Fourth of July

Written by Jeff Mills

July 4th, 1997

(It is ten o'clock in the morning, July 4, 1997.  Claudia is playing violin in her
(Bailey knocks on the door.)

Claudia: Come in!
(Bailey opens the door.)
Bailey: Hey, Claud, I was going to take Owen with me so we can get some fireworks 
for tonight.  Wanna come?
Claudia: Sure! (puts down violin on her bed and leaves the room)

Bailey: You've really gotten better on the violin, Claud! Ross must be really proud 
of you!
Claudia: I guess....
Bailey: You guess?  Why wouldn't he be proud of you?
Claudia: I don't know....I just don't really have an interest in playing violin anymore.
Bailey: What?  Why not?
Claudia: I have been playing violin practically all of my life, Bailey, ever since
I was a kid and I'm going to be in high school this year and I want to do other things.
Bailey: I guess I can understand that.
Claudia: You can?
Bailey: Uh huh.  Like last year when I was going to college, I wanted to do other
things too.  Unfortunately, some of the things, a lot of the things I did were pretty
Claudia: Bai...
Bailey: No, Claud, I made a lot of mistakes and I hurt a lot of people...people I 
love and people who I thought loved me.
Claudia: But Bailey we all love you! Charlie loves you.  Julia and Owen love you 
and you know I love you.  
Bailey: I know, Claud.  But I wasn't talking about them or you.
Claudia: Well, who then?
(Owen enters the room)

Owen: Bailey, fireworks!
Bailey: Right, Owen! You ready for some fireworks and firecrackers?
Owen: Firecracker, firecracker, boom, boom, boom!
(Bailey and Claudia laugh)
(Cut to opening credits)

(Charlie and Griffin at the restauraunt, seated at a table.)

Charlie: So, have you heard from Julia lately?
Griffin: No, not for awhile.  It's been about three days.
Charlie: (smiles) Three days isn't THAT bad!
Griffin: It is to me.  Three days is like forever to me.  I really miss her, Charlie.
Charlie: Yeah, I'm sure you do, Griffin.  We all miss her.
Griffin: I wonder if she is thinking about me.
Charlie: Of course she is.  You're all she talked about before she left to Europe,
Griffin.  She's crazy about you and totally in love with you so you got nothing to
worry about ok? 
Griffin: What about Justin?
Charlie: Hey, Julia is over him ok?  They're just friends, Griffin, and one of the
most important traits in a marriage is trust.  You just gotta trust her.
Griffin: I know....(camera pans to shot of Griffin looking confused and sad)

(Julia and Justin in Paris, outside of the Eiffel Tower.  Julia just got a haircut.)

Julia: Well?
Justin: I like! I like! 
Julia: (laughs) Thank you!
Justin: So where are we headed next?  
Julia: Um, let's see...where have we been?  Spain?
Justin: Check.
Julia: France, of course.
Justin: Right.
Julia: England?
Justin: Check.
Julia: Germany?
Justin: Check.
Julia: That leaves Italy! We have got to go to Italy!
Justin: Oh yes, I gotta get one of those "Italians do it with sausage" t-shirts!
Julia: (laughs) I can't wait to see Rome and Sicily and God all those other places.
Justin: Yeah.  
Julia: God, I wish Griffin were here.  I miss him so much.  I need to call him a.s.a.p.
Justin: You really love him don't you?
Julia: Yes.  I can't stop thinking about him.  I mean, I'm really glad you are here,
Justin, but I miss him so much.
Justin: I understand.  Well, I'm happy that you're here, too, Julia.
(Julia smiles and hugs Justin.  Camera pans to shot of Justin embracing Julia and
looking outward as if sad.)

(Sarah and her mom are in their living room talking.)

Sarah: Bye Mom, I gotta go!
Mrs. Reeves: Wait a minute! Where are you going?
Sarah: Uh, to Bailey's.  His family is having a Fourth of July dinner and I was 
invited to come.
Mrs. Reeves: And you think I'm going to let you go over there?
Sarah: Mom! God! I AM eighteen years old and he IS my friend!
Mrs. Reeves: Right! He's also the same guy who nearly got you killed, Sarah.
Sarah: Mom, you don't understand.  Bailey has been in A.A. for almost five months
now and he is a good person.  I mean, you and dad liked him before all this drinking
stuff happened.
Mrs. Reeves: Yes, we did.  And when we found out he put you in the hospital we
lost all respect for him, Sarah.  
Sarah: (sits down on the couch and sighs) Mom...
Mrs. Reeves: No, Sarah, you are going to listen to me.  You are not leaving this
house, is that clear?  

(Sarah looks up at her mom and gives her a sad yet menacing stare.)

(Charlie is outside on the lawn cooking hamburgers on the grill.  Claudia enters.)

Charlie: Hey, Claud! 
Claudia: Hi, Charlie.  Can I talk to you for a minute?
Charlie: Sure.  What's up?
Claudia: Well, it's Bailey.  He's been acting really strange lately.
Charlie: Like how?
Claudia: Well, he doesn't go out much anymore.  He doesn't really come out of
his room much.  And I think I know why he's acting like this.
Charlie: Why?
Claudia: He loves Sarah and he feels bad for what he did to her.  And he wants to
get back together with her but she doesn't want to be with him now.
Charlie: How do you know all this?  I mean, yeah, I know that when she dumped
him he was naturally upset.  I mean, he didn't say much to me when he came home
that night.  In fact, now that I think about it, he WAS very sad.
Claudia: What do you mean?  
Charlie: Well, he came home with this sad look on his face and his eyes were all
swollen and it looked like he had been crying.  
Claudia: Awww...(Claudia begins to cry a little)
Charlie: I asked him if he was okay and he just told me to leave him alone and he
went upstairs and that was it.
Claudia: You didn't even try to help him, Charlie?  God, you just let him go upstairs
feeling like that?
Charlie: What was I supposed to do, Claudia?  I wanted to respect his privacy and
not bother him.  If he wants to talk to me, he'll talk.  And after that he was fine...
at least I thought.
Claudia: Well, Charlie, I know him and the only way he's going to be happy is if
he's with Sarah.  
(Camera pans to shot of Charlie as he frowns)

(Bailey and Will are in Will's car.  Will is driving and Bailey is on the passenger 

Bailey: It's good that you're back in town, man, at least for a few days.
Will: Yeah, good to be back.  So how is A.A. going?
Bailey: Good, good.  I've been sober for almost six months.
Will: Wow, great! So how is the family?
Bailey: Well, Charlie and Grace broke up, Julia and Griffin are married and Claudia
is entering high school and Owen is going to be going into kindergarten.
Will: Man, I can't believe that about Julia and Griffin! Getting married already.
Bailey: Yeah, we were all pretty shocked about it ourselves.  
Will: And Grace and Charlie, man, what a drag!
Bailey: Well, I think Grace was more concerned with the voters of San Francisco
rather than the voters of the Salinger family.  I guess that's why we voted her out.
Will: We?  You didn't like Grace?
Bailey: No, I liked her but Claudia and Julia never saw eye to eye with her.  Owen
Will: Well, Owen IS a little short, Bailey! (laughs)
Bailey: Funny, Will! 
Will: So, Bai, how is Sarah doing?
Bailey: Sarah?
Will: Yeah! You know, Sarah Reeves, ex-girlfriend of both of us?
Bailey: Yeah.  Well, she's doing fine. (Bailey looks away and looks sad)
Will: You okay, man?
Bailey: Yeah, why?
Will: Nothing.  You just zoomed out for a minute there.  Just thought there was
something wrong.
Bailey:  No.  Everything's fine.  (Camera pans to shot of Bailey looking outside
window and seeing a young couple holding hands and kissing.  Soon he daydreams
and sees himself and Sarah as the couple, looks back and sees the other, real
couple instead.) Just fine, Will.

(Griffin is at his apartment getting ready to go to the Salinger's when the phone

Griffin: Hello?
(Julia is on the other line.)
Julia: Hi, Griffin!
Griffin: Julia! My God, how are you?  
Julia: Fine, how are you?
Griffin: Well, I'd be a whole lot better if you were with me but other than that
fine.  Where are you calling from?
Julia: Italy! Me and Justin just came back from seeing the Coliseum.
Griffin: I thought the Coliseum was in Los Angeles?
Julia: No, silly, the ancient Rome Coliseum where the gladiators fought! And I'm
not talking about the "American Gladiators"! (laughs)
Griffin: Right, right, well, Julia, I'm no Einstein but I'm not Forrest Gump either!
Julia: I know, I'm just kidding! Griffin, how are my family?
Griffin: Great, they all said "Hi" and I was just fixing to go over there and visit.
Julia: Oh?
Griffin: Yeah, they're having a "Fourth Of July" barbecque.  They were kind enough
to invite me.
Julia: Well, why wouldn't they, Griffin?  You're family now, too, you know?
Griffin: Yeah, I just never thought Charlie would ever accept me into the family.
Julia: Oh, that's ridiculous! He was just concerned at how young we were getting
married and all that stuff.  But he really likes you, Griffin, so don't worry about it.
Griffin: Good.  So where is Justin?
Julia: Oh, he's back at the hotel sleeping.  He says "Hi."
Griffin: Yeah.  Well, Julia, I really miss you.
Julia: I miss you too.  
Griffin: I miss you more.
Julia: No, I miss YOU more. (laughs)
Griffin: (laughs) Aw, geez, we're off to a great start aren't we, Mrs. Holbrook?
Julia: Griffin, I love you.  I'll be back in two weeks so will you tell my family
I love them and give Claud and Owen a hug from me please?
Griffin: Sure.  I don't know how I've managed to survive this long without you, 
Julia.  But I will try.  I think about you every day, every hour, every minute, every
Julia: Same here, Griffin, but it won't be long okay?  I gotta go.  I love you.
Griffin: I love you too.
(Julia hangs up the phone and Griffin then hangs up the phone and is getting ready
to walk out of the apartment.  Just before he leaves though he sees a picture of 
him and Julia and picks it up and looks at it.)
Griffin: God, Julia, I miss you.

(Sarah's house.  Sarah's dad is home now and talking to Sarah and her mom.)

Mr. Reeves: I don't believe this! How could you think of going to Bailey's house?
Sarah: He's my friend, dad, and that's all he is.
Mr. Reeves: I didn't ask that, Sarah.  I'm asking you why you want to go over there.
Sarah: He's my friend and he invited me and God why can't you understand that?
Mr. Reeves: Sarah, I liked Bailey and I thought he was a good guy but he nearly
got you killed.  Now put yourself in my shoes.  Do you expect me to let you be
with him especially tonight when there is obviously going to be alcohol at his
Sarah: No! You don't understand, dad.  There isn't any alcohol in his house.  Bailey
has been sober for almost six months and is in A.A. and goes to meetings and you
and mom don't know him the way I do.
Mr. Reeves: And you trust him?  
Sarah: Yes and not trying to brag but I helped him get there.  He needed a friend
and I was the one who helped him.
Mr. Reeves: Yeah and you were the one who was in the car with him and who nearly
got killed.  Yeah, you helped him get there and he helped get you to the hospital.
Sarah: (angrily) Put yourself in my shoes.  I forgave him.  Why can't you?
(Camera pans to shot of Sarah's dad giving Sarah an angry look back.)

(It is early evening now and the party is just beginning with friends and family
at the Salinger's.  Joe and Avery are there as well as Ross and his daughter and 
Will to mention but a few.  Claudia is eating a hot dog and talking to Ross.)

Claudia: I was thinking of quitting after this year.
Ross: What?  But Claudia you love the violin!
Claudia: I "loved" the violin.  I don't love it anymore.
Ross: When did this happen?
Claudia: I have been playing the violin since I was a little girl and I'm going to be in
high school this year and I want to try out for cheerleading and do other things
besides playing violin.
Ross: This is just a phase.  You're just experiencing pre-high school jitters and...
(Claudia cuts him off)
Claudia: No! I am sorry, Ross, but I just want to do it for one more year and then
that's it ok?
Ross: Okay.  But if you change your mind, let me know.
(Ross walks away and Claudia looks and notices that Bailey is not outside.  She
goes into the house to find him inside his bedroom, laying on his bed, looking up
at the ceiling and sad.  His door is open so Claudia enters.)

Claudia: Can I come in?
Bailey: Like I'm gonna say "No"?  (laughs) Sure, Claud, what's up?
Claudia: Actually, I was going to ask YOU that.
Bailey: What do you mean?
Claudia: Bailey, you haven't been yourself lately.  You're always in your room and
you look so sad and, and...
Bailey: Claudia, before you ask, I have not been drinking.
Claudia: I know that.  But Bailey you look depressed like something is bothering
you and I think I know what it is.
Bailey: What?
Claudia: Sarah.  You are hurt because she rejected you and you wanted to get back
together with her.
Bailey: Yeah, well, I guess it's too late for that now isn't it?  
Claudia: Bailey, doesn't she know how you feel?
Bailey: Of course, Claud! I thought that maybe we were getting closer and we even
kissed and that meant something, a lot, to me and she turns around and does a 180
on me and says "That was a mistake." (cries) When Jill died I never thought I'd
be able to find someone to love again and I did and Sarah was the best thing that
ever happened to me and I blew it. 
(Bailey buries his face into his hands and starts crying.  Claudia walks over to him
and hugs him and she starts crying too for about a minute and then finally they
regain their composure.)
Claudia: Bailey, why don't you join us at the party downstairs? 
Bailey: Thanks, Claud, but I don't feel much like partying now.  
Claudia: Bai....
Bailey: No, Claud, I know I've missed like half of it now and it's almost sunset
but I just want to be alone, really.
Claudia: Okay.  But if you change your mind...
Bailey: Yeah.
(Claudia leaves the room and is ready to go back outside.  She opens the door only
to find Sarah standing there, looking sad like she has been crying too.)
Claudia: Sarah!
Sarah: Hi.  Can I talk to Bailey?
Claudia: Yeah, well, actually he, um, wants to be alone right now....
Sarah: he okay?  
Claudia: Well, actually...Sarah, can we talk in private?  
Sarah: Okay.  (Sarah and Claudia walk away a bit further out of the view of the
Sarah: What's up?
Claudia: Well, I was going to ask you that.  (noticing tears in Sarah's eyes)
You look like you've been crying.  
Sarah: Yeah. (laughs and wipes the tears away) Well, I got in an argument with my
parents tonight and I ended up walking out of the house.  
Claudia: Whoa, what happened?
Sarah: They don't want me to see Bailey because of the accident.  And I told them
how he's been sober and how he's a great friend and they didn't listen to me.  
Claudia: Oh, I'm sorry, Sarah.
Sarah: In fact, they are probably going to come looking for me and that's why I 
wanted to see Bailey.
Claudia: Well, Sarah, it's probably none of my business but I just want to say that
he has been miserable lately.
Sarah: Miserable?  Is he okay?
Claudia: No, actually, he is hurt because you rejected him especially after things
looked like they were getting better between you two.
Sarah: I am sorry...I didn't mean to hurt him.  God, does he actually think I'd do
something like that? 
Claudia: So why did you do it, Sarah?
Sarah: (cries) The truth is, Claudia, that I love Bailey...I really do.  But my parents 
forbid me to ever go out with him again and also I was afraid and still am of what
might happen.  He hurt me when he was with Callie and when he was drinking...
Claudia: But Sarah, Bailey was out of his head when he did a lot of those things 
and he is a really good guy.  Just give him a chance okay?  
Sarah: I don't know....
Claudia: Well, he's upstairs in his room if you want to see him.
(Sarah walks upstairs and goes to visit Bailey.  "Never A Time" by Genesis plays
as background music.)
Sarah: Bailey....
Bailey: Sarah....
Sarah: I need to talk to you.
Bailey: Same here.
Sarah: Can you do me a favor?
Bailey: What?
Sarah: I'd ask you to drive me but you know...
Bailey: what do you want, Sarah?
Sarah: Can you go with me somewhere?
(Bailey's ears prick up and he looks surprised at Sarah's question.)

(Julia and Justin are at their hotel room in Venice, Italy and Julia is staring out
the window and Justin walks over to her.)

Justin: Hey.
Julia: Hey.
Justin: You okay?
Julia: Yeah, I just was thinking about home.  I miss Griffin and my family and I
wish I could be with them.
Justin: But I thought you WANTED to be in Europe this summer?
Julia: I do! I do! But I wish Griffin were here.
Justin: (frowns) So, what are you saying, Julia?  You wish that I wasn't here?
Julia: No! Of course not.  I'm glad you're here, Justin, but I wish he was here with
me too.  
Justin: I understand.  Well, Julia, we only have two weeks left and...
Julia: I think I want to leave early.
Justin: Early?
Julia: Yeah.  I know the trip was till August but I've gotten really homesick and I've
had enough fun in Europe already.
Justin: You have?  
Julia: Yeah.  I want to see my family again and my husband.  (laughs) Gosh, that
sounds so weird saying that.  "My husband."
Justin: So how soon are you planning to leave?
Julia: Tomorrow.  
(Justin's eyebrows are raised as camera pans to close up of him looking surprised.)

(Mr. and Mrs. Reeves arrive at the Salinger's house and Charlie greets them both
at the front of the house.)

Charlie: Mr. and Mrs. Reeves, how are you doing?
Mr. Reeves: Cut the crap, Charlie! Where's Bailey?
Charlie: Bailey?  He's in his room.
(Mr. Reeves looks at Mrs. Reeves)
Mr. Reeves: Is Sarah with him?
Charlie: I think so.
(Mr. Reeves looks angry and begins to walk towards the house.)
Mr. Reeves: I'll kill him!
Charlie: Mr. Reeves, wait, please!
(Mr. Reeves and Mrs. Reeves, along with Charlie, get into the house and they go
upstairs only to find that Bailey and Sarah are gone.  Immediately, Charlie looks
worried and Mrs. Reeves starts crying.  At this moment Mr. Reeves looks very
angry and enraged.)
Charlie: I don't get it.  They were just here.
Mr. Reeves: Well, get this, Charlie! (pointing a finger at his chest) If I find out
your brother is drunk and in the same car with my daughter, he's a dead man!
Charlie: Is that a threat?
Mr. Reeves: It's a fact! 
Charlie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Bailey has not been drinking in months and he's going
to A.A. and I don't know why he and Sarah did this but I'm sure they can't be far.
Mrs. Reeves: Sarah told us about Bailey going to A.A. and we don't have a problem
with them being just friends but your brother has been trying to get back with our
Charlie: So?  What's wrong with that?
Mr. Reeves: He nearly got her killed, Charlie.
Charlie: I know, Mr. Reeves, and I mean no disrespect but my brother is a changed
man.  And Sarah is the main person who helped him change.  Sarah is an adult
anyways and she CAN make her own decisions.  
Mr. Reeves: And she also lives under OUR roof too.  I would think someone like
you would understand that, Charlie.  
Charlie: I DO understand.  But don't you want Sarah to be happy?  
Mr. Reeves: Of course.
Charlie: Then why don't you let her be happy?
Mrs. Reeves: And have her make this big mistake?  No, I can't do that!
Charlie: Maybe you SHOULD let her make the mistake, if it is a mistake.  Sarah
is an adult now and you have to respect that.
Mr. Reeves: No.  Now you listen to me, Charlie.  Me, you and Mrs. Reeves are
going to look for Bailey and Sarah.  And we had better find them or else.
(Camera pans to shot of Charlie looking worried and angry)

(Sarah and Bailey are at a beach and it is now nighttime.  Sarah drove Bailey here
and they both are sitting on the sand watching the waves.)

Bailey: Why did you bring me down here?  
Sarah: I wanted to talk to you.
Bailey: Okay.  
Sarah: Bailey, my parents would probably kill me right now if they knew where I
was but I had to talk to you.  I know that you probably think I'm heartless and cruel
and evil and God...
Bailey: No...I don't.  I just don't get you, Sarah.  I mean, when you and I were talking
about old times and when we kissed at my house...that meant something to me and
I thought it meant something to you, too.
Sarah: (takes a long pause) It did....
Bailey: So why did you do like a 360 on me..
Sarah: (interrupts) 180..
Bailey: why did you do a 180 on me and give the "I just want to be
friends" speech?
Sarah: (starts to cry) I don't know...I was scared, Bailey, because my parents told 
me that if I ever went out with you again they would kick me out and cut me off
Bailey: What?  Jesus, Sarah, do they hate me that much?  I mean, don't they know
me?  Your mom and dad and I got along great until this drinking problem began
and I thought they would try to help me.  I had no idea that they would hate me
so much.
Sarah: I didn't tell them the truth at first, Bailey, but they soon found out when one
day I blurted out by accident that you were going to A.A. I'm so sorry, Bailey....
please forgive me! (cries more)
Bailey: No, Sarah, no...(runs over to her and hugs her) Sarah, this isn't your fault.
If anyone should be apologizing here, it's me.  I'm sorry for nearly getting you
killed.  I'm sorry for getting involved with Callie.  And I'm sorry for all those
things I said to you when I was drinking.  (starts crying) I didn't mean to hurt you,
Sarah, you've got to believe me.  I love you.  
Sarah: You love me?  
Bailey: Yes! Of course I do! 
(Sarah looks at Bailey and Bailey looks at her and both are about to kiss but Sarah
backs away)
Sarah: I can't...I can't do this.
Bailey: What?  
Sarah: Bailey, I love you...
Bailey: I love you, too, Sarah...
Sarah: But Bailey, I can't go back with you.
Bailey: (frowns) Why not?  
Sarah: It isn't my parents, Bailey, it's just I'm afraid of what might happen.  I am 
Bailey: You're afraid I'm going to drink again and you're afraid I'm gonna hurt you
again, aren't you?
Sarah: Yeah.  I'm sorry but I am.
Bailey: Okay, Sarah.  Let me just say this.  You are the best thing that ever happened
to me.  When I lost Jill, my whole world fell apart.  I never thought I could love
anyone again and then I found you.  And when I was with you, you made me the
happiest guy on earth.  Ever since I have been without you, I have been miserable.
I don't care what you say or what you think but I'm not going to stop pursuing you,
Sarah.  (Sarah looks at Bailey with a surprised look on her face) I don't care what
your parents say.  I love you, Sarah.  When I look at other girls, I see your face.
When I go to bed at night, I wish you were lying next to me.  Wherever I go, I
think about you.  God, I think about you so much and sometimes I wish I could
get you out of my mind but then that wouldn't be good.  (looks at Sarah and puts
his hands on her shoulders) Sarah, we were meant to be.  And we still are.
Sarah: (takes a long pause as "Foolish Games" by Jewel plays in the background) 
Wow! hehe...There are so many things I want to say right now but all I can think of
is..."Oiuy!" (smiles)
Bailey: (smiles back and laughs a little) Yeah, that about sums it up doesn't it?
Sarah: Yeah. (smiles and starts to shiver) God I'm cold.
Bailey: You wanna borrow my jacket?  
Sarah: Yes.  (Bailey takes off his jacket and puts it over Sarah's back) Thanks. 
Bailey: No problem.
Sarah: Bailey, are you cold?
Bailey: No, why?
Sarah: You're shivering.  
Bailey: Yeah, well, I don't feel cold at all.  
Sarah: Why don't you come over here and we can share your jacket?
Bailey: Okay.  (Bailey sits next to Sarah and they both snuggle under the jacket and
both stare at the sky and see a shooting star)
Sarah: Wow! Look at that!
Bailey: Wow, a shooting star! Gotta make a wish.
Sarah: Me too.  
(Both pause for a few seconds looking up at the sky and then look at each other 
and kiss)
Bailey: What did you wish for?
Sarah: I can't tell you....but all I can say came true. (smiles) What did you
wish for?
Bailey: Same thing you did.  (smiles as they both kiss again and look up at the
sky to see fireworks and start laughing)
Bailey: Kind of appropriate isn't it?  Kissing and fireworks?  (laughs)
Sarah: Yeah! (laughs) 
Bailey: (looks up at the sky) Look up there! That is the most beautiful star I have
ever seen!
Sarah: Uh, Bailey, I think that's Venus.  
Bailey: Oh..I knew that.  Well, check out the one right below it.  Sarah..(putting his
arms around Sarah) I give you that star.
Sarah: (smiles) Awww, thank you, Bailey.  (hugs Bailey and kisses him) 
Bailey: Sarah...(gets down on his knees and holds Sarah's hand) will you go out with
me again?
Sarah: (takes a long pause) What about my parents?  
Bailey: We'll work something out.  I promise you.
Sarah: What if they kick me out of the house, Bailey?  
Bailey: (takes a long pause) God forbid, if that happens, then you and I will find
a place and we'll live together.  
Sarah: You would really do that for me?
Bailey: Of course I would, Sarah! 
Sarah: (smiles) Yes, I will go out with you again.  (They kiss as fireworks are
exploding all around them and another shooting star goes by)

			The End