Just You And Me, Kid

Written by Jeff Mills

episode 1, season 4

(Montage of clips from previous season of "Party Of Five" concluding with Julia
and Griffin exchanging wedding vows.)

(Opening scene.  SFO Airport in San Francisco.  Julia and Griffin are walking
into the airport.  Airport loudspeakers are heard everywhere announcing many
different arrivals and takeoffs.)

Julia: It's a busy night.  Hehe.
Griffin: Yeah.  It sure is.
Julia: Well, I read that this is like one of the busiest airports in the U.S. 
Griffin: I wouldn't doubt it.  

(Justin is seen about fifty yards away from Julia and Griffin.)

Justin: Julia! 
Julia: Justin!

(Julia and Griffin walk over to Justin.  Julia gives Justin a friendly embrace
and Justin shakes Griffin's hand albeit reluctantly.)

Justin: So, you got everything ready?
Julia: Yeah.  How about you?
Justin: Ready if you are.
Julia: Uh, Justin, would you excuse us for a minute?
Justin: Sure.  I'll be over here.

(Justin walks away.)

Griffin: You know, I'm really gonna miss you.
Julia: I know.  I'm gonna miss you, too.
Griffin: I'm kinda scared about you going on a plane...I wouldn't want anything
bad to happen to you.
Julia: Gosh, Griffin, that's a nice thought! (smirking) 
Griffin: Well, I know they say it's the safest way to travel, but...
Julia: Griffin, nothing is going to happen.  And before you know it, I'm going to
be home.  So don't worry about anything okay?  
Griffin: Okay.
Julia: I love you.
Griffin: I love you, too.

(Julia and Griffin kiss.)

Julia: Well, I better be going.  
Griffin: Right.  
Julia: I'll write you.
Griffin: I'll write you, too.

(Julia and Justin walk away to the airport terminal.)

Julia: Bye, Griffin! I love you! 

(Julia blows a kiss to Griffin.)

Griffin: I love you, too!


(The Salinger home.  It is approximately ten o'clock at night.  Bailey and
Claudia are in the kitchen.)

Claudia: I can't believe she's gone, Bai.  I mean, it just won't be the same
around here without Julia.
Bailey: I know.  
Claudia: Why didn't she tell us first before marrying Griffin?
Bailey: I don't know, Claud.  Maybe it was a spur of the moment thing.  Anyways,
it seems like Julia is happy.  So if Julia is happy, we should be happy for her.
Claudia: I know.  It's just...I'm gonna miss her.
Bailey: I'm gonna miss her, too, Claud.

(Bailey walks into the living room to look for Charlie.)

Bailey: Charlie! Charlie! Where are you, Charlie?

(Bailey sees Charlie and Owen asleep on the couch together with Thurber asleep
below them on the floor. Bailey shuts off the tv which was still on and covers 
Charlie and Owen with a blanket.)

Bailey: Now... THIS is a Kodak moment! (smiles)


(NP: "Closer To Free" by Bodeans.  Opening credits.  Commercial break.)


(The Salinger home.  It is approximately ten thirty in the morning.  The day
after Julia and Justin took off for Europe.  Charlie, Bailey, Claudia and Owen 
are all eating breakfast at the kitchen table.  Everyone is eagerly awaiting a 
phone call from Julia.)

Bailey: I sure hope Jule made it alright.
Charlie: I'm sure she did, Bai.  Owen, stop playing with your eggs.
Owen: But I don't like eggs, Charlie.
Charlie: C'mon, Owen.  You ate them before.  Besides, eggs are good for you. 
Bailey eats eggs and look how strong and healthy he is.
Owen: I don't wanna eat 'em, Charlie...
Charlie: C'mon, Owe, just eat a little bit of them, alright?
Claudia: I wonder when Julia is going to be calling us.
Bailey: I dunno.  
Charlie: Well, I hope we hear from her soon.  

(The telephone rings.)

Charlie: Speak of the devil! 

(Charlie picks up the phone.)

Charlie: Hello?  Yes?  Uh, no, thank you.  I'm not interested, really.  Alright. 

(Charlie hangs up the phone.)

Charlie: Damn telemarketers!


(The airplane.  Justin and Julia are waking up as they are about to land in

Justin: Hey, Jule! Wake up!
Julia: What?  Oh.  Hey.  Where are we?
Justin: We're about to land in Paris soon.
Julia: Really?  

(Julia and Justin both look out the window to see the city of Paris.)

Julia: Wow.  It looks so beautiful from up here.
Justin: Imagine what it's like down there.
Julia: (smiles) I've always dreamed of being in Paris.  And now, my dream is
coming true.
Justin: Well, I for one cannot wait to check out the Eiffel Tower.
Julia: Oh yes! I just hope that we don't have to deal with rude Parisians.
Justin: Who cares, Julia?  Let's not let it spoil our fun, okay?
Julia: (smiles) Okay.  

(Julia lets out a small sigh.)

Justin: You okay?
Julia: Yeah...it's just I miss Griffin and my family.  
Justin: Yeah.  I know what you mean, Jule.  I miss my family and Robin, too.  But
I'm really glad that you were able to come with me. 
Julia: Me, too.

(They both smile.)


(The Salinger home.  Griffin walks into the house and is talking to Charlie.)

Charlie: We had room for one more person, you know.  
Griffin: Yeah, I know.  
Charlie: I called your apartment, but there was no answer.  Why didn't you come
over for breakfast, Griffin?  
Griffin: I don't know.  I guess I was concerned that maybe you didn't want me
over here.
Charlie: Why would we think that?
Griffin: Not the others so much, but you.
Charlie: Okay. What makes you think I wouldn't want you over here?
Griffin: I remember what it was like to be the brother of a sister.  I was
protective of Jill, too, and if she had gotten married on a whim to some guy who 
had this "bad boy" reputation, I'd be concerned, too.
Charlie: Griffin...
Griffin: I mean, Julia told me how you were criticizing her getting married so
early but you finally supported her in the end.  And I respect that.  
Charlie: So what's the problem then?
Griffin: I really like you guys, but I'm not sure if I feel like family here yet.
Charlie: Griffin...you married my sister.  You're our brother-in-law.  You're
family, alright?  
Griffin: (smiles) Okay.  
Charlie: Now, how about some breakfast?


(Charles DaGaulle Airport in Paris, France.  Julia and Justin are walking out of
the terminal.)

Justin: That was some flight!
Julia: Yeah! I really loved looking down and seeing the city of Paris.  I took
some pictures of that.
Justin: I can't wait to see them after they get developed.
Julia: Me, too.  I wonder where the nearest telephone is.  
Justin: I dunno.

(Julia spots a couple being reunited.  The couple hug and kiss and this causes
Julia to think about Griffin and her as she begins to feel a little homesick.)


(Commercial break.)


(Sarah's house.  Bailey and Sarah are talking.)

Sarah: So you haven't heard anything yet?
Bailey: No.  I'm pretty sure that Julia will be calling soon though.
Sarah: Well, you might want to get over there as soon as you can, Bailey.
Bailey: I know.  But I came over here to ask you something.  How about if we went
hiking this weekend?
Sarah: Hiking?  Uh, Bailey, I'm sorry, but...
Bailey: What?  I thought you liked hiking.
Sarah: I do.  It's just...I was gonna tell you, but my family and I are going to
be visiting my grandparents this weekend.
Bailey: Oh.  Well, maybe we can do something next weekend, eh?
Sarah: Yeah.  Well, you should probably go back to the house and see if Julia
Bailey: Right.  See you later, Sarah.


(The telephone rings at the Salinger home.  Charlie picks it up.)

Charlie: Hello?  
Julia: Hi, Charlie! 
Charlie: Julia! Hi! How are you?

(Claudia, Owen and Griffin all run over to Charlie each happy to finally hear
from Julia.)

Julia: Fine! Me and Justin are in Paris now.  We checked into a motel a couple of
hours ago and I just wanted to call and say "Hey" and that I missed you all.  
Charlie: We miss you, too.  Here is Claudia.  (Charlie passes the phone over to
Claudia, who is carrying Owen in her arms.)
Claudia: Hi, Julia! 
Julia: Hey, Claud! How are you doing?
Claudia: Fine.  We really miss you.
Julia: Aww.  Well, I miss you, too.
Claudia: Owen wants to say "Hi", too.  Say "Hi", Owen.
Owen: Hi, Owen!
Julia: (laughs) Hi! How are you, Owen?
Owen: Fine.  
Claudia: So, you have got to tell me all about Paris! What's it like?
Julia: Oh, Claud, it is the most beautiful city in the world.

(Julia and Claudia continue to talk as Bailey walks into the house.  Bailey
enters the kitchen.)

Bailey: Hey! Did she call?
Julia: Is that Bailey?
Claudia: Yeah! Bailey! It's Julia!
Bailey: Hey, sis! 
Julia: Hey, bro! 
Bailey: How's everything going?
Julia: Good.  Good.  Is everything going alright with you?
Bailey: Yeah.  I just got back from Sarah's.  She says "Hi."
Julia: Well, listen, I miss you all and I will be calling you guys later.  
Bailey: We miss you too, Jule.  Here's Griffin.  (Bailey passes the phone over to
Griffin: Hey!
Julia: Hey! How is my sweetheart?
Griffin: Terrible without you here.
Julia: Aww.  Ditto.  I miss you so much.  
Charlie: Guys, I think we better leave Grif and Jules alone, okay?  C'mon.

(Charlie, Bailey, Claudia and Owen leave the room with Thurber so Griffin and
Julia can have some privacy.)

Griffin: So how is Paris?
Julia: It's beautiful, Griffin.  Justin says "Hi" by the way.
Griffin: Yeah.  Did you take any pictures?
Julia: Yeah.  I took lots of them on the plane, but have yet to take some on
land.  Later on  me and Justin are going out into the city.  We're gonna take
some pictures then.
Griffin: I had breakfast with your family today.  
Julia: Really?
Griffin: Yeah.  I really feel like I'm becoming part of the family now, Jule.
Julia: Well, you ARE a part of the family! 
Griffin: Yeah.  
Julia: Well, I better go.  I'll call you tomorrow.  I love you.
Griffin: I love you, too.  Bye.


(The Salinger backyard.  Charlie, Bailey, Claudia, Owen and Thurber are talking.)

Charlie: Guys, I had an idea! How about if we all go on a vacation together?
Claudia: Like where?
Charlie: I dunno.  Anywhere.
Claudia: Nah.  I wouldn't want to go without Julia.
Bailey: Yeah.  Claudia's right.  
Charlie: Well, I think that with Julia gone we all could go on vacation, too. 
Not anything fancy, but just to get away from home.  I was going to put in for my
two weeks' vacation soon so if anyone has any ideas, shoot.
Bailey: Well, with my AA meetings and all, I really don't know if I want to go. 
Plus, I kinda wanted to go hiking and stuff with Sarah this summer when she gets 
back from visiting her grandparents.  
Charlie: Okay.  What about you, Claudia?
Claudia: Oh.  Well, I was going to probably go to camp again this summer.  Sorry,
Charlie: Okay.  Owen?  
Owen: I want to go to the zoo.
Charlie: Okay.  We can do that.  Does anyone else around here want to go on a
vacation besides me and Owen?

(Thurber looks right at Charlie)

Charlie: I guess not.

(Griffin enters.)

Griffin: Hey.
Charlie: Oh.  Hi, Griffin.  We were just discussing possibly going on a vacation
for a couple of weeks this summer.  Want to come with us?
Griffin: Oh, no I can't.  I'm sorry, Charlie, but I'm going to need to spend a
lot of time at the motorcycle shop this summer.  I'm sorry.
Charlie: Okay.  Fine.  (sighs) What is with all of you?  I want us to have fun
this summer and I offer to take you on a vacation, but only Owen wants to go with
Bailey: God, Charlie, calm down! It's nothing personal.
Claudia: Yeah.  We're sorry, but we've got other plans.
Griffin: I'd go, Charlie, but I've got to work at the shop.
Charlie: Yeah.  

(Charlie walks off in a huff and slams the door behind him.)


(Commercial break.)


(Paris, France.  Julia and Justin are walking along the streets of Paris

Julia: That was so awesome!
Justin: The best! 
Julia: I cannot wait to get these photographs of the Eiffel Tower developed. 
Gawd, my family is going to flip out! 
Justin: And Griffin, too.
Julia: Yeah.
Justin: Robin would really like it here, too.  She's really into anything French.
 French fries, french toast...
Julia: French kissing?  (laughs)
Justin: Right.  (smiles and laughs) Well, I called her last night and she started
crying on the phone because she missed me so much.
Julia: Aww.  
Justin: Then I started crying because I missed her.  I mean, I'm not like
ultra-sensitive man here, but...
Julia: Hey, Justin, it's okay.  A lot of girls like it when a guy shows his
Justin: They do?
Julia: Yeah.  And by the way, you ARE very sensitive.
Justin: Is that good or bad?
Julia: Well, I think it's good, but all girls are different.  
Justin: Yeah.  I mean, you're sensitive but Griffin...he's like the bad boy and
you're the sensitive one.
Julia: Oh, c'mon, Justin.  Griffin isn't a bad boy.  Griffin is a real sweetie
and he's changed a lot since you first knew him.
Justin: I know.  I'm sorry.  So, you wanna go grab a bite to eat?
Julia: Yeah.  Cafe on the left bank?  
Justin: Sounds like a plan! 


(The Salinger home.  Charlie is in the kitchen getting a Dr. Pepper out of the
refrigerator when Bailey enters.)

Bailey: What's wrong, Charlie?
Charlie: Nothing.  I just wanted us to get out of the house and San Francisco for
the summer.  I mean, with Julia not here, the house feels kinda empty and I
thought maybe we should have some kind of distraction.
Bailey: Well, Claud's got camp to go to this summer, I have my AA meetings and I
really don't want to go anywhere this summer because of that, Charlie.  I want to
commit myself to staying sober this summer and that means attending all of my
meetings and that means staying here.  I'm sorry, Charlie.
Charlie: Fine.  Well, I guess it'll be me and Owen then going on vacation.  
Bailey: Where are you going to go, Charlie?  
Charlie: I don't know yet.  Maybe I'll spin a globe, put my finger on a
destination and see where it stops.
I don't know, Bai.  I just...this house just doesn't feel right without Julia
here and it's hard for me to deal with right now.
Bailey: Why?  
Charlie: I just...I...miss her.  And I guess it's still a bit of a shock that my
little sister is now all grown-up and married.  I mean, I thought I was going to
be the first one and I had my chances, but of all people, it's Julia.  
Bailey: We all miss her, Charlie, but we're not as gung-ho as you are about going
on vacation.
Charlie: I just want us to have fun this summer, okay?  But if you and Claud
don't want to go with me, that's fine.  Me and Owen will go by ourselves.  


(The Salingers' backyard.  Griffin and Claudia are talking.)

Griffin: So, what grade are you going to be in this year?
Claudia: Ninth.
Griffin: You looking forward to high school?
Claudia: Yeah, but I'm kinda nervous.  
Griffin: Ah, don't worry, Claudia.  You're smart.  You'll do just fine.  
Claudia: What about you?  Did you ever think of going to college?
Griffin: College?  Me?  Ha.  C'mon, Claudia, I didn't like school the first
twelve years.  Why would I like it for another two or four?  
Claudia: Well, it might help you in the future to have a college degree
especially in business.
Griffin: Well, I'm not exactly the brightest fellow either, Claudia.
Claudia: And you're not the dumbest either.  Griffin, I've seen you at work the
way you fix stuff and know all about engineering.  You're a smart guy.
Griffin: You think so?
Claudia: Yeah.  How is the shop doing anyways?
Griffin: Well, it's uh...it's doing alright, but it could be doing better. 
Sometimes I wonder how long I can maintain it.  
Claudia: I'm sorry.  I think you're doing a really good job, Griffin, but I think
you'd be doing better if you had a college degree.  It's just something to think
about.  I'm not trying to push it on you.


(A Parisian cafe.  Julia and Justin are eating and talking.)

Justin: That waiter sure is nice.  I thought Parisians were rude to Americans.
Julia: Well, I guess the lesson today is "Don't believe everything you hear."
Justin: Right.  So, have you changed your mind about going to college?
Julia: I dunno.  I mean, I want to go someday, but not now.  
Justin: Why not?
Julia: Because I want to experience life and have fun doing artsy things and
getting weird jobs and stuff like that.

(Justin laughs.)

Julia: What?  What is so funny?
Justin: It's just...you were always so studious and academic and now it's like
you have totally given up on your schooling.  It's like the drive of Julia Salinger 
that once was there is now gone.  
Julia: Well, I had enough drive to get married didn't I?  
Justin: Right.  But Julia, you're so smart and I think you're wasting your
talents by just getting odd jobs and not going to school.
Julia: Well, that's your opinion, Justin, and I respect it.  But this is my
opinion.  I simply ask that you extend the same courtesy back.
Justin: Fine.  Whatever.  You about done?  
Julia: Yeah.


(Commercial break.)


(The Salinger home.  Bailey, Claudia and Owen are watching tv in the living room
as Thurber sits on the floor watching on.  Charlie enters the room.)

Charlie: Guys, can I talk to you for a minute?
Bailey: Sure, Charlie.  (shuts the tv off with the remote control) What's up?
Charlie: Okay.  Tomorrow is going to be the first day of my vacation.  I'm taking
Owen with me and we will be gone for two weeks.  We'll both get back here next
Sunday.  Any questions?
Claudia: Where are you going, Charlie?
Charlie: I don't know.  But that's the beauty of it.  I don't know.  Me and Owe
will just drive out and see where the road takes us.  We'll stay at a nice motel
somewhere and then come back here in a couple of weeks.
Bailey: You're crazy.
Charlie: (laughs) I may be, but I just need to do some thinking and I'm taking
Owen with me because Claud, you'll be going to camp, and Bailey, you'll be busy
with AA and doing things with Sarah this summer.  
Bailey: Well, Sarah won't be back for another week, so I'll be here until then.  
Claudia: And I'll be going to camp soon.
Charlie: Alright.  Well, be sure to tell Julia where I am, okay?  And when I get
to the motel, I'll call you guys.  Owen, you wanna go on vacation with your big
brother for a couple of weeks?
Owen: Will you take me to the zoo, Charlie?  Please?  Please?
Charlie: (laughs) You got it!
Owen: Yeah!!! 

(Owen runs off into another room celebrating the fact that Charlie is taking him
to the zoo.)


(Griffin's apartment.  Griffin is on the phone talking to Julia.)

Griffin: Julia?
Julia: Hey! Griffin, how are you?
Griffin: I'm fine.  How are you?
Julia: Great.  Me and Justin ate at a cafe on the Left Bank of Paris today and
took some more pictures.  I can't wait to get them developed.
Griffin: I can't wait to see them or for you to tell me all about it.
Julia: How is everything going there, Griffin?  Are my brothers and sisters and
Thurber doing alright?
Griffin: Oh yeah.  Everyone's doing fine.  They all miss you very much.  
Julia: I miss you.
Griffin: I miss you more.
Julia: Wanna bet?  

(NP: "Power Lines" by Nanci Griffith as background music.)

Griffin: (smiles) I can't wait for you to come home.  
Julia: I can't wait either.  
Griffin: I love you
Julia: I love you, too.


(The Salinger home.  It is approximately eight o'clock in the evening.  Bailey
and Claudia are in the kitchen doing the dishes.)

Claudia: You okay?
Bailey: Yeah.  I just miss Charlie and Owen...and Julia.  And pretty soon you're
going to be leaving for camp.  
Claudia: I'm sorry, Bailey.
Bailey: No.  Don't be.  I'm not complaining...it's just it's going to feel really
weird here being the only one in this house.
Claudia: Well, Sarah will be back soon so you'll have her to talk to and hang out
with.  And also you could talk to Griffin because he's probably feeling the same
way you are.  
Bailey: Yeah.  I'm just a little scared, that's all.
Claudia: Scared of what?
Bailey: I just hope I don't go crazy like I did before and get tempted to drink
Claudia: Bailey...
Bailey: I mean, I feel great now and being sober is the best, but I AM an
alcoholic, Claud, and you never know what might happen.
Claudia: Bailey, you're a lot stronger than you think you are.  Try not to focus
on the negative so much and focus on the positive.  I mean, cheer up.  You're
doing great with your rehab and we're all proud of you.  I know that mom and dad
would be, too.
Bailey: (smiles) Thanks, Claud.

(Bailey hugs Claudia)


(NP: "I've Got A Name" by Jim Croce)

(Charlie's car driving on the road at night.  Charlie is talking to Owen in the

Charlie: Did you bring everything, Owe?
Owen: Yeah.  
Charlie: Good.  
Owen: Where are we going, Charlie?
Charlie: We're going to look for a motel, and tomorrow guess where we're going?
Owen: Where?
Charlie: The San Diego Zoo!
Owen: Yeah!!!
Charlie: You like that?  (smiles) We're gonna have fun, Owe.  Just you and
me...oldest brother and youngest brother.

(Charlie's car drives off into the sunset as "I've Got A Name" plays then fades


(Commercial break.)


(Sneak previews for the next "Party Of Five" episode.  We see footage of Bailey
and Griffin bonding due to their loneliness, Claudia making new friends at camp,
Charlie and Owen at the zoo where Charlie meets a woman and there is mutual
attraction between the both of them, and finally Justin and Julia are seen
talking about "What might have been..." and concludes with them both sharing a
passionate kiss.)

End of Episode 1

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