She's Leaving Home

Written by Jeff Mills

episode 4, season 4

(Scenes from previous "Party Of Five" showing Claudia and Linda saying goodbye at camp, Claudia watching Jody being taken away in a police car, Bailey's reaction to Sarah telling him her parents don't know she is with him, Jennifer meeting the family and finally, Griffin telling Julia "I love you" on the phone.)

(SFO Airport, San Francisco. Bailey, Charlie, Claudia, Owen and Griffin are awaiting Julia's arrival at the airport. Justin's girlfriend, Robin, is waiting for him there.)

Charlie: Owen, tie your shoes!
Owen: I don't know how, Charlie.
Charlie: Owen, c'mere, let me show you again.

(Charlie proceeds to show Owen how to tie his shoes.)

Griffin: So, Claudia, when did you get the haircut?
Claudia: Oh? You like it?
Griffin: Yeah. I was just wondering if you got it cut cause Julia got hers cut short.
Claudia: No, I just wanted to change my look. I decided that Claudia Salinger needed a makeover. Besides, I'm in high school now.
Bailey: Robin, you look a little nervous. Are you okay?
Robin: Yeah, I just hope he doesn't come back a changed man.
Charlie: Robin, it was Europe, not the Marines!
Bailey: Hey guys, there they are!

(Julia and Justin see their respective family members and friends waiting for them and smile. They run to them and all embrace each other. Julia and Griffin kiss and so do Robin and Justin.)

Griffin: I have missed you so much, Julia.
Justin: Robin, I have missed you more than you will know.
Julia: Claudia, what have you done with your hair?
Claudia: I was about to ask you the same thing? (laughs)
Julia: Do you like it?
Griffin: Yeah, it looks great.
Julia: You look great. (smiles and they both kiss)

(Julia and Griffin's apartment. They both walk into the apartment. Griffin is carrying Julia into his arms as they are both kissing. He shuts the door and they both land on the sofa.)

Griffin: How long has it been?
Julia: Too long!
Griffin: You know, we never really had a honeymoon. How would you feel about that? A honeymoon?
Julia: I would love it! I would love it, Griffin, but you know what? I am just so happy to be here with you now that all that other stuff can wait. We have waited long enough to see each other again.

(Griffin and Julia kiss and begin to make love.)

(NP: "Closer To Free" by Bodeans. Opening credits.)

(Commercial break.)

(A coffeehouse. Bailey & Sarah are talking.)

Bailey: So, when is your first class for college?
Sarah: This Monday.
Bailey: Cool. Same as me.
Sarah: Yeah, I am really excited about this college thing. I mean, I dreaded going back to school for twelve years, but with college, it's almost like I want to go now.
Bailey: Yeah, well, pretty soon I'll talk to Coach Petrocelli about the wrestling season this year. I have really worked hard this summer staying in shape and staying sober. You think he'll put me back on the team?
Sarah: Bailey, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't.
Bailey: So, do you see any reason why your parents still hate me?
Sarah: Bailey, they don't hate you.

(Bailey stares at Sarah with a raised eyebrow as if to say "Come on!")

Sarah: Okay, so maybe they hate you...a little.
Bailey: Damnit, what is their problem? I mean, we're friends and you forgave me so why can't they?
Sarah: They're very protective of me, ok? And they're still upset about the accident.
Bailey: Well, this is going to have to stop. I mean, this can't go on forever. You hiding from them and sneaking away with me. We need to talk to them about...
Sarah: We? I have tried like thousands of times to reason with them, Bailey, but they won't listen to me. If they won't listen to me, why do you think they'll listen to you?

(Bailey stares at Sarah.)

(The Reeves' home. Bailey knocks on the door. Mr. Reeves answers.)

Bailey: Mr. Reeves, hi, can I talk to you for a minute?
Mr. Reeves: What do you want, Bailey?
Bailey: I want to talk to you. I want to know why you and Mrs. Reeves refuse to let Sarah even be with me...because she is my friend and she helped me through this...
Mr. Reeves: Bailey, save it! Look, I know you're getting help and I think that's great. So does Mrs. Reeves. But do you expect me to just forgive and forget all that you did to my daughter? I mean, you nearly got her killed and you cheated on her...and Sarah told us all the horrible things you said to her when you were drunk. Put yourself in my place, Bailey. What would you do?
Bailey: I don't know...but I am really sorry for everything. I mean, that wasn't me, Mr. Reeves. I am doing better now and I can thank your daughter for most of that. She has helped me in so many ways. And she has forgiven me so why can't you and Mrs. Reeves?
Mr. Reeves: You just don't get it do you, Bailey?

(Mrs. Reeves enters.)

Mrs. Reeves: Bailey, what are you doing here?
Bailey: Mrs. Reeves, I've been trying to explain...
Mr. Reeves: There is no explanation needed, Bailey. You put my daughter through a windshield and broke her heart. For that, I won't forgive.
Bailey: (crying) Mr. Reeves, will you please give me just one more chance?
Mr. Reeves: (shakes his head) I'm sorry.

(Mr. Reeves shuts the door in Bailey's face as Bailey is crying.)

(The Salinger home. Charlie and Claudia are talking in the kitchen.)

Claudia: Do you think she's happy, Charlie? Julia?
Charlie: I don't know. Why do you ask?
Claudia: Just I thought that Julia would have went to college this year and I didn't expect her to get married so soon.
Charlie: Well, none of us did, Claudia.
Claudia: Didn't you talk to her about it? I mean, didn't you say anything to her before she left for Europe?
Charlie: I told her that I thought she was making a mistake and she said "So let me." She's right, Claudia. I'm not over the moon about her not going to college either or getting married so young, but she's a woman. She loves Griffin and he loves her.
Claudia: But how long is that going to last?

(The Reeves home. Sarah and her parents are arguing.)

Sarah: What? God, I don't believe you two! Why are you doing this to me?
Mr. Reeves: Doing what? Sarah, have you forgotten that Bailey nearly got you killed?
Sarah: I know, Dad, okay?
Mr. Reeves: Don't take that tone with me, young lady.
Sarah: Why not? You interfere with MY life and try to destroy the friendship I have with Bailey just because YOU don't like him!
Mrs. Reeves: Sarah, your father is only trying to protect you. Bailey nearly got you killed, he cheated on you and he verbally abused you when he was drunk...I remember you coming home crying the night he told you he slept with that slut, Callie. Your father remembers as well as I do the night you came home upset and in tears because of the way he treated you when you and his family confronted him about his drinking.
Sarah: But that's not the real Bailey, mom. That was Bailey, the drunk, but he's sober now and he is fine. He is back to normal.
Mrs. Reeves: Back to normal? Sarah, he is an alcoholic! He has a drinking problem. He doesn't need you and you don't need him.
Sarah: How can you say that? He's my friend and I have been there for him ever since he stopped drinking. I know that he did some bad things and I will probably never forgive him for that, but he's not my boyfriend anymore. He's my friend.
Mr. Reeves: You're sure?
Sarah: Yes.

(Griffin's apartment. Julia and Griffin are looking at pictures of her and Justin while in Europe.)

Griffin: Wow, these pictures are great!
Julia: Yeah, I know! This one's my favorite. It's Sicily.
Griffin: It's really beautiful.
Julia: Imagine what it looks like in person. We really had fun, Justin and me. I only wished that you were there.
Griffin: I know. Listen, Jule, I was thinking that maybe we could find a better place to live in, like a bigger and better apartment.
Julia: What's wrong with this one?
Griffin: It's just...I lived here as a single guy and I want us to live in a better place. I don't want you to live in this piece of crap.
Julia: I don't think it's a piece of crap. I like it here. Besides, we don't have the money right now to afford a bigger and better apartment. Until I find me a job, looks like we'll be here for awhile.
Griffin: And you're cool with that?
Julia: Yeah.
Griffin: Okay. (kisses Julia) So, when are we going to see your family?
Julia: In a couple of hours. Charlie said he's going to bring Jennifer down from San Diego today. I'm dying to meet her.
Griffin: She's great and her daughter is, too. It's really cool to see Charlie happy again.
Julia: Yeah, I know. I always think of Charlie and Bailey as tragedy and comedy, you know like the two faces? I mean, we all have been through enough tragedy, but Bailey has always coasted through life except for when he was drinking. Charlie, well he has had a tougher time and seems to always get bad luck...especially at weddings.
Griffin: It's a good thing we didn't have a big wedding, eh?
Julia: Yeah.

(Jennifer and Charlie are in Charlie's car with Owen and Katie in the back, heading to San Francisco.)

(Charlie is looking at Jennifer, glancing every two seconds at her, smiling.)

Jennifer: (smiles) What? What?! What are you thinking?
Charlie: (smiles) I'm thinking you're beautiful.
Jennifer: Awww. (kisses Charlie)
Charlie: I'm thinking lots of things. I mean, I have not felt this happy in a long time, Jennifer. Before I met you, I was really lonely and depressed, you know? Then, bam! There you are.
Jennifer: (smiles) I am really happy, too, Charlie, and I'm glad that you're here.
Charlie: (smiles) Me, too. You're really going to like my sister.
Jennifer: I'm sure I will.

(The car stops at a gas station.)

Charlie: I'll be right back. (kisses Jennifer) Owen, Katie, sit tight till I get back, okay?
Owen & Katie: Okay!

(Charlie gets out of the car and proceeds to get gas. While there, he spots a woman who looks like Kirsten inside the convenience store by the gas station. Looking again, he sees that it IS Kirsten.)

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger home. Sarah knocks on the door and Bailey answers.)

Sarah: Bailey, can I talk to you?
Bailey: I don't know, can I?
Sarah: C'mon, Bailey!
Bailey: Does your dad know you're here?
Sarah: Actually, yes, he does and so does my mom. They sent me here.
Bailey: So...they sent you here to tell me "goodbye", right? That you're never going to speak to me or see me again?
Sarah: Uh, parents want you to come over to the house so we all can talk about this.

(The Reeves home. Bailey, Sarah, Mr. and Mrs. Reeves are all in the living room talking.)

Mr. Reeves: Bailey, Sarah tells us that you two have spent a lot of time together recently...that she has been helping you with your drinking problem and how important your friendship means to both of you.
Bailey: Yes, she has helped me more than you will ever know, sir.
Mr. Reeves: Bailey, you must understand where we are coming from here. You almost got Sarah killed in an accident and that is something very hard for a parent to deal with. I mean, you should have seen the looks on our faces when we saw her bleeding and her face all bruised in that hospital.
Bailey: I remember that night very vividly, Mr. Reeves. I was there at the hospital, too.
Mrs. Reeves: Bailey, me and Mr. Reeves love Sarah more than anyone else in this world and we will go to any lengths to protect her, including preventing her from getting hurt again by you...but we also trust her more than anyone else in this world.
Bailey: So what are you saying, Mrs. Reeves?
Mr. Reeves: What we are saying, Bailey, is that we would like to help you.
Mrs. Reeves: That's right. We want to help you with your alcoholism, Bailey. We always liked you until you started drinking and we DO care about you, we really do.
Bailey: Do you really mean this?
Mr. Reeves: Yes. We may be stubborn, but we're not stupid. We trust our daughter and if Sarah has helped you throughout this, then we will do anything we can.
Bailey: Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Reeves. (getting emotional) Thank you very much.

(Charlie and Jennifer in the car, talking. Katie and Owen are asleep in the back.)

Jennifer: Are you okay?
Charlie: Yeah, fine. Why?
Jennifer: You've been really quiet since we left the gas station. Something happen there?
Charlie: No, no, I just am thinking about Julia and going back home and you and Katie meeting her and all that stuff. I guess I'm just a little nervous.
Jennifer: Well, if you're a little nervous, imagine how I feel! Hehehe!
Charlie: You got nothing to worry about. My family is going to love you...not as much as I do, but enough.
Jennifer: Are you trying to say you love me, Charlie?
Charlie: (smiles) Maybe.

(Jennifer and Charlie kiss.)

(The Salinger home. Julia and Griffin are in the living room talking.)

Julia: Gosh, I really have missed this place!
Griffin: Yeah, maybe someday we'll have a house like this, huh?
Julia: Yeah. You know, Griffin, when I was in Europe this summer, I thought about a lot of were at the top of the list.
Griffin: That's good to hear! (laughs)
Julia: (smiles) Yeah, and one of the other things I thought about was this house. It sounds stupid, but I really have become attached to this house. It is like a museum to me. The drawings and paintings on the refrigerator could be art old room makes me emotional every time I go into it. I can still sometimes hear my mom and dad's voice when I am by myself and looking around at everything here. You know, Griffin...(cries) I really wish they were here so they could have seen me get married.
Griffin: I know, Jule. (hugs Julia and comforts her) Do you think they would have liked me?
Julia: My mom definitely would have liked you, but my father...he probably would have forbidden me to see you. (laughs and wipes away her tears)
Griffin: Was he that overprotective?
Julia: Oh yeah! Well, you know how fathers are with their daughters.
Griffin: And how brothers are with their sisters.
Julia: Griffin, please don't start that again. You know that Charlie does not dislike you! He just was concerned about me not going to college and getting married so young, that's all.
Griffin: Really?
Julia: Yeah. (Julia and Griffin kiss)

(The Salinger porch on the backyard. Claudia is practicing her violin as Bailey comes home.)

Bailey: Hey, Claud!
Claudia: Hi, Bailey! Where did you just come from?
Bailey: Sarah's house. I just spent like the last hour with her and her parents.
Claudia: And?
Bailey: (smiles) They want to help me with my drinking. Can you believe that? They don't object to me and Sarah being friends.
Claudia: Wow! That's great! But what about dating?
Bailey: I don't know about that, Claud. Besides, I don't even like her anymore like that.
Claudia: Oh puh-leaze! I see the way you two look at each other.
Bailey: What are you talking about?
Claudia: Bailey, I may be young, but I'm not stupid. I have eyes, haven't I? When you two are in the room, there is enough sexual tension to fill a pool.
Bailey: What? When did you get so observant? And when did you start using words like "sexual tension" in a sentence?
Claudia: When I turned fourteen.
Bailey: Where do you think you are, Dawson's Creek?
Claudia: Bailey, I talk about sex, but I'm not a cynical smart-ass who uses more pop culture references than Dennis Miller.
Bailey: Imagine my relief!

(The Salinger home. Charlie, Jennifer, Owen and Katie arrive and Charlie knocks on the door. Claudia answers.)

Claudia: Charlie!
Charlie: Hey, Claud!

(They all hug and kiss each other and walk into the house.)

Charlie: Where is everybody?
Claudia: Bailey went over Sarah's and Julia and Griffin had some stuff to do at the apartment.
Charlie: Okay. Where's Thurber?
Claudia: In the kitchen.

(They all go into the kitchen when they are greeted with a "Surprise!" by Bailey, Sarah, Julia and Griffin. They all hug and kiss and Charlie introduces Julia and Griffin to Jennifer and Katie.)

(Late at night in the Salinger living room. Charlie and Jennifer are watching tv as they are snuggling on the sofa. NP: "3AM" by Matchbox 20)

Charlie: You okay?
Jennifer: Yeah, I'm just nervous. I feel like I shouldn't be here.
Charlie: Well, of course you should. I want you here.
Jennifer: (smiles) Thanks.
Charlie: So, you never answered my question would you feel about moving in with me?
Jennifer: Charlie...that is a question I really can't answer right now. I mean, I just think it's too soon.
Charlie: Fair enough. I just want you to know that if you want to, I would love to have you and Katie live here.
Jennifer: How would your family feel about it?
Charlie: I'm not really sure, but I think they'd approve. They all seem to like you, even Claudia.
Jennifer: Even Claudia? What's that supposed to mean? (laughs)
Charlie: She couldn't stand my ex-girlfriend at all. Her and Julia. And when she lived here, there was enough friction in the room that you could cut it with a knife.
Jennifer: Wow.
Charlie: Yeah, I don't want to make that mistake again.
Jennifer: So don't.

(Charlie and Jennifer smile and kiss.)

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger kitchen. It is early in the morning as Charlie gets up to get some coffee. While there, he is greeted by Claudia.)

Claudia: Good morning.
Charlie: Good morning.
Claudia: Where's Jennifer?
Charlie: Upstairs in the shower. How are you doing?
Claudia: Tired, but okay. I really hate the first day of school. I mean, I never have liked it, but this year I was thinking it would be different being a high school student and all, but it still sucks.
Charlie: Well, Claudia, believe it or not, one day you will look back on these years and you will miss them.
Claudia: I doubt that. Anyway, the bus stop will be interesting.
Charlie: Why's that?
Claudia: You ever see a bus stop with kids on the first day of school? God, they look like such zombies and they look so depressed!
Charlie: (laughs) I never really noticed! Tell me something, Claudia, what do you think about Jennifer?
Claudia: She's nice. I really like her, and Katie, too.
Charlie: Good. Well, how would you feel if we moved in together?
Claudia: Oh...well, isn't it a bit too soon?
Charlie: Yeah, well, I don't mean now. I mean, hypothetically.
Claudia: Well, hypothetically, if I got to know her and her daughter better, yeah, I would definitely like for you two to live together.
Charlie: (smiles) Great. Thanks, Claud.
Claudia: No problem. Well, I better get ready for I soon have to join the zombies at the bus stop.

Salingers' restauraunt. Bailey and Charlie are talking.)

Bailey: So, Sarah's parents said that they will help me out with my drinking and maybe even take time out to go to an A.A. meeting with me. Isn't that great?
Charlie: That's great, Bailey!
Bailey: Well, listen, man, I gotta go back to the college! See you later, Charlie!
Charlie: Bye!

(Charlie walks away from the counter for a second and is tapped on the shoulder by someone.)

Charlie: Yes, can I help...

(Charlie turns around to see that it is Kirsten.)

Charlie: Kirsten?
Kirsten: Surprise!
Charlie: Wow! What are you doing here?
Kirsten: I moved back into the area about a month ago. It's good to see you, Charlie.

(They hug each other.)

(Sarah's car. Bailey and Sarah are talking. NP: "Sweet Surrender" by Sarah McLachlan on the car radio.)

Bailey: So, are you and your parents going to the A.A. meeting tonight?
Sarah: Yeah!
Bailey: You know, I'm really glad that they are coming, Sarah, and you, too. Thanks for persuading them to give me a chance.
Sarah: No problem. I would do anything for you, Bailey. You're my best friend.
Bailey: Sarah, how do you do it? I mean, how do you remain so optimistic, so cheery and so nice to me after all the crap I've put you through?
Sarah: I know you, Bailey. I know you so well. I know that the drinking made you this aggressive, mean person and that when you're sober, you're nothing like that. I wouldn't have fallen in love with you had you been mean and aggressive. A lot of girls are into that "bad boy" thing, but not me. I want romance. I want a guy who is sweet and treats me nice. Same thing with friends. And you were there for me when I found out about my real mom. So I am here for you now.
Bailey: (smiles) Thanks. You know, you're getting pretty good at this driving thing, Sarah!
Sarah: The best driving I do is driving people crazy.
Bailey: You got that right!

(Salingers'. Charlie and Kirsten are talking at a table.)

Kirsten: Wow! Bailey an alcoholic? I just can't picture that.
Charlie: Yeah, well, you're in for another surprise. Julia is now married to Griffin Holbrook.
Kirsten: They got married? Are you kidding me?
Charlie: No! They actually did it!
Kirsten: My God! What happened? I leave the house and all hell breaks loose! Hehehe! (laughs)
Charlie: (laughs) It's not THAT bad. Anyways, what about you?
Kirsten: Well, after all that therapy, I decided to come back here. I missed San Francisco and I missed my friends here.
Charlie: So, you didn't miss me, huh? (smiles)
Kirsten: Of course I missed you. Why would you even ask me a thing like that?
Charlie: Because we didn't exactly part on good terms the last time, Kirsten.
Kirsten: Yeah...well, I would like us to put that behind us, Charlie. Let's be friends, okay? At the very least, let's be civil to each other.
Charlie: Okay.
Kirsten: Well, I gotta be going. It really was nice to see you again.
Charlie: Yeah, well, we'll have to do it again sometime.
Kirsten: That would be nice.

(Charlie and Kirsten hug each other and kiss each other on the cheek "Goodbye.")

Kirsten: Well, goodbye.
Charlie: Bye.

(NP: "Apple Of My Eye" by Badfinger. No dialogue, but two scenes intertwined at the end...the first scene is of Bailey being driven to an A.A. meeting with Mr. Reeves, Mrs. Reeves and Sarah in the car with him and overlapping this is Julia and Griffin taking a few belongings out of the Salinger house and leaving it. As Julia leaves, she looks at the house and stares at its beauty, then gets into the car with Griffin as they drive off.)

(End of Episode 4)

(Commercial breaks.)

(Sneak previews for next week's "Party Of Five." Footage of Charlie and Kirsten walking hand-in-hand as Jennifer is arguing with Charlie about him spending so much time with his ex-girlfriend and fiancee, Bailey being attracted to a girl in his English lit. class and introducing her to Sarah, who is jealous of her from the outset, Julia telling Griffin that she would like to go to college and concluding with Owen having to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.)

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