The Fourth of July

Written by Jeff Mills

episode 3, season 4

(Montage of clips of previous episode concluding with Charlie and Jennifer kissing each other goodnight.)

(Some hills in San Francisco. Bailey and Sarah are hiking together, and both are camping out for the weekend.)

Bailey: I cannot believe how hot it is out here.
Sarah: Yeah, I know!
Bailey: It's a good thing we brought lots of water. We're going to need it.
Sarah: Yeah.
Bailey: So, are your parents still giving you a hard time?
Sarah: About what?
Bailey: About not going to Brown?
Sarah: Yeah, they both are. I mean, we're not fighting or anything, but they were disappointed that I chose Berkeley over Brown. And I mean, it's like so stupid! I'm eighteen years old!
Bailey: I know!
Sarah: I'm an adult! I'm going to be moving out soon!
Bailey: Right!
Sarah: It's just so stupid!
Bailey: Well, how did they react when they found out you and I were going camping together?
Sarah: They don't know we are camping together.

(Sarah walks off as Bailey stares at her in shock, almost as if he was going to ask her a question.)

(The summer camp. Claudia is looking for one of the camp counselors. She spots one with his back turned. She approaches him.)

Claudia: Excuse me!
Counselor: Yes?

(The counselor turns around and Claudia sees an attractive man in his mid-20s and instantly falls in love with him.)

Counselor: Yes, ma'am, can I help you?
Claudia: I...I love you.
Counselor: Excuse me?

(Claudia faints and falls to the ground.)

(NP: "Closer To Free" by The Bodeans. Opening credits.)

(Commercial break.)

(The summer camp. Everyone gathers around Claudia and the camp counselor. The counselor tries to get her to wake up, but Claudia is still unconscious. He then performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her and Claudia wakes up.)

Counselor: Step back, everybody! Step back! Are you alright?
Claudia: Yeah. What happened?
Counselor: You fainted.
Claudia: I did?
Counselor: C'mon, let me help you up.

(The camp counselor helps Claudia get up on her feet.)

Counselor: What were you going to tell me?
Claudia: Huh?
Counselor: You must have had a reason to approach me.
Claudia: Oh, yeah. I, uh...

(Claudia sees Jody about a hundred feet from her and decides not to tell the counselor about her and her friends.)

Claudia: It's nothing.
Counselor: Are you sure?
Claudia: Yeah.

(NP: "That's Amore" by Dean Martin. Sicily, Italy. Julia and Justin are taking photographs of Sicily and of each other.)

Julia: This place is so beautiful.
Justin: Yeah, isn't it? I tell ya, Jule, we have got to try one of those gondolas.
Julia: Yeah, I would love to! Wow, Justin, I thought Paris was great, but Sicily blows Paris away!
Justin: Maybe we could stop by Sardinia later on this week, too, huh?
Julia: Oh yeah. You know, I really miss Griffin and my family, but I have really had a great time here with you, Justin. I know it probably sounds corny, but thanks for inviting me to go with you here.
Justin: Anytime, Julia. I wanted you to come. And I mean, as a friend. I would have preferred having Robin here, but if she couldn't come, why not have one of my best friends?
Julia: (smiles) I was just thinking...we don't have too many more weeks together, and soon you'll be off to college. I'm really gonna miss you.
Justin: I'm gonna miss you, too.
Julia: I just want to enjoy Europe for as long as I can before having to go back to America.
Justin: Let's not think about going back. Let's just have fun and enjoy the rest of our vacation, ok?
Julia: (smiles) Okay.

(Jennifer's apartment. Charlie and Jennifer are talking inside as Owen and Katie are outside playing in the yard. Charlie and Jennifer are looking at each other's photos of their families.)

Charlie: That's my mom and dad.
Jennifer: Wow. They really are beautiful, Charlie. Your mom, she, she really was beautiful. And you look so much like your dad.
Charlie: (smiles) Thanks. I always wondered what they would think of me if they were still alive. I mean, I wasn't always perfect, Jennifer.
Jennifer: (laughs) Oh, you're putting me on, Charles!
Charlie: (laughs) No, really, I wasn't! I, uh, used to be a total slacker. I dated lots of different girls and I was totally irresponsible. That's how my parents last saw me. I wish that they could see how I have changed so they'd know that I was okay, and that they DID see their oldest child turn out okay.
Jennifer: You're too hard on yourself, Charlie. Your mom and dad would be very proud of you.

(Charlie and Jennifer kiss.)

Charlie: Thank you. That makes me feel very good, you saying that.
Jennifer: So, when are we going to meet your brother?
Charlie: Tomorrow. He's camping with his friend tonight and tomorrow he goes back home.
Jennifer: Well, I can't wait to meet him.

(Charlie and Jennifer look outside the window to see Owen and Katie playing, having a good time.)

Charlie: They really seem to like each other.
Jennifer: Yeah, Owen is a really good kid. I really like him, Charlie.
Charlie: (smiles) And he really likes you, too.

(Jennifer smiles as Charlie and Jennifer kiss.)

(The summer camp. It is now nighttime and Claudia and Linda are talking before they go to bed.)

Linda: So, did you tell the camp counselor about Jody?
Claudia: No...I couldn't.
Linda: (sighs) Claudia, why didn't you tell him?
Claudia: I just couldn't, okay? I saw Jody staring at me from a distance and I chickened out, I guess.
Linda: Is that the real reason?
Claudia: What do you mean?
Linda: You sure you weren't distracted by the camp counselor?
Claudia: No way! I wasn't even paying attention to him.
Linda: Claudia, you are so full of it! I know why you did what you did.
Claudia: What are you talking about?
Linda: You faked that you fainted so maybe you'd get lucky and the counselor would have to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on you.
Claudia: I did not!
Linda: Ha!
Claudia: Okay, so I like him! So what?
Linda: What was it like? The kiss, I mean?
Claudia: God, how curious can you get?
Linda: I dunno, what's the highest score?

(NP: "Thorn Tree In The Garden" by Derek & The Dominoes.)

(It is nighttime as Bailey and Sarah are laying down in their respective positions by the hills, trying to go to sleep. Sarah is asleep, but Bailey is still awake. He stares at Sarah as she sleeps and moves closer to her, as if he is trying to kiss her. As he approaches her, she turns away and he moves back. He then goes back to his spot and tries to sleep, but has a hard time sleeping.)

(Commercial break.)

(The summer camp. Claudia is walking around when she sees Jody and her friends smoking marijuana from a distance. Claudia hides and stares in disbelief when suddenly she is startled by Linda.)

Claudia: What are you doing here?
Linda: I was about to ask you the same thing!
Claudia: Shhh! See them smoking?
Linda: Yeah.
Claudia: (sighs) What am I going to do, Linda?
Linda: I think you should tell one of the counselors.

(Claudia lets out a deep sigh and looks sad.)

(The hills. Bailey and Sarah are hiking as the afternoon sun is beating down on them.)

Bailey: So, did you sleep good last night?
Sarah: Yeah. Slept like a baby. How about you?
Bailey: Just fine. I have a bit of a kink in my neck, but otherwise, just fine.
Sarah: You'll live, Bailey. So, what are you thinking about?
Bailey: Nothing. Well, I'm just thinking about Charlie. He's coming back today and he's bringing his new girlfriend with him and her daughter.
Sarah: So, what's the problem?
Bailey: I just think that maybe it's too soon. I dunno, I just think things are moving too fast for him.
Sarah: Bailey, maybe they really like each other. Maybe they are really happy together.
Bailey: I guess. Tell me, when did you know that you liked me?
Sarah: Bailey, why are you asking me this?
Bailey: I dunno. I'm just wondering. Just curious. When did you know?
Sarah: When I first laid eyes on you.
Bailey: Really?
Sarah: Yeah. I couldn't help staring at your face. I mean, I tried not to, but your dimples and big, blue eyes kept diverting my attention.
Bailey: (laughs) I didn't notice you right away.
Sarah: I know. It took you, what, six months for you to notice me?
Bailey: Very funny. I actually did notice you not too long after that.

(Bailey and Sarah are smiling and staring at each other as if to say something, but both just remain silent.)

(Charlie's motel room. Charlie is packing things and getting ready to leave back home to San Francisco. He is talking to Owen.)

Charlie: Well, Owen, you ready to go back home?
Owen: To San Francisco?
Charlie: Right.
Owen: Yeah! I want to tell Bailey about my vacation.
Charlie: Well, we'll see him tonight. Make sure you got everything.
Owen: Charlie...
Charlie: Yeah, Owen?
Owen: Is Jennifer going to be my new mommy?
Charlie: (laughs) Wow. Well, Owen, you see, I really like her and she really likes me, but I really don't know yet whether she is going to be your new mommy.
Owen: I like Jennifer, Charlie. And I like Katie, too. I want her to be my sister.
Charlie: (smiles and laughs) Well, Owe, let's just take it slow, okay?
Owen: Okay.
Charlie: C'mon, get your stuff.

(Charlie, Jennifer, Katie and Owen are all in Charlie's car as he is driving them to Bailey's house. Owen and Katie are both asleep in the backseat.)

Jennifer: They are sound asleep.
Charlie: Cute, aren't they?
Jennifer: Yeah. I'm really looking forward to meeting your family, Charlie.
Charlie: Me, too.
Jennifer: I'm having a wonderful time.
Charlie: So am I.
Jennifer: I don't want to think about going back to San Diego. I'm going to miss you and Owen.
Charlie: Yeah, I know, Jennifer. But we'll still see each other on weekends. And if things work out between us, who knows?
Jennifer: I thought things WERE working out between us.

(Charlie smiles at Jennifer and continues to drive.)

(Griffin's motorcycle shop. Bailey and Sarah are there as Griffin is getting ready to close the shop.)

Bailey: Have you heard from Julia lately?
Griffin: Yeah, she called me last night. She said she's in Sicily, Italy.
Sarah: Wow! Sicily! How romantic!
Bailey: Is she doing alright?
Griffin: Yeah. Her and Justin are doing fine. She says "Hi" to everyone and keeps reminding me that it won't be long before she's home. Well, you guys ready?
Bailey: Ready when you are?
Griffin: Alright, let's go.

(The Salinger house. Charlie is with Jennifer, Katie and Owen. Charlie knocks on the door and Bailey answers.)

Bailey: Charlie!
Charlie: Bai!

(Charlie hugs Bailey, then Sarah and Griffin, who are also at the house. Then, Owen hugs Bailey as Bailey picks him up and asks him about the trip, while Jennifer and Katie slowly walk into the house.)

Charlie: Guys, I'd like you to meet Jennifer and her daughter, Katie.
Jennifer: Hi.
Katie: Hi.
Bailey: Hi, I'm Bailey.
Jennifer: I know. Charlie has told me a lot about you. It's nice to meet you, Bailey.
Bailey: Same here. And this is my friend, Sarah, and our brother-in-law, Griffin.
Griffin: Hi.
Sarah: Hi.
Bailey: You guys want a drink or something to eat?
Charlie: No, thanks.
Katie: Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.
Jennifer: Oh. Charlie, could you point me to the bathroom?
Charlie: Yeah, it's right over there.
Jennifer: Okay, thanks. I'll be right back. (kisses Charlie)

(Jennifer and Katie both go to the bathroom as Bailey, Sarah and Griffin talk to Charlie. They can't help but notice the big smile on his face.)

Charlie: What?
Bailey: You're glowing, man!
Charlie: Well, I'm happy!
Bailey: Happy ain't the word. You are in love.
Sarah: Yeah, if I didn't know you, Charlie, I'd swear you just had sex.
Charlie: (blushes) No comment.
Griffin: Charlie, Julia wanted me to tell you that she said "Hi" and that she is in Sicily, Italy today.
Charlie: Cool. Has Claudia written yet?
Bailey: Yeah. We got the letter in the mail this afternoon. Here it is.

(Charlie reads the letter. As he reads the letter, he begins to get emotional.)

Bailey: What, Charlie?
Charlie: Claud, I just miss her...and Julia. I wish they were both here.
Bailey: I know, Charlie.
Charlie: You know, this is the happiest I have felt in a long time. I'm really glad to be back home with you guys.

(Jennifer and Katie come back from the bathroom.)

Charlie: Jennifer! Katie! Come here. We are all going to have a great Fourth Of July barbecue today. We're going to celebrate!

(Everyone cheers and gathers into a group hug.)

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger backyard. It is early in the evening and everyone is eating their dinner at the Salinger barbecue. Bailey and Sarah are talking on the porch.)

Bailey: Sarah?
Sarah: Yeah?
Bailey: Why didn't you tell your parents that you were coming with me?
Sarah: Bailey, they're still upset about the accident.
Bailey: Yeah, but that was months ago and I'm sober now. And your parents know me better than that.
Sarah: I know, Bailey, but my mom and dad are very protective of me. And not to mention the fact that I passed on Brown to go to Berkeley.
Bailey: It's not fair. I mean, don't they know that you helped me throughout all this? Sarah, you practically saved my life.
Sarah: It doesn't matter to them, Bailey. They know all about the accident, your drinking and you cheating with Callie.
Bailey: God! What else did you tell them, Sarah?

(Sarah looks hurt at Bailey's anger directed towards her.)

Bailey: I'm sorry, Sarah. I didn't mean that. Listen, why don't we forget about it for now and just enjoy tonight?

Jennifer: So, Griffin, how are you enjoying married life?
Griffin: It's great, but I really haven't been enjoying it with my wife being in Europe for the last month.
Jennifer: Oh, well, I'm sure she feels the same way, too.
Charlie: Speaking of Julia, I can't wait for you to meet her, Jennifer.
Jennifer: I know. Me either. She's really beautiful. You're one lucky guy, Griffin.
Griffin: Don't I know it. Hey, I'm going to get something to drink.

(Griffin leaves as Charlie and Jennifer talk by themselves.)

Jennifer: I really love your family, Charlie. I can't wait to meet Julia and Claudia.
Charlie: I know. Well, Julia will be returning from Europe soon and Claudia from summer camp. I'm sure they'll have lots of stories to tell.

(The summer camp. Claudia is talking to the head camp counselor, Jim, who is in his 40s, about Jody.)

Jim: Claudia, are you absolutely sure about this?
Claudia: Yes. I didn't want to tell anyone, but I can't hold it in for much longer. Jody and about five of her friends were smoking grass and me and my friend, Linda, saw them doing it.
Jim: Where is Linda at?
Claudia: She's outside.
Jim: Bring her in please.

(Claudia gets Linda and brings her in.)

Jim: Linda, Claudia here tells me that you and her both saw Jody and about five of her friends smoking marijuana on camp grounds. Is this true?
Linda: Yes.
Jim: (pauses) Okay. Well, we will have to take the appropriate disciplinary action. Thank you both for telling me about this.

(The police arrive on the scene and pick up Jody and her friends in their cars. Before being put in the car, Jody stares at Claudia and looks very angry as Claudia looks back with a sad look on her face. Soon, she is put in the police car along with her friends, and they drive off.)

(Later on that night. Claudia and Linda are both in their tent talking.)

Linda: What a day, huh? I think it took a lot of guts to do what you did, Claudia. Are you alright, Claud?
Claudia: I dunno.
Linda: C'mon, Claudia, you shouldn't feel bad. You did the right thing.
Claudia: I suppose you want me to feel happy, but I can't. I just ratted in one of my old friends and now she is going to hate me.
Linda: Claudia, what's the matter with you? You didn't do anything wrong!
Claudia: Yes I did! I betrayed my friend. Did you see the look on her face? She looked so hurt. She hates me now. She hates me. (cries)
Linda: Claudia, c'mere.

(Linda hugs Claudia and pats her on the back.)

Linda: Claudia, if it makes you feel any better, we're both guilty. It wasn't just you who did the dirty deed. So, I can be accused of aiding and abetting.

(Claudia laughs and smiles a bit.)

Claudia: That's not funny.

(Linda smirks and soon laughs and so does Claudia.)

Claudia: Okay, so it IS a little bit! hehehe

(They both laugh together.)

Linda: Claudia, we're not going to be together here for much longer. I'll be going back to Oakland and you'll be going back to San Francisco. Let's enjoy what little time we have together here, okay? And I know that Jody was a friend of yours, but I hope that you don't forget me either.
Claudia: I wouldn't ever forget you, Linda. You're my best friend.

(Claudia and Linda hug.)

(Sardinia, Italy. Julia and Justin are having lunch together and talking.)

Julia: God, Robin likes to write long letters.
Justin: All girls do. Guys write short letters, but women love to write long letters.
Julia: That's true. My letters to Griffin are mini-novels. (laughs)
Justin: How is Griffin by the way?
Julia: What? You actually care about how he's doing?
Justin: Yeah, well, he's grown on me. I mean, I've never really cared for the guy, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.
Julia: Why haven't you two gotten along? I mean, you're both nice guys.
Justin: That's where the comparison ends. First of all, Griffin is the brooding "bad boy" who all the high school girls like. And I am this preppy guy who some girls like.
Julia: Griffin's not THAT bad, Justin. I mean, he has changed a lot over the last couple of years.
Justin: Yeah, well, I respect that, Julia, but me and Griffin are like nitroglycerine mixed with sulfuric acid.
Julia: I think opposites attract.
Justin: Really?
Julia: Yeah. I mean, I like the rebellious side to Griffin and his "tough" side, but a lot of that has been a front. Deep down inside, he is a very insecure person who is like this little boy. And I guess the maternal instinct in me is drawn to that.
Justin: Nice analysis, Dr. Freud. (laughs)
Julia: Shut up! (punches Justin in the arm)
Justin: I'm sorry, but that is a load of crap! I mean, why do girls always go for the guys like that? I mean, if there is one thing I am sick and tired of hearing, it is "I want a nice, sensitive man with a good personality and a sense of humor" because these same girls end up dating these so-called "bad boys."
Julia: Not all girls are like that, Justin. And like I said before, you're not perfect. But you're a nice, decent guy and if I wasn't with Griffin, well, who knows? But I'm really glad to have you as my friend.

(The Salinger house. It is evening as the Salingers and their friends are watching fireworks go off all over the place. Charlie and Jennifer are snuggling together as they watch the fireworks, and they soon kiss as fireworks are going off behind them.)

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger house. Bailey is asleep in his bedroom, Owen and Katie are asleep in separate beds in Owen's room and Charlie and Jennifer are snuggling together in Charlie's bedroom watching tv.)

Jennifer: I have never seen this movie before. Probably because I didn't know Brad Pitt was in it.
Charlie: Yeah, well, "A River Runs Through It" is one of my favorite films. It's about these brothers who enjoy fly fishing and how they covet the affections of their father. I kinda feel like that sometimes.
Jennifer: Really? Why?
Charlie: Well, because I love fly fishing...and me and Bailey have often tried hard to be as much like our father as possible.
Jennifer: I'm sure he'd be proud of all of his sons, Charlie. And he'd be very proud of you.
Charlie: Thanks. It's not easy to be his son, but it's something that I'm very proud of.

(Griffin's apartment. Griffin is brushing his teeth in the bathroom when the phone rings.)

Griffin: Hello?
Julia: Griffin! Hey!
Griffin: Julia! Hi, how are you?
Julia: Great! We're in Sardinia. Justin says "Hi."
Justin: Hi, Griffin!
Griffin: Hi, Justin! So, what's up?
Julia: Not much here. We were just enjoying lunch. How was the Fourth of July over there?
Griffin: It was great. We ate a lot of food, partied some and watched the fireworks. What did you do?
Julia: Took some pictures, visited some amazing sites and got to eat at some swanky restauraunts in Italy.
Griffin: I can't wait to see those pictures, but I really can't wait to see you.
Julia: I can't wait to see you, too. I miss you so badly, Griffin. Do you know what I want us to do when I get home?
Griffin: Make love?
Julia: (laughs) Besides that! Seriously, I want us to look for an apartment together.
Griffin: Sounds good to me. I think we might be able to find a good, decent apartment around here.
Julia: God, you sound so close, but you're so far away.
Griffin: Julia, I AM your heart.
Julia: (smiles) It won't be long, Griffin. It's just a little bit more to go. I'll be home before you know it.
Griffin: I love you, Julia.
Julia: I love you, too.

(The summer camp. Claudia and Linda are getting ready to say goodbye.)

(NP: "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn.)

Linda: Don't forget to call me.
Claudia: I won't.

(Linda and Claudia hug each other as Linda's parents pull up in their car.)

Linda: I gotta go. Bye, Claudia.
Claudia: Bye.

(Linda gets in the car and waves to Claudia, smiling. Claudia smiles and waves back, although she is starting to cry. She waits a few seconds before her family show up in Charlie's car. Charlie, Jennifer and Katie show up and greet Claudia.)

Charlie: Claudia!
Claudia: Charlie!

(Charlie hugs Claudia.)

Charlie: God, we have missed you so much! How are you?
Claudia: Fine! How are you? Where's Bailey?
Charlie: He's at home watching Owen. Claudia, I'd like you to meet Jennifer and Katie.
Jennifer: Hi, Claudia. It's a pleasure meeting you.
Claudia: Hi. Nice to meet you, too.
Jennifer: This is my daughter, Katie.
Katie: Hi.
Claudia: Hi, Katie! How old are you?
Katie: I'm four years old.
Claudia: Wow! You're the same age as my little brother, Owen!
Katie: Yeah.
Charlie: Well, you got everything, Claud?
Claudia: Yeah.

(Claudia gets in the car and smiles as Charlie, Jennifer and Katie each get in and drive home.)

Charlie: Let's go home.

(NP: "Two Of Us" by The Beatles.)

(Jump cut to August, 1997. Shot of Julia and Justin taking off on an airplane in Europe, heading back to America. Julia looks out the window and smiles.)

(Closing credits.)

(Commercial break.)

(Sneak previews for the next "Party Of Five" episode, which will be airing in two weeks. Footage of Julia and Griffin at SFO airport, greeting each other and kissing, Charlie asking Jennifer how she feels about moving in with him, Sarah's father telling Bailey that he forbids Sarah to see him and slams the door on his face at her house and finally, Charlie at the restauraunt where he is tapped on the shoulder by Kirsten, who says "Hi" as Charlie looks back in shock.)

(End of Episode 3)

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