missed it by a mile
swallowed in some detail, heavy in my blood
I wanna hold you close, but I can't lift my arms up

The coffeeshop, Sarah is sitting reading. Bailey walks in.

Bailey: Hey.

Sarah: Hey. I can't believe that I start college next week. Look, I got a letter from my new roommate. Her name is Natalie, and she seems really cool. She likes the same kind of music, so maybe we can all catch some shows together. She's from Texas, and get this, she actually wrote "y'all" in the letter. Isn't that great?

Bailey: Yeah, that's great.

Sarah: I also got the course book. I've been looking through it trying to figure out what to take. There's music theory, of course, but you're gonna have to help me pick the rest.

Bailey: I'm not so sure I'm the right person to ask for advice on courses seeing as I'm on academic probation. I'm not even allowed to be on the wrestling team right now.

Sarah: What? Coach Petrocelli kicked you off the team?

Bailey: I'm not allowed to practice with the team as long as I'm on academic probation. He said that if I get my grades up this semester I can get back on the team.

Sarah: Well, you can do that. I'm sure that you'll do great and you'll be back on the team in no time.

Bailey: I guess so.

Sarah: Are you ready to go? I still have tons of shopping to do to get ready for next week. I hear that there is this big poster sale outside at the park.

Bailey: Why don't you just go ahead without me.

Sarah: Are you all right?

Bailey: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just not in the mood to go shopping. Go on ahead, I'll be fine.

Sarah: OK, I'll give you a call tonight.

At the restaurant, Charlie is at the bar when Julia comes walking in.

Charlie: Hey, you're back!

Julia: Yeah, I just got in yesterday. I was on my way home, I mean to the house, to see Claude and Owen, and I figured I would stop in here first. Here, I got you this. (She pulls a book out of her bag.) It's a book on European architecture, I thought you'd like it. I also took a lot of pictures of buildings I thought you might like. Justin thought I was crazy.

Charlie: This is great. I want to hear all about your trip. How are things?

Julia: I'm not sure.

Charlie: What do you mean?

Julia: Well, Griffin and I had a big fight this morning. He wants me to work at the bike shop, to keep the books and stuff like that. But that's his bike shop, you know, I want to find something that's my own. I saw so many incredible things in Europe. The trip opened my eyes that there is a lot out there that I still want to see. I don't want to just sit behind a desk.

Charlie: Can't Griffin hire someone else to do the books?

Julia: We don't have the money to do that right now. The business is costing more money than we thought, so he's not really making any money yet. I thought being married would be different, I thought it would make everything easier, but it doesn't. Right now I just feel kind of overwhelmed.

Charlie: Do you still love him?

Julia: Of course I love him.

Charlie: Then, you made a commitment to each other, you're married now. Everything you do affects both of you. You two are gonna have to find some way to make things work for both of you. You need to figure out what's Really important to you.

Bailey is slouched on a chair in the living room, flipping through channels on the TV, but not really watching anything.

Charlie: Hey, Bai, what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to go out with Sarah.

Bailey: I was, but I just wasn't in the mood.

Charlie: Is everything OK?

Bailey: Not really. I found out today that I'm on academic probation and I can't practice with the wrestling team.

Charlie: That's just temporary, right? Once you get your grades squared away then you can get back on the team, right?

Bailey: Yeah, but wrestling has been the one thing that I have been looking forward to the whole summer. And now I can't do it because of stuff I did months ago. You know I've been doing everything right this summer. I've been going to my meetings and I haven't had a drink - it hasn't been easy, but I've done it. But, I'm still being punished for stuff I did when I was drinking. What do I have to do? I mean Sarah's mom still looks at me like I'm the devil every time I go over there. When can everything go back to normal, so I can forget all about the drinking?

Charlie: I don't know if you're ever supposed to forget. I think that's kind of the point.

Bailey: I know that. I did a lot of horrible things when I was drinking. I made a lot of mistakes - I know that. But now I am following all of the rules, taking everything day by day like I'm supposed to. What good is it doing? When do I stop paying for my mistakes?

Charlie: You're just going to have to give it some more time, Bai. It takes time, and sometimes you make mistakes that you pay for for the rest of your life, but you learn to deal with it. I know this summer hasn't been easy, but things will get better, and if it means anything, I'm proud of you.

Bailey: Thanks, Charlie. It does mean something. It means a lot.

Claudia's violin contest, David is on stage playing. Claudia is next, so she is waiting at the side of the stage. David finishes. There is applause, he walks off the stage.

Announcer: And our final performance today, Claudia Salinger.

Claudia walks to the center of the stage and begins to play. The camera starts on her and then pans to Charlie and Ross sitting in the audience, cut to the end of Claudia's performance. Claudia finishes, there is applause, she walks off stage.

Announcer: That concludes the competition. We will have the final results in a few moments.

Claudia walks up to Charlie and Ross.

Charlie: That was great Claudia, you sounded great.

Ross: You were off tempo on the whole last part.

Claudia: I know

Charlie: Oh.

Ross: I thought we had that part down, what happened?

Claudia: I don't know, I guess I just rushed it a little.

Ross: That's not like you Claudia, your pacing is usually right on.

Announcer: We have the results for the junior competition, and first place goes to David Potter.

David comes over.

Ross: Congratulations, David. Charlie, this is another one of my students, David Potter.

Charlie: Congratulations.

David: Thank you.

Claudia: That was superb, David, you sounded terrific.

David: Thanks, you were great too.

Claudia: No, I messed up the ending. You deserved to win.

Later, Charlie and Claudia in the car driving home.

Charlie: So, David is pretty good, huh?

Claudia: Yeah, he is.

Charlie: When did he start taking lessons with Ross?

Claudia: At the beginning of the summer. His family moved here from Syracuse.

Charlie: You know, Claude, there are better things you can do when you like a boy besides letting him win a competition.

Claudia: What do you mean David? I don't like David - I mean he's a great violin player, and I like him, but I don't LIKE HIM like him.

Charlie: Come on Claudia, I may not know much about the violin and tempo, but I do know when a girl likes a boy. All the extra lessons this summer, and...

Claudia: I DON'T LIKE HIM!

Charlie: (grinning) OK

Claudia: I DON'T!!

It is the next day (Sunday) at the bike shop, and Griffin is the only one left in the shop. He is working on a bike when Julia walks in.

Julia: Hey.

Griffin: Hey.

Julia: I need to say something, so just listen. Getting married was not a mistake - it may have been the smartest thing I've ever done. I love you Griffin, and I want to be with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, that's the one thing I'm sure of. And so even though working at the bike shop isn't exactly what I want for ME right now, I think it's the best thing for US. And that's what's the most important thing, isn't it? Us.

Griffin: I'm sorry for the way things are right now. You should be able to do what you want. I want you to be able to find your dreams and follow them. I know that you don't really want to manage the shop, but it's the only way things can work right now. It's only temporary. Once we can afford it, I'll hire someone to do the books.

Julia: I'm sorry I got upset earlier. Everything was just a shock. I was away for two months, and then I was hit with all of this at once. I don't know, I guess I just freaked a little.

Griffin: I overreacted too. I'm glad that you got to go to Europe, and I know nothing happened with Justin. I just missed you so much, and then you came back and we got in this big fight right away. I want us to be happy, Julia. I know we can find some way to do that.

Julia: Are we alone here right now?

Griffin: Yes, Why?

Julia: I don't know, I thought maybe we could go into the office and start working on the books, or find something else to do in there.

Griffin: Oh, I think we might be able to find something to do.

They go into the office and close the door.

Later, at night, at the house. Charlie, Bailey, and Claudia are cleaning up after dinner.

Bailey: Tomorrow's the first day of school. Do you want me to drop you off?

Claudia: No, I'm going with David.

Bailey: David?

Claudia: Yeah, he just moved here, so I'm going to show him around on his first day at school.

Bailey: Oh, THAT David.

Claudia: What do you mean, THAT David? (she turns to look at Charlie) Charlie!

Charlie: What?

Charlie and Bailey start laughing and Claudia stomps out of the room.

Bailey: So, I guess Claudia is really gonna start dating.

Charlie: I guess so.

Bailey: You know what that means. Claudia on the telephone all the time. She's gonna want a later curfew, and you know she's going to want to go out with someone that you don't like. Boy, are you in trouble.

Charlie stops laughing and gets a serious look on his face.

Bailey: (pats Charlie on the shoulder) Good luck, bro. (walks out of the room.)