Jeff Mills's Fourth Season

Note from Jeff Mills: I love the show, but like many of you I have been disappointed with some of the directions the show is going into. Because I am a freelance writer and I love to write so-called "Fan Fiction" on "Party Of Five", I decided to take on an interesting task: to write twenty-five stories as episodes to make a whole season. I have already written and submitted many stories to TK Baltimore's homepage, but these stories will be totally different from anything I've ever written before. They will play out just like episodes for "Party Of Five" and be part of a series complete with clips before the show would start and sneak previews for the next week. The first story takes place immediately after last season's finale where Julia left the Salinger home. I watched that episode and the pilot last weekend taking mental notes. I decided that I knew what was wrong with the show and I think that my stories will have the element of "Party" that many of you have been missing: reality. I'm not saying I am a better writer than anyone on the show because I'm not. Obviously, if I was, I'd be writing on the show right now instead of working and going to tech. school, ya know?

Feel free to email me at with your comments and/or suggestions. They are welcome.

Note from TK: Jeff, due to time constraints, was unable to finish his alternate fourth season. Now he knows why it's a full-time job for those writers....