Written by Jeff Mills

Christmas of the fourth season

(Charlie, Claudia and Owen are at a lot looking for a Christmas tree to buy.)

Claudia: What about that tree over there, Charlie?
Charlie: That tree looks like the one used in the "Charlie Brown Christmas"
cartoon! (laughs)
Claudia: It does not! It's a nice looking tree!
Charlie: Claudia, we're NOT getting that tree, okay?  
Owen: Charlie, what about this tree?
Charlie:, not that one.  

(The Christmas tree salesman enters.)

Salesman: Hello, can I help you find something?
Charlie: Yeah, where can we find a really tall tree, but one that's not too tall?
Salesman: I tell ya what, how about this one right here?  (points to and shows
Charlie a beautiful, tall tree)
Charlie: That's perfect! Well, Claud?  Owe?  What do you guys think?
Claudia: I gotta admit, Charlie, that tree sure looks great.
Owen: I want that tree, Charlie!
Charlie: (smiles) We'll take it! 
Salesman: Great!

(Julia and Griffin are at the mall doing Christmas shopping.)

Julia: Oh, wow, Claudia would love this dress!
Griffin: Yeah...I guess.
Julia: What do you think, Griffin?  
Griffin: Looks great, Jule! Can we go now please?
Julia: No...
Griffin: No?  
Julia: No, this dress over here looks better.
Griffin: Yeah, that one DOES look better.
Julia: Do you think so?
Griffin: Yeah.
Julia: Well, why do you like this one better than this one?
Griffin: I don't know...the, uh, color looks better...and..I don't know, can we
just go, Julia?
Julia: Griffin, I had to wait for you to pick out guy stuff for Bailey and
Charlie, and I was nowhere near as impatient as you are with me.
Griffin: Right, and how long did it take for me to pick out clothes?  
Julia: Oh, I get it.  So, because I'm a woman I must take forever to shop, right?
Griffin: When we walked into this mall it was 1997; pretty soon it's gonna be
1998 or 1999.
Julia: Fine, then I'll shop by myself.  

(Julia walks away)

Griffin: Julia! Damnit!

(An elderly man walks up to Griffin.)

Man: Married, too, huh?
Griffin: What?  
Man: You're married, aren't you?
Griffin: Yeah, how did you know?
Man: (laughs) Fifty years of marriage for me, and the wife still drives me crazy,
too.  You got a lot to look forward to, son.
Griffin: Fifty years?

(Opening credits.  Fade to commercial.)

(Fade in.  Bailey and Sarah are at the coffee shop.  "Tubthumpin'" by Chumbawumba
plays as background music.)

Bailey: I can't believe it.  You mean your mom and dad didn't even send you a
Christmas card?
Sarah: No! They've had all the time in the world to, and yet they can't even
bother to send a card or call to wish me a "Merry Christmas."
Bailey: Well, no offense, Sarah, but are you REALLY worried about it?
Sarah: Not really.
Bailey: There ya go! Sarah, I want you to be happy this Christmas.  Please don't
let your parents drag your spirits down.  
Sarah: I'm sorry.  
Bailey: You don't need to apologize to me.  (kisses Sarah on the cheek)
Sarah: (smiles) Thanks.  I REALLY needed that.

(Owen, Claudia and Charlie are putting the finishing touches on the Christmas

Charlie: Claudia, hand me that ball will ya?
Claudia: Okay.
Charlie: Owen, stop making faces into the Christmas ball, and help me out here,
Owen: Sorry, Charlie.
Claudia: You know, Charlie, I've been thinking...maybe we should have gotten a
fake Christmas tree?
Charlie: What?  Claudia, don't even start.  Besides, you were the one who wanted
a real Christmas tree.
Claudia: Well, you did, too, remember?
Charlie: Yeah, well, whatever.  It's too late, now, so let's deal with this tree,
and next year we won't get a real tree.
Claudia: Okay.  
Owen: Here's the star, Charlie.
Charlie: Thanks, Owen.  (puts the star on the tree) How's that look?
Claudia: Crooked.  Move it more to the left.
Charlie: (moves the star) How about now?
Claudia: Yeah, that looks good!

(Bailey enters the house.)

Bailey: Hey!
Charlie: Hey, Bai! 
Bailey: What are you guys doing?
Claudia: Putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree.
Owen: Bailey, look at the star!
Bailey: Wow, that looks...that looks crooked, actually.

(Charlie stares at Bailey, giving him a look of disapproval.)

(Julia and Griffin are walking in the mall.)

Griffin: That looks crooked...your smile, I mean.  How about if we turn that
frown upside down, huh?

(Julia doesn't answer.)

Griffin: Look, Jule, I'm sorry about back there.  I just...I don't feel
comfortable in the women's clothing store.
Julia: Well, Griffin, join the club! I mean, I shop with you in the guy's
clothing store, and, and, I don't say a word about not liking it.   Marriage is
supposed to be about being together, Griffin, not being apart.  Why do you think
I said in my letters "Wish you were here instead of Justin" when I was in Europe
last summer?
Griffin: Yeah, I guess so...I mean, I guess  I'm sorry, Jule.  
Julia: (smiles) You're so cute when you are apologetic.

(Bailey is at this art store in the mall called "Works Of Art." He is greeted
there by the owner/manager, Art.)

Bailey: Hi!
Art: Hi! Welcome to "Works Of Art"! I'm Art, and these are my works!
Bailey: (laughs) Well, I was wondering if you could help me, actually.  I want to
get my girlfriend a really nice present for Christmas.
Art: Well, what exactly are you looking for?
Bailey: (pulls out a picture of Sarah from his wallet) Can you draw her from this
picture, and make a painting out of her?
Art: Won't need the picture, son.
Bailey: You won't?
Art: Nope.  I can draw and paint her just by you describing her to me.  So, let's
get started, okay?
Bailey: Okay.

(Charlie is looking at some letters, and notices one of them has Walter Alcott's
name on it.  He opens it up, and notices it is a Christmas card to the family. 
Looking sad and angry by it, he tears it up and throws it into the trash.  Fade
out into commercial.)

(Fade in.  Bailey sees the painting of Sarah as done by Art.  Remarkably, it
looks EXACTLY like Sarah.)

Bailey: This is incredible! How did you do that?
Art: I used to work as a sketch artist for the L.A.P.D.  Then I got into the art
business, and here I am.
Bailey: Art, this is amazing! Thank you so much!
Art: (smiles) Thank YOU, Bailey.
Bailey: (smiles) Merry Christmas!

(Julia and Griffin walk into the Salingers' home, as Claudia and Owen are
watching "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" on tv.)

Julia: Hey, Claud, Owe!
Claudia: Hi, Julia!
Owen: Hi, Julia!
Julia: Where's Charlie at?
Claudia: In the kitchen, making dinner.
Julia: Oh, okay.  Thanks.  

(Julia walks into the kitchen to see Charlie as Griffin sits down next to Owen
and Claudia and watches "How the Grinch Stole Christmas.")

Griffin: Man, this is one of my all-time favorites.

(Julia walks into the kitchen to see Charlie sitting in a chair at the kitchen
table, seeing him with a sad look on his face, looking down at the floor.)

Julia: Charlie! 
Charlie: What?  Oh, hey, Jule!
Julia: What's wrong, Charlie?  You look so sad.
Charlie: We got a Christmas card from Walter Alcott today.
Julia: Where is it?
Charlie: Where it the trash.
Julia: You threw it out?
Charlie: Yeah, I ripped it up, and I threw it into the trash, where it belongs. 
Where HE belongs.
Julia: Charlie, I know how you feel, but it WAS nice of him to send us a card.
Charlie: Julia, I don't care if he gives us a million dollars.  He killed our
parents.  And I don't care if it's Christmastme or not, but he's not gonna be
forgiven by this family for what he did.
Julia: I know, Charlie, but I think even mom and dad would want us to at least
accept his goodness this one time.  That's what Christmas is all about, I think. 
It's about being good, and praying for everyone, including your enemies...people
you hate or don't like.  At least, that's what I think.

(Julia walks away and Charlie gets up to take the torn up Christmas card out of
the trash.  He immediately starts to tape the card back together with tape.)

(Bailey is walking along the street when he discovers a $100.00 bill.)

Bailey: Wow! A hundred bucks! 

(Bailey soon decides not to take this money, but instead to give it to the person
who lost it.  He looks around, and sees no one except a homeless man.  Bailey
walks up to him.)

Bailey: Hi.
Homeless Man: Hi.
Bailey: (noticing the man is a bit drunk and drinking alcohol) What's that you're
Homeless Man: Vodka.  You want some?
Bailey: No, thanks.  You know, you shouldn't drink that stuff.
Homeless Man: Spare me the lecture, boy! I know what I'm doing! Besides, I can't
help it.  I'm an alcoholic.
Bailey: Really?  Small world 'cause I'm an alcoholic, too.
Homeless Man: You?  No way!
Bailey: Yeah, I've been sober for almost ten months now, and I'm going to A.A.
Homeless Man: Is that right?  Well, congratulations!
Bailey: Thanks.  You know, if you wanted to, you could get out of this place, and
get help for your alcoholism.
Homeless Man: Pretty hard to do that when you got no money.  
Bailey: (reaches into his pocket to take out the $100.00 bill) Here.
Homeless Man: (looking surprised) Why are you giving me this?  
Bailey: You need it more than I do. 
Homeless Man: (nodding his head) What's your name, young fella?
Bailey: Bailey, Bailey Salinger.
Homeless Man: Mine's Jack Potter.  (shakes Bailey's hand) Nice meeting you.
Bailey: Well, Jack, I really wish we could talk longer, but I gotta go.  
Homeless Man: I understand.  (pauses) You take care of yourself, Bailey.
Bailey: (smiles) You, too, Jack.  (shakes hands with Jack as Jack smiles back)

(Julia and Griffin are in bed in their apartment, trying to get some sleep, but
both are still awake.)

Julia: Griffin?
Griffin: Yeah?
Julia: Do you ever think about us having kids?
Griffin: Yeah, sometimes.  I haven't really thought about it much though.  Why?
Julia: I don't know.  It's just Christmas has always been a special holiday for
my family, and has always been a family holiday.  And ever since I was a little
girl, I dreamed of one day having a family of my own, and watching the kids open
up their Christmas presents...(laughs) with my husband there...and seeing their
little faces light up as they see what Santa got them for Christmas.
Griffin: I know, Julia.  I want the same thing, too.  It's just right now I'm not
ready to be a father yet.
Julia: I know, and I'm not ready to be a mother yet either, Griffin.  I was just
thinking about it, that's all.
Griffin: Julia?
Julia: Yes?
Griffin: I love you.

(Julia smiles and her and Griffin kiss as scene fades into commercial.)

(Fade in.  It is Christmas Eve, and everyone is getting ready for Christmas. 
"Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms is playing on the family stereo in the Salinger

Charlie: So, Bai, you're playing Santa this year?
Bailey: Yeah.  I mean, you have done it for like forever, Charlie, and I'd like
to be Santa this year.
Charlie: Okay, but I remember the last time we had a party, and you were wearing
an outfit. 
Bailey: Charlie, that was a long time ago, and this isn't a clown's suit.  
Charlie: I'm sorry, I'm just being a smartass. (laughs)
Bailey: More like a dumbass. (laughs)
Charlie: Hey! 

(Charlie and Bailey start play fighting as camera cuts to Claudia and Sarah
talking to each other.)

Sarah: Reed isn't here?
Claudia: No, he had to visit his grandparents up in Washington for Christmas.  
Sarah: Well, he'll be back here soon before you know it, Claud.
Claudia: Yeah, I know, but I just wish he was here so we could spend our first
Christmas together.
Sarah: I know.  

(Sarah spots Julia, who spots her, and Julia then turns away.)

Sarah: Be right back, Claudia.

(Sarah follows Julia into the kitchen, and sees Julia standing by herself in the

Sarah: Hey.
Julia: Hey.
Sarah: Are you okay?
Julia: Yeah.  I'm just worried about what I'm gonna do after Christmas, that's
all.  (nervous laugh) Things aren't looking that great for me and Griffin.
Sarah: Julia, maybe this isn't my place to say this, but I think you're too good
to be wrapping gifts.
Julia: What?
Sarah: You're so smart, Julia, and you deserve better than dealing with a lot of
crap from irate customers working at a gift wrapping shop.  You need to go back
to school.
Julia: (pauses) I'm really thinking about it.
Sarah: Are you?
Julia: Yeah.  I'm just wondering how Griffin's gonna take it.  I mean, I love
him, but you're right.  I DO deserve better.
Sarah: Well, I'm gonna go back out now.  Are you coming?
Julia: Yeah, I'll be right there.

(Sarah walks off)

Julia: Sarah?
Sarah: Yeah?
Julia: (smiles) Thanks.

(It is now evening, and Bailey, as Santa, has given out small presents to

Bailey: Okay, that's the last of the presents everyone!
Charlie: Okay, Owe, time to get to bed!
Owen: Aww, Charlie.
Charlie: C'mon, Owen.  Time to get to bed.  You want to get up early to wrap your
presents tomorrow, don't you?
Owen: Okay.
Bailey: Yeah, in fact, I think I heard Santa's sleighbells ringing.
Griffin: Where?  (looks out the window)

(Bailey taps him on the shoulder and whispers to Griffin)

Bailey: Not real sleighbells, silly!

Charlie: Yeah, that means Santa's going to make some early deliveries this year
so let's head up to bed, Owen.

(It is now midnight.  Everyone is asleep.  Bailey is lying in his bed with Sarah,
when he is woke up by someone.)

Bailey: Hey, you!

(Bailey looks up to see his father.  He doesn't look like a ghost, but as a
full-fleshed person.)

Mr. Salinger: Hi, Bailey.
Bailey: Oh my God! Dad! Am I dreaming?
Mr. Salinger: Maybe.  I don't have much time, Bailey, but what little time I have
I'd like to spend with you.  
Bailey: Okay.
Mr. Salinger: I have been watching you, Bailey.  You and Charlie, Claudia, and
Owen.  Me and your mom have.  
Bailey: Dad, I'm sorry for letting you down.  
Mr. Salinger: Letting me down?  
Bailey: Yeah, I'm an alcoholic, and I have so many problems in my life.
Mr. Salinger: Bailey, if you didn't you wouldn't live in this house.
Bailey: (laughs) I've been sober for almost a year now.  I just got back with my
girlfriend, Sarah.
Mr. Salinger: Yeah, she's really beautiful, Bailey.  In fact, I'm glad you
brought her up.  You take care of that girl.  I don't want you two to lose each
other again.  I almost lost your mom, and I wouldn't want you to lose your
soulmate either.  
Bailey: I won't.  I really have missed you, dad.  
Mr. Salinger: I've missed you, too, son.  I'm proud of you, though, Bailey.  The
way you took care of this family, and helped your brothers and sisters.  We all
make mistakes, Bailey, and I'm glad you're getting help in A.A.  But I just want
you to know that I'm proud to be your father.
Bailey: (crying) I love you, dad.

(Bailey and his father hug as both are crying)

Mr. Salinger: Well, my time is almost up.  And pretty soon you're gonna be waking
Bailey: So, this is a dream?
Mr. Salinger: Maybe.  Maybe not.  Take care of yourself, Bailey.  Merry
Bailey: (smiles) Merry Christmas.

(Mr. Salinger walks away and fades into the darkness as Bailey wakes up.  He
stares at Sarah who is still asleep, kisses her on the cheek and snuggles with
her.  Fade out into commercial.)

(Fade in.  It is now Christmas morning as "Joy To The World" is playing. 
Everyone is opening their presents.)

Julia: Look at Owen and Claudia.  Don't they look so precious?
Griffin: Yeah.  I love Christmas.  It's just too bad that it takes a holiday for
people to be nice to one another.  I mean, they spend January to November
treating each other like crap, and then all of a sudden they finally get nice in
December.  It sucks.
Julia: Griffin, don't get all worked up over it! There just happens to be a lot
of bad people out there.  Thank God most of them are good.
Griffin: Yeah.  You ready to see your other present at the apartment?
Julia: Can't wait. (smiles as they kiss)

(Bailey and Charlie are in the kitchen.)

Bailey: Charlie?
Charlie: Yeah?
Bailey: I had this really weird dream this morning.
Charlie: (smiles) I don't think I wanna know about this one, Bai.
Bailey: It was not a sex dream, Charlie.  I dreamt that I saw dad.
Charlie: What?
Bailey: Yeah.  He was like right there sitting next to me, and told me how proud
he was of me.  It felt so good.
Charlie: That is amazing, Bai.  I know he'd be proud of you.
Bailey: He'd be proud of you, too, Charlie.

(Bailey and Charlie hug, and pat each other on the back)

Bailey: C'mon, Chuck, let's get some eggnog.
Charlie: Can't wait.

(Bailey is holding his hands over Sarah's eyes as they are walking into their

Bailey: Don't peek!
Sarah: I'm not peeking!
Bailey: Okay.  Open 'em now!

(Sarah opens her eyes and sees a gorgeous painting of herself with the title "The
Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Love, Bailey")

Sarah: Aww, Bailey, it's beautiful.
Bailey: Just like you, Sarah.  

(They kiss and hug as Sarah is crying.)

Sarah: I don't know about most beautiful, but I'm certainly the most lucky girl
in the world to have a guy like you.
Bailey: I know I'm the most lucky guy in the world, and I know that I don't ever
want to lose you again.  
Sarah: This is a gorgeous present, Bailey.  
Bailey: That's nothing.  That's not even your big present.  
Sarah: What do you mean?

(Bailey pulls out a box out of his coat which has a diamond ring in it.)

Sarah: Oh my God! 
Bailey: (gets down on his knees) Sarah Reeves, will you marry me?
Sarah: (smiling and crying) Oh, Bailey, I love you! 

(Sarah immediately hugs and kisses Bailey, smothering him with hugs and kisses)

Bailey: Was that a 'yes'?
Sarah: (laughs) Yes! Yes! 

(Bailey and Sarah kiss again, and look up to notice a mistletoe right above their

Bailey: Underneath the mistletoe.  How appropriate!
Sarah: (smiles as she puts the ring on her finger) It's beautiful, Bailey! It is
the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
Bailey: Well...(putting his arms around Sarah and looking at her) THIS is the
most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

(They kiss again and say "Merry Christmas" to each other as "Rockin' Around The
Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee plays.  Fade out.  The end.)