Dog Days

Written by Jeff Mills

The episode after Rennaisance

(Bailey and Sarah at the video store)

Sarah: How about this one?  (holding up a videotape of "Double Dragon")
Bailey: (making a face and thumbs down) No way, Sarah! I never rent movies based
on video games.
Sarah: Okay, how about romance?  "Don Juan DeMarco!" Oh, Bailey, I love that
Bailey: (smirks) Chick flick!
Sarah: (gives him a friendly punch in the arm) It is a GOOD movie!
Bailey: (laughs) Oh okay, whatever you say, Sarah! So does Brad like romance
Sarah: Yes, he is like...I don't know.
Bailey: What?
Sarah: I don't know.
Bailey: Why do girls do that?  They say "I feel like...I don't know." And
normally that means they DO know but they are afraid to say it.
Sarah: I don't know, Bailey, I just think he's...perfect.  He's sweet, he's funny
and romantic and..(sighs) I could go on for hours.
(Bailey has a sad look on his face as Sarah talks about Brad)
Bailey: (smirking) Please don't.
Sarah: (smiles) 

(Charlie is on a date with a woman named Marybeth.  Marybeth though is only
eighteen and so there is an obvious "generation gap.")

Charlie: So Steve tells me that you are a struggling musician.
Marybeth: Yeah, I want to be a singer and play guitar like Jewel.
Charlie: Cool.  I like Jewel.  
Marybeth: Yeah, I'll bet.  Men just like her because of her breasts.
Charlie: (smiles) No, I really think she's a great muscian.  She is like a female
Bob Dylan.
Marybeth: Who?
Charlie: Bob Dylan.
Marybeth: Who's that?
Charlie: Oh, c'mon.  Bob Dylan?  You know, "Like a Rolling Stone", "The Times
They Are A Changin'"...
Marybeth: Oh! Jakob's dad!
Charlie: Who's Jakob?
Marybeth: The Wallflowers!
Charlie: Wallflowers?  
Marybeth: Yeah, "One Headlight"...
(Charlie stares at Marybeth and has his mouth open but has nothing to say, he
looks confused)

(Griffin and Julia come into their apartment and are kissing and hugging as the
answering machine comes on "Hi, this is Griffin...and Julia..(in unison) we're
not here now so leave a message at the beep!" (beep) Justin's voice comes on the

Justin: Hi, Julia, it's Justin, uh, I really need to talk to you as soon as I
can.  Please call me sometime.  Bye.
(Griffin and Julia stare at the machine and Griffin looks a bit angry)
Griffin: I don't trust that guy.
Julia: Griffin....
Griffin: No, Julia.  There's something about him that I just don't like.  And
that message sounds suspicious to me.
Julia: Griffin, I thought we've went over this before.  I mean, it's why we got
married for crying out loud!
Griffin: Yeah, I's not you, Julia, it's him.  
Julia: Look, Griffin, I am sure that, that he just wants to talk to me about
something that's been on his mind.  And, and it could be anything.  I AM his
friend, Griffin.  
Griffin: I know that! The question is, does HE know that?
(Griffin walks away as Julia looks at him and sighs)

(Darren is waiting for Claudia to get out of class for the end of the school day.
 He greets her.)

Darren: Hey, Claudia!
Claudia: Hey, Darren!
Darren: What's up?
Claudia: Not much.  How about you?
Darren: Not much.  
(Darren pauses for a moment and finally speaks)
Darren: Claudia?.
Claudia: What?
Darren: There's something I want to ask you.  I...I...
Claudia: Yeah?
Darren: I want to know how hard is it to play violin.
Claudia: Oh, well it's not easy.  It took me years of practice until I finally
got it right.  
Darren: Cool.
Claudia: Yeah, my mom played violin too so I inherited it from her too.
Darren: That's great.  I wish I could play like you do.
Claudia: (smiles) Thanks. Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow.
Darren: Yeah...I'll see you tomorrow. 
Claudia: Well, goodnight, Darren.
(Claudia walks away from Darren casually but he walks to her)
Darren: Claudia?
Claudia: Yeah?
Darren: I was you like to go out with me sometime?
Claudia: (smiling) Sure! I'd love to!
Darren: (looking surprised) You would?  
Claudia: Yeah! (smiles and laughs)
Darren: (smiles back) Great! I'll call you ok?  And I WILL call you. 
Claudia: Okay.  Bye. (smiles)
Darren: Goodnight. (smiles)
(Claudia sighs and smiles and looks at Darren as he walks away, back turned, to
his house)

(Charlie is in a chair talking to Owen)
Charlie: No!
Owen: Please, Charlie?
Charlie: Owen, No! There is no way Thurber is going to get chocolate.
(Thurber the dog looks on panting)
Owen: But Charlie, he's hungry!
Charlie: I don't care, Owen, if he eats that stuff it could make him real sick
and it might kill him. And besides Thurber has had enough food for one night.  

(Bailey comes in the house storming in)

Charlie: What is YOUR problem?
Bailey: Nothing, Charlie! Forget it ok?
Charlie: (frowns) Sarah?
Bailey: I said forget it, Charlie!
Charlie: Okay, okay! Well, if it makes you feel any better, last night was
(Bailey shakes his head)
Bailey: (sarcastically) Yeah, I feel a LOT better now, Charlie!
Charlie: Oh c'mon, Bay!
Bailey: No, Charlie! I don't need this right now! (Bailey looks at Charlie and
begins to calm down a bit)
Charlie: I'm sorry, Bay, I..
Bailey: No, I'm sorry...(looks at Owen) I'm sorry, big guy.  
Owen: Bailey ok?
Bailey: (laughs) No, Owen, actually Bailey is kinda not ok but I'm glad to see
you.  (hugs Owen)

(Julia and Claudia in Julia and Griffin's apartment)
Claudia: So, how are things?
Julia: Okay.
Claudia: Just okay?
Julia: Well, you know, me and Griffin just got married, Claud, and so far things
are going great but it's only going to get better. (smiles)
Claudia: Oh, that's good.  (smiles)
Julia: Yeah. (smiles)
Claudia: Julia?
Julia: Mmm-hmm?
Claudia: I met a boy and...he asked me out and I said "Yes." (laughs nervously)
Julia: Really?  (somewhat surprised)
Claudia: Really!
Julia: (smiles and hugs Claudia) That's great, Claud! Congratulations! So, tell
me what he is like!
Claudia: Well, I don't know him that well.
Julia: That's why you go out on dates to get to know people!
Claudia: Well, he is very smart, very sweet and very nice and he makes me laugh.
Julia: Great! I am so happy for you, Claud! So where are you going out on your
first date?
Claudia: We haven't decided yet.  He's gonna call me tonight and we'll discuss it
Julia: Well, congratulations, Claudia, I wish you two the best of luck!
Claudia: (smiles) Thanks, Julia.  I wish you and Griffin the best of luck too!
(hugs Julia)
(Julia smiles and quickly changes emotion to a look of sadness, thinking about

(Bailey is on the phone trying to call Sarah's house but gets no answer.  He
slams the phone down as Charlie walks in.)
Bailey: Damn!
Charlie: What's wrong?
Bailey: I tried calling Sarah's house like 4 times today and there's been no
answer at all.
Charlie: Well, maybe her parents went out somewhere.
Bailey: I don't know, Charlie.  I just don't get it.  I am kinda worried about
Charlie: Bay, I'm sure she is okay.  
Bailey: Well, I am going to her dorm to find out if everything is alright.
Charlie: Bay, c'mon now, don't panic alright?
Bailey: (gets on his jacket) Will you drive me over there?
Charlie: (sighs but then smiles and looks at Bailey) Okay, Bay.

(Bailey and Charlie arrive at Sarah's dormitory and Bailey knocks on the door and
a blonde woman named Aimee answers)
Aimee: Yes?
Bailey: Hi, I'm Bailey Salinger and I'm wondering if a Sarah Reeves is here.
Aimee: Yes she is but she isn't feeling very well right now.  She's asleep.
Bailey: Well, is she alright?  Cause I've like called her house all day and
there's been no answer and...
Aimee: She's been through a lot today.  
(Bailey looks confused)
Bailey: What?  What is it?
Aimee: Her boyfriend tried to rape her tonight and she got hit by him.
(Bailey and Charlie both look at Aimee in shock)
Bailey: Oh my God.
Charlie: Oh my God, is she okay?  I mean did she go to the hospital?
Aimee: Yeah, she's already been there and that's why her parents didn't answer
the phone.  But she's okay, believe it or not.  He just slapped her on the face
and tried to take advantage of her...
Bailey: Just slapping her is enough! 
Aimee: I know....well listen, I really should go because she didn't want me to
tell anyone this.
Bailey: Wait! Where does this Brad live?
Aimee: Oh no! I can't give that information out! I mean..
Bailey: Please! I am going to find this son of a bitch and when I do I'm..
Charlie: Bailey, no! 
Bailey: Charlie!
Aimee: Shhhh! Quiet! Now, please, let her sleep! Goodnight!
Bailey: But wait!
(Aimee slams door)

(Bailey and Charlie are walking around the campus.  Bailey is walking fast and
Charlie is trying hard to keep up with him.)
Charlie: Bailey, will you slow down?
Bailey: No.
Charlie: Bailey, what are you going to do, beat up this guy?
Bailey: Maybe.
Charlie: Are you crazy?  I mean, think rational here!
Bailey: (turns and faces Charlie, prodding a finger in his face) Look, Charlie,
she was practically raped ok?  He hit her! He hit my girlfriend and he is going
to pay for it!
Charlie: She's not your girlfriend anymore, Bay!
Bailey: Bull! She still loves me and I still love her! And, and...
(Just then Bailey sees a group of guys from a fraternity walking around.  Some
are drunk and some are sober.  Bailey overhears one say the name Brad and he
walks up towards the guy who is a tall, medium build football player with a
jacket and short, dark black hair.)
Charlie: Bailey! 
(Charlie runs after Bailey)
Bailey: (looks at Brad) Are you Brad?
(guys laugh)
Brad: (smiles) No, I'm Batman.  
(crowd laughs)
Bailey: You think that's funny don't you?  
Brad: No, I think YOU are funny, pipsqueak!
Bailey: I guess raping Sarah Reeves and hitting her is funny too, huh?
(guys turn quiet and some go "Ooooh!")
Brad: What'd you say?
Bailey: You heard me.  
Brad: You must be Bailey.  Sarah told me a lot about you.  About how you
practically killed her by driving under the influence.  (guys laugh)
Bailey: Yeah, well that was a long time ago and we're not talking about me here.
Brad: Oh yes we are.  You want to accuse me of raping her and hitting her but I
can't accuse you of practically killing her?  So what if I did?  (guys laugh) I
think she's a little slut anyways and the bitch got what was coming to her.
(Bailey looks angry and turns around and then punches Brad in the nose.  They
fight and Bailey wrestles him to the ground and soon Charlie jumps in and finally
Bailey beats Brad to a pulp, breaking his nose and kicking him in the groin.)
Bailey: (pointing at Brad) You touch her again and I'll kill you!
(The guys with Brad leave and Brad gets up and walks toward Bailey and then looks
at Charlie and walks away.  Bailey and Charlie both have bruises and cuts on
their faces and arms and Bailey has a black eye and cut lip and Charlie just has
minor cuts on his face but otherwise fine.)
Charlie: Let's go home.
(Charlie puts his arm around Bailey and they walk side by side to the car and get
in and drive home.)

(Julia and Griffin are having breakfast.)
Griffin: I'm sorry about last night.
Julia: Yeah, me too.
Griffin: I guess I'm still a little insecure, Julia.
Julia: A little? (laughs)
Griffin: (laughs back) Ok, a lot! I'm a lot insecure ok? 
Julia: Griffin, the whole time I was in Europe with Justin I thought about you. 
And, and he just wants to be my friend and I just want to be his friend.  
Griffin: (smiles) Okay.  (they hug and kiss) 
(The phone rings and Julia answers it.)
Julia: Hello?
Justin: (imitating caller from "Scream") "Hello, Sydney."
Julia: Huh?
Justin: Sorry, sorry, bad joke! It's me, Justin!
(Julia changes emotion from smiling to surprise)
Julia: Oh, hi.  How are you, Justin?
(Griffin walks away and whispers "Aw, man!" in the background)
Justin: Julia, we need to talk.  
Julia: About what?
Justin: I have something I have to say to you.  
Julia: What?
Justin: I want you to go to Yale with me.
Julia: What?  Justin, I, I, can't...
Justin: And I want you to be with me too.  Here.  I think you made a mistake by
marrying Griffin and..
Julia: (sighs and turns angry) Justin, stop, please!
(Griffin walks over to Julia)
Griffin: What's he saying?
Julia: (to Griffin) I'll handle this! 
Justin: What about that night in Paris huh?
(Julia looks scared)
Julia: Justin...that, that was a mistake.
Justin: Oh was it?  Well, you didn't think so at the time and..
(Julia slams phone down)
Griffin: (angrily) What was all that about, Julia? What mistake?
Julia: (walking away slowly) Griffin, please just leave me alone.
Griffin: No! I'm not leaving you alone until you tell me what exactly is going on
Julia: I told you already!
Griffin: Fine.  Either you tell me now or I will talk to Justin about this
myself.  So what's it gonna be, Julia?
(Julia looks at Griffin somewhat scared and afraid)

(Claudia is waiting for Darren to pick her up as Charlie and Bailey wait with
Charlie: Hey, Claud, is this him?  (car pulls up but it's not Darren, it's Sarah)
Claudia: No, that's not his car.  It's Sarah.
(Bailey looks out the window and is a bit scared)
Bailey: Oh my God! What am I going to do?  
Charlie: Just be calm, Bay!
Claudia: What's wrong, Bailey?
Charlie: I'll tell you about it later, Claudia.
Claudia: What is it, Charlie?  
Charlie: Later, Claud, ok?
(knock on door.  Charlie answers.)
Charlie: Hey, Sarah, come on in.
(Sarah walks in and she has a slight bruise on her mouth near her bottom lip but
otherwise looks fine.)
Claudia: Geez, what happened to your face?
Sarah: I got in a fight with my ex-boyfriend.
Claudia: Oh my God, Sarah, are you alright? (hugs Sarah)
Sarah: Yeah, I'm fine, Claudia.  (smiles) (looks at Bailey)
(Charlie and Claudia look at each other) 
Claudia: Well, I'm going to wait outside for Darren to pick me up.
Charlie: And I've got to make a phone call so I'll leave you two alone.
(Charlie and Claudia walk away.)

(Bailey and Sarah are alone in the room surrounded by silence.  A few seconds go
by with none of them saying a word but just looking at each other and then away
and smiling a little bit.)

Bailey: Sarah...
Sarah: Bailey...
(Bailey and Sarah laugh)
Sarah: You first.
Bailey: Sarah, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry about what I did but I had to do it.  After
what that maniac did to you, I just couldn't let him get away with that.
Sarah: I'm sorry for not telling you about what happened to me but I was afraid
that you might take the law into your own hands.  (laughs)
Bailey: (laughs) Well, the only thing I want in my own hands is you.
Sarah: Aww, Bailey. (smiles) (looks at Bailey) 
Bailey: (smiles) (looks at Sarah)
(Bailey pulls Sarah close to him and kisses her)
Bailey: So does this mean we are back together?
Sarah: No.
Bailey: What?  Why not?
Sarah: You haven't asked me yet, silly! (laughs)
Bailey: (laughs) Oh okay! (gets down on his knees)
Bailey: Sarah Reeves, these last couple of years we have spent together have been
tumultous yet overall great.  I have searched high and wide for the woman of my
dreams and have came up empty but I have finally found her and it would be the
absolute wish of the heavens if we were to get back together.  I promise to love
you and respect you and never hurt you again.  Sarah, will you be my
Sarah: (laughs and smiles) Yes. 
(Bailey and Sarah hug and embrace as Charlie and Claudia peer in from the window
outside giving a thumbs up sign.  Bailey and Sarah notice them and they smile and
then Bailey pulls the shades.)