Summertime Blues

Written by Jeff Mills

episode 2, season 4

(Montage of clips from previous episode, concluding with Charlie and Owen driving on the highway at night.)

(San Diego Zoo. Daytime. Charlie and Owen are walking around looking at various animals in their cages. Being summertime, there is a crowd of people walking around.)

Charlie: Owen, what's that?
Owen: That's a tiger!
Charlie: No, Owen, tigers are orange and have black stripes. That's a cheetah.

Owen: Like Chester Cheetah?
Charlie: (laughs) Yeah. The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world, too. He can run like up to sixty to seventy miles per hour.

(Charlie spots a very attractive woman approximately in her mid-twenties, walking with a little girl who is about four years old.)

Charlie: Wow. What a fox!
Owen: Where a fox?
Charlie: Uh, no, sorry, Owen. Heh. I, uh...

(Owen gazes at Charlie with a curious look on his face.)

Charlie: Never mind. C'mon, Owen, let's go over here.

(Charlie and Owen walk up to the woman and her daughter.)

Charlie: Hi.
Jennifer: Hi. (smiles) Is that your son?
Charlie: No, my brother, actually.
Jennifer: Your brother? Wow, how old is he?
Owen: I'm this! (Owen holds out four fingers on his hand.)
Jennifer: Wow! No kidding! My daughter is four, too.
Charlie: Charlie Salinger. (shaking Jennifer's hand.)
Jennifer: Jennifer Fitzgerald. (shaking Charlie's hand.) This is my daughter, Katie.
Charlie: Hi, Katie.
Katie: Hi.
Charlie: This is Owen. Say "Hi", Owen.
Owen: Hi, Owen.

(They all laugh.)

Charlie: Sorry. He's been like that all summer ever since he saw "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" on Nick At Nite.
Jennifer: It's okay. So, are you here alone?
Charlie: Yeah, just me and my brother. I'm on a vacation. You?
Jennifer: Yeah, just me and Katie. Today's her birthday.
Charlie: Wow. Happy birthday, Katie.
Jennifer: So, we were going to go over here by the elephants. Would you and Owen like to come with us, Charlie?
Charlie: Sure. What do you think, Owe?
Owen: Yeah!
Charlie: Okay. (smiles)

(The Salinger backyard. Bailey and Griffin are playing basketball.)

Bailey: Twenty-one! I win again!
Griffin: Damn! You suck, man!

(Bailey laughs)

Griffin: No, good game, man. (shaking hands with Bailey)
Bailey: Thanks.
Griffin: So, you and Sarah ever get back together?
Bailey: No. I thought we were going to, but she gave me the "Let's just be friends" speech.
Griffin: Oh, man, I hate that. Not the dreaded "I just wanna be friends" speech!
Bailey: Yeah. I mean, I don't blame her in a way because I was a real jerk to her, but I know that deep down inside she still loves me.
Griffin: Women.
Bailey: Yeah.
Griffin: Well, listen, man, I gotta be going.
Bailey: Yeah. Well, nice of you to stop by, Grif.
Griffin: Yeah, man, no problem. I'll see you tomorrow.

(Griffin is about to leave on his motorcycle when Bailey interrupts him.)

Bailey: Hey, Grif!
Griffin: Yeah?
Bailey: Man, this loneliness crap sucks!
Griffin: I know what you mean.
Bailey: How about we watch a game on tv tonight?
Griffin: I'm there!
Bailey: Alright!

(Bailey and Griffin high-five each other.)

(NP: "Closer To Free" by The Bodeans. Opening credits.)

(Commercial break)

(A summer camp in Palo Alto, CA. Claudia arrives and is greeted by a new friend.

Linda: Hey.
Claudia: Hey.
Linda: I'm Linda. (holding out her hand) What's your name?
Claudia: Claudia. (holding out her hand)
Linda: Nice to meet you, Claudia. I couldn't help but wonder, but you look a little nervous.
Claudia: I am just a little sister just got married out of the blue, my brother is a recovering alcoholic and my other brothers went on vacation together. I'm just concerned, that's all. Mainly for my older brother.
Linda: Wow. I'm sorry.
Claudia: It's okay.
Linda: Well, actually we have something in common.
Claudia: What?
Linda: My father's an alcoholic, too.
Claudia: Oh. I'm sorry.
Linda: It's okay. Listen, me and my friends were going to sit together for lunch. How about you come and join us?
Claudia: Yeah. That'd be great. (smiles)
Linda: Okay. (smiles)

(Vienna, Austria. Julia and Griffin are walking along the streets, talking.)

Julia: One of my favorite movies was filmed here. "Before Sunrise."
Justin: Oh. I never heard of that.
Julia: Hardly anyone has. It has Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy in it. It's really good, Justin. You should rent it someday.
Justin: Cool.
Julia: Yeah. It's really a romantic movie and I love the part where Ethan and Julie kiss each other for the first time on the ferris wheel.
Justin: I think that was done before. "The Third Man" with Orson Welles.
Julia: Really?
Justin: Yeah. I mean, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging here, but I AM a movie buff.
Julia: Right. That's why you had no idea what "Before Sunrise" is about.
Justin: (laughs) Okay, smart ass! Fine. But I'm telling you, I know a lot about that kind of stuff.

(Julia and Justin spot a movie theatre which is showing "Romeo and Juliet.")

Julia: Oh wow. "Romeo and Juliet." I wonder if that's the one with Leo and Claire or Zeffirelli.
Justin: My money says it's DiCaprio and Danes. If we were in Italy, my money would be on Zeffirelli.
Julia: You wanna watch it with me?
Justin: I dunno, Jule.
Julia: Oh, c'mon, Justin. God, you said that you're a romantic and this is one of the greatest romantic films ever made.
Justin: Sure, Jule. Whatever you want. (smiles)

(A restauraunt in San Diego. Charlie and Jennifer are talking as Owen and Katie are finishing up their lunch, talking to each other.)

Charlie: Did you like your lasagna?
Jennifer: Yes. Very good, thank you.
Charlie: Well, I can cook some pretty good lasagna myself, you know?
Jennifer: You cook? Wow! I'm impressed!
Charlie: Yeah. I am the manager of my father's restauraunt. I've been doing it for awhile now.
Jennifer: Really? What's the name of it?
Charlie: Salinger's.
Jennifer: Hmm. I never have eaten there. I must say, though, that I really like a man who can cook. I mean, I've dated lots of guys who expected me to do all of the cooking and they never would cook for me. I'm a good cook, but I think it ought to be equal, you know?
Charlie: I agree. I, uh, don't mean to pry, but were you married before?
Jennifer: Oh no. I was with a guy for a few years and I got pregnant and he left. Since I had Katie, it has been dating disaster after disaster. I feel like I should be on a game show called "The Dating Shame."
Charlie: (laughs) I feel like that, too. I mean, I never realized how hard it is to be a single parent and dating.
Jennifer: I know. A lot of guys like me at first, but when they find out I have a kid, they instantly want to stop seeing me. It really hurts, but I can't go worrying about it all of the time. I just keep reminding myself that someday Mr. Right will arrive.
Charlie: Well, how do you know that he hasn't?

(Jennifer smiles back at Charlie as they hold each other's hands.)

(Summer camp. Claudia is eating lunch with her new friends when a familiar face taps her on the shoulder.)

Jody: Hey, Claudia!
Claudia: Jody! Oh my God!

(Claudia stares in shock as she sees this face from the past, Jody, a teenage girl now who once was friends with Claudia when they were younger. Jody was a rebellious girl with a passion for cigarettes and being truant from school)

(Commercial break)

(Bailey and Griffin are in the Salinger living room, watching a baseball game on tv.)

Bailey: So, how's the motorcycle shop doing?
Griffin: Alright, I guess. Things could be better, but then, they could be worse, too. How's your A.A. going?
Bailey: Great. I haven't felt this good in a long time. It's just things are pretty lonely around here.
Griffin: Yeah. I know what you mean.
Bailey: Well, Sarah will be back in a few days so we'll be able to spend some time together. Other than that, I'm pretty much by myself.
Griffin: Well, hey, man, how do you think I feel? My wife is a million miles away in another country and time zone.
Bailey: Yeah.
Griffin: Me and you should hang out together. I mean, we haven't really done a lot together in a long time. Actually, since you and Jill went out.
Bailey: Yeah, I know. Well, I got my A.A. meetings at night, but we can do some stuff for a couple of days before Sarah gets back.
Griffin: Alright. Put it there.

(Bailey and Griffin bring their Dr. Pepper bottles together in unison.)

(A hotel in Vienna, Austria. Julia and Justin are taking their sweaters off.)

(NP: "What Would Happen" by Meredith Brooks as background music.)

Justin: That was awesome!
Julia: Yeah! I really enjoyed seeing that movie on the big screen. I missed it when it came out in the U.S.
Justin: You did? Wow. Me and Robin saw that movie twice. She, of course, has this massive crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. I can't stand him.
Julia: (laughs) Aww. Don't be jealous, Justin. You're not bad yourself.
Justin: Really?
Julia: Yeah.
Justin: Well, I think you're much better looking than Claire Danes any day.
Julia: (smiles) Thanks.

(Julia and Justin stare at each other and suddenly they are kissing passionately. Seconds later, Julia pulls away from Justin and slaps him.)

Julia: What the hell is wrong with you?
Justin: I'm sorry.
Julia: God, Justin! Don't you know that I'm a married woman?
Justin: I'm sorry, Julia. I don't know what came over me.

(Julia storms off in a huff and goes into the bathroom, slamming the door.)

(Jennifer's apartment in San Diego. Nighttime. Charlie and Jennifer are talking as Jennifer has Katie over her shoulder asleep. Owen is in Charlie's car awake.)

(NP: "In The Still Of The Night" by Boyz II Men)

Charlie: I really had a great time.
Jennifer: I did, too.
Charlie: I, uh, was wondering...when are we going to see each other again?
Jennifer: (smiles) How does tomorrow sound?
Charlie: (smiles) Sounds good to me.
Jennifer: Great.

(Charlie and Jennifer kiss.)

Charlie: Goodnight.
Jennifer: Goodnight.

(Jennifer walks to her apartment with Katie and Charlie goes back to his car with a big smile on his face.)

Charlie: YES!

(Summer camp. Claudia and Linda are talking.)

Linda: What's up with you and that girl over there?
Claudia: You mean Jody?
Linda: Yeah.
Claudia: We were friends a long time ago, but we sort of had a falling out.
Linda: Well, it looks like you two worked everything out.
Claudia: I guess.
Jody: Hey, Claudia! C'mere!

(Claudia walks over to Jody and her friends.)

Jody: Check this out!
Claudia: Whoa! Isn't that marijuana?
Jody: Shhhh! Why don't you just broadcast it? (laughs) Yeah, it's marijuana. Tonight, me and the girls were going to sneak a drag. You in?
Claudia: Uh, Jody, I don't know.
Jody: What's the matter, Claudia? You mean you never smoked marijuana before?
Claudia: No.
Jody: Geez, get with the nineties! Like how square can you get? Everybody I know has smoked grass. Except you! (laughs and all her friends laugh at Claudia)
Linda: Hey! Leave Claudia alone!
Jody: Who are you? Her protector?
Linda: No, actually, I'm her friend. Something you obviously aren't.
Jody: What did you say?
Linda: You heard me.

(Jody and Linda start to fight as everyone cheers them on until a camp counselor breaks it up.)

Counselor: Alright, you two! I want you to explain this right now. What happened?

(The hotel in Vienna, Australia. Justin is talking to Julia outside of the bathroom door.)

Justin: Julia, come out already!
Julia: No! I'm too pissed off to come out!
Justin: C'mon, Julia, it was a mistake. I'm sorry it ever happened.

(Julia finally opens the door and comes out.)

Julia: You wonder why we never got together? I'll tell you why. Everything we did together was a mistake. Having sex was a mistake. Getting pregnant was a mistake.
Justin: Oh yeah? Well, I think that you marrying Griffin was a mistake and IS a mistake. How do you like that?
Julia: Who the hell are you to judge? You don't know a thing about Griffin!
Justin: I know he treats you like crap. And I don't know what it is...maybe you're one of those girls who like the "bad boy" types, I don't know. But as your friend, I think that marrying him and not going to college is a mistake.
Julia: Well, Justin, as your friend, I think you should mind your own business. You don't know Griffin the way I do. You also don't know me the way you think you do. Now, I'm sorry, Justin, for attacking you like that.
Justin: I'm sorry, too.
Julia: I'm not finished. What happened between us tonight WAS a mistake and it will never happen again. If you have any preconceived notions in your head about me and you ever having a future, well my advice is to get those out of your head right now. I love Griffin. And that is that.

(Commercial break.)

(The summer camp. Claudia and Linda are talking.)

Linda: Why didn't you tell the camp counselor that Jody and the other girls had marijuana?
Claudia: I couldn't. I mean, if Jody found out I tattled on her, she'd kill me.
Linda: Yeah, but don't you think they have a right to know?
Claudia: Maybe. But I don't want to rat on them because if they found out I ratted on them, I'd be dead.
Linda: Well, what if we both ratted on them?
Claudia: I don't think so. I wouldn't want you to rat on them either. I wouldn't want you to get hurt.
Linda: Hey, I can take care of myself.
Claudia: Yeah, but no offense, Jody and her friends are a lot stronger than you and me. I mean, face it, they just look...well, you know, rough!
Linda: Yeah. (sighs) What are we gonna do?

(The hotel room in Vienna, Austria. Julia and Justin are in their separate beds trying to go to sleep.)

Justin: Hey, Julia?
Julia: Yeah?
Justin: I'm really sorry about today.
Julia: (pauses) It's okay. I'm sorry, too, for those things I said to you.
Justin: It's alright. I kinda deserved it.
Julia: Yeah, well it's over with anyways. So, let's bury the hatchet and put it behind us.
Justin: Are you going to tell Griffin what happened?
Julia: No. Is there any reason why you think I should?
Justin: Well, you ARE married and I always thought married couples shouldn't keep anything from each other.
Julia: That's any couple, not just married couples. And besides, there ARE a few exceptions to the rule. This one we will keep between us, ok?
Justin: Okay. So, are we still on for Germany tomorrow?
Julia: (smiles) We're there, dude.

(Charlie and Bailey are on the phone talking to each other in their respective locations, Charlie in San Diego and Bailey in San Francisco.)

Bailey: Charlie! How are you, man?
Charlie: Good, good! I'd put Owen on the phone, but he's asleep. How are things?
Bailey: Great. Me and Griffin have been keeping each other company and when Griffin's not visiting, good ole Thurber is always here.
Charlie: Have you heard from Julia yet?
Bailey: No. She hasn't called here or at Griffin's in a couple of days. Also, Claudia's letter hasn't gotten here yet.
Charlie: Okay. Bai, I got great news. I met a woman.
Bailey: Really? Great! Tell me about her.
Charlie: She's really pretty, nice, sweet, the whole nine. And get this, she's a single mom.
Bailey: Wow, Charlie. How many kids does she have?
Charlie: Just one, a girl. Her name is Katie. She's the same age as Owen and she's a real sweetie. Bai, I only met her yesterday, but I think I'm in love.
Bailey: Whoa, Charlie! Now, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves now.
Charlie: (laughs) I know, I know, Bai, but I just have this feeling, this vibe about her. I mean, I really think she is the one!
Bailey: That's great, Charlie, but seriously, just take it slow, okay? Have fun and take things slow.
Charlie: Okay. Well, I gotta run. You take care, okay?
Bailey: Okay, man. Talk to you later. Bye.

(Griffin's motorcycle shop. A customer walks in and recognizes Griffin from school.)

Customer: Hey, I know you! You're Julia Salinger's boyfriend, aren't you?
Griffin: Actually, I'm her husband.
Customer: You mean she married YOU? (laughs) No way!
Griffin: Yes...way! We got married just recently.
Customer: Man, I don't believe it. Why would Julia Salinger want to have anything to do with somebody like you?
Griffin: I don't know. Why don't you ask her that? So, can I help you or what?
Customer: Whoa. Is this what you call customer service? Hey, haven't you ever heard "The customer is always right."? Or does a dumb-ass grease monkey like you not know what it means?
Griffin: Listen, if you don't knock it off, I'm going to ask you to leave.
Customer: Ooooh! And what if I say "No"? (laughs) Face it, man, you are just clueless. And Julia is almost as clueless as you are.
Griffin: That's it. MO< (Griffin hits the customer and the two fight until they are broken up by a co-worker of Griffin's, John.)

John: Break it up! Break it up!
Customer: Julia was smart until she got with you. Maybe that's why she isn't going to college.
John: That's enough!
Customer: Total loser! (spits on Griffin)

(Griffin punches the customer and beats the daylights out of him. The customer is lying on the floor when Griffin approaches him.)

Griffin: I may be clueless, but you just got your ass kicked by a dumb-ass grease monkey.

(The summer camp. Nighttime. Claudia and Linda are about to go to sleep in their separate beds.)

Linda: Who's that?
Claudia: My mom and my dad.
Linda: Oh. How are they?
Claudia: They WERE great.
Linda: Were?
Claudia: They died in a car accident three years ago. They got hit by a drunk driver.
Linda: Oh my God, Claudia, I'm so sorry.
Claudia: It's okay. I took this picture with me so I can put it under my pillow every night. Here is a picture of my brothers and sister. That's Charlie, Bailey and Julia.
Linda: They look really nice. I'm an only child and I wish I had a brother or a sister.
Claudia: I'll bet that's hard.
Linda: Yeah. It was really hard when my dad was drunk and he and my mom would get into fights and arguments. I mean, he never beat her or anything, but things got really bad. I remember being up in my room hearing them and just...crying. Just so hard.
Claudia: Yeah.
Linda: Well, here is a picture of my mom and dad.
Claudia: They look really nice, too.
Linda: Yeah. I miss them so much. Well, I guess we better turn in, eh?
Claudia: Yeah.

(Linda and Claudia are about to go to bed when Claudia says something to Linda.)

Claudia: Linda?
Linda: Yeah?
Claudia: This may sound lame, but if you want, think of me as your sister.

(Linda smiles and cries and hugs Claudia who also smiles and cries.)

(Commercial break)

(Jack Murphy Stadium. Daytime. Charlie and Owen are watching a baseball game together.)

Charlie: Those guys are the Padres and that team over there is the Dodgers.
Owen: The blue team?
Charlie: Right. The team with the blue hats and gray uniforms. The Padres are the other team.
Owen: What's a padre?
Charlie: Padre is Spanish for "father." In English, it would be "father."
Owen: Like our father?
Charlie: Yeah. Just like ours.
Owen: Did daddy ever take you to a baseball game when you were little?
Charlie: Yeah. A lot. I remember once we went to Candlestick Park in San Francisco where the Giants play. And he told me about the wind there and that there are all these mountains around it. It was a great time.
Owen: I'm having a great time, Charlie.
Charlie: (smiles) I'm glad to hear that, Owen.

(The summer camp. Claudia is walking and sees Jody and her friends smoking marijuana in a woody section of the camp. She hides and is not seen, but can overhear Jody and her friends giggling and talking.)

Claudia: (to herself) God, what am I gonna do?

(Hamburg, Germany. Julia and Justin are walking.)

Julia: Hamburg. Now THIS is my kind of place.
Justin: Yeah, I heard there are many art museums around here.
Julia: Yeah, in fact, The Beatles used to play here before they got to be famous. And their good friends Stuart Sutcliffe and Astrid Kirchner lived together here. She was part of a group of art college students who called themselves "existentialists" or "exxies."
Justin: Wow. I did not know that!
Julia: Yeah. I wonder what kind of art colleges they have here now.
Justin: Why? Are you thinking about going to college here in Europe?
Julia: No. Well, I dunno. I mean, I'm not saying I'm going to college here or anywhere, but just to check it out.
Justin: Where is the nearest museum?
Julia: I think there is one over here.
Justin: Good. Let's go.

(A payphone at a shopping center. Charlie is on the phone and has Owen by his side. Charlie is talking to Jennifer.)

Jennifer: Hi!
Charlie: Hi! How are you doing?
Jennifer: Fine.
Charlie: How's Katie?
Jennifer: She's fine and says "Hello." How's Owen?
Charlie: He's fine and says "Hello", too.
Jennifer: (laughs) Great.
Charlie: Listen, I was wondering, when I go back to San Francisco to go home, how would you like to come with me?
Jennifer: Come with you?
Charlie: Yeah. I don't mean to live with me. I mean to visit my family, well, my brother and brother-in-law.
Jennifer: That would be great! I'd love to!
Charlie: Great! Listen, Jennifer, I know that things have happened so fast, but I just want you to know that I really like you.
Jennifer: I really like you, too, Charlie. I was beginning to doubt whether or not there still were any decent guys out there, but thank God you came into my life.
Charlie: (smiles) Thank you. I was glad to come.
Jennifer: (laughs) You are too cute.
Charlie: Well, listen, me and Owen have got to go, but I wanted to call you before I left and I just wanted to say...(pause) I'll see you tomorrow.
Jennifer: (smiles) I...(pause) will see you tomorrow, too.
Charlie: Great. Goodnight.

(The Salinger house. Bailey and Griffin are watching the movie, "Scream", on videotape. It is nighttime.)

Bailey: Man, I'm telling you it has to be the cop!
Griffin: No way! It's Fonzie, man!
Bailey: Are you crazy? Haven't you been concentrating at all on the story?
Griffin: Yeah...but I'm having more fun concentrating on Neve Campbell.
Bailey: Oh yeah...I sure wish that I could be next to her in a film or tv show.
Griffin: You ain't kidding. Me, too.

(The phone rings. Bailey gets it.)

Bailey: Hello? Hi, Jule! How are you?
Julia: Great. Me and Justin are in Germany now. We were in Vienna, Austria and it was awesome.
Bailey: Great.
Julia: How are things there?
Bailey: Great. Charlie and Owen say "Hi" and Claudia's letter hasn't gotten here yet.
Julia: Great. Well, I wanted to call you first to see how you are doing. Then, I was going to call Griffin.
Bailey: Well, he's right here, actually.
Julia: Really?
Bailey: Yeah. We've been bonding ever since you, Claudia, Charlie and Owen left.
Julia: (smiles) That's great. Can I talk to him?
Bailey: Yeah, Jule. Listen, you take care, okay? Love ya.
Julia: Love ya, too. Bye!

(Bailey passes the phone to Griffin and walks out of the room.)

Griffin: Hey.
Julia: Hey. How are you doing, Griffin?
Griffin: I'm doing alright.
Julia: So, I hear you and Bailey have been keeping each other company.
Griffin: Yeah, he's been really cool.
Julia: Well, Griffin, Europe has been totally incredible. Me and Justin were in Vienna and now we are in Hamburg, Germany. It is amazing.
Griffin: That's great. Where are you guys heading next?
Julia: Sicily, Italy and maybe Sardinia.
Griffin: Man, I sure wish I was there.
Julia: Ditto to that. I really miss you.
Griffin: I miss you, too.
Julia: Well, listen, I better go, but I want you to know that I love you very much and I miss you bunches.
Griffin: I love and miss you, too. And I can't wait till you get back home.
Julia: I know, me either. Bye.
Griffin: Bye.

(NP: "Like A Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan)

(The summer camp. Claudia is alone and writing a letter to her family.)

(Closing credits.)

(Commercial break.)

(Sneak previews for the next "Party Of Five" episode. We see footage of Bailey and Sarah hiking then camping and sleeping out in the woods. Sarah is asleep and Bailey is awake, looking at her as if he is about to kiss her. We then see Charlie introduce Jennifer and Katie to Bailey and there is a Fourth of July barbecue at the Salinger's house where we see Charlie and Jennifer kiss as fireworks are in the background. Finally, we see Claudia talking to the head camp counselor saying "I've got something to tell you.")

End of Episode 2

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