Got To Get You Into My Life

Written by Jeff Mills

episode 5, season 4

(Montage of clips from previous "Party Of Five" episode. Julia and Griffin kissing at the airport, Sarah's parents saying that they want to help Bailey, Jennifer telling Charlie she's not ready to move in with him yet and concluding with Kirsten and Charlie hugging.)

(The Salinger home. Charlie is in the kitchen, looking out the window as Claudia enters.)

Claudia: Charlie?
Charlie: Hmm? What? Oh, hi, Claud.
Claudia: What are you doing?
Charlie: Nothing. Just thinking.
Claudia: About?
Charlie: I, uh, saw Kirsten the other day.
Claudia: She's back in town?
Charlie: Yeah.
Claudia: Well, how's she doing? Is she doing okay?
Charlie: Yeah, she's doing really good.
Claudia: So, is she staying in San Francisco?
Charlie: Yeah, she wants to get an apartment.

(After a long pause, Charlie finally speaks.)

Charlie: (nervous laugh) You know, I really like Jennifer and things are going great...
Claudia: But?
Charlie: But...I'd be a liar if I said I was not still in love with Kirsten.
Claudia: Oh, Charlie....(sighs)

(Bailey's English Lit. class at college. The professor is talking about the book, "A Tale Of Two Cities.")

Professor: And what did Sydney Carton do? Miss Kelley!
Lisa: He pretended to be Charles Darnay and took his place when he was executed because he loved Lucy.
Professor: Very good. And what was the quote at the end of the book?

(Bailey is falling asleep in the class.)

Professor: Mr. Salinger?

(The class laughs.)

Bailey: What? I'm sorry, what was the question?
Professor: Mr. Salinger, what was the final quote by Sydney Carton at the end of "A Tale Of Two Cities"?
Bailey: "If you build it, he will come"!

(The class laughs)

Professor: Mr. Salinger, I suggest you brush up on your Dickens. Miss Kelley, do you know the quote?
Lisa: "It is a far, far better thing to do than I have done..."
Professor: Outstanding, Miss Kelley! That is correct.

(Lisa smiles and Bailey looks at her and the two exchange glances and smile at each other. Just then, the bell rings.)

Bailey: Hey, Lisa?
Lisa: Yes?
Bailey: Listen, I was wondering...could you tutor me sometime?
Lisa: Tutor you?
Bailey: Yeah. I'm flunking English Lit. so badly and I need the credit for this semester. You know Dickens as well as anybody and I really need your help. How about we do some studying tonight?
Lisa: Okay. Where do you want to study at?
Bailey: How about my house?
Lisa: Sure. Okay. (smiles)
Bailey: (smiles back) Great.

(Opening credits.)

(Commercial break.)

(Griffin's motorcycle shop. Julia and Griffin are talking on his break.)

Julia: I just looked in the newspaper and I saw this great movie playing this weekend. You want to go?
Griffin: Yeah, sure.
Julia: I also checked out the classifieds again.
Griffin: Really? How did it go?
Julia: Terrible. Not a single job I could find that pays enough or that I like doing.
Griffin: I'm sorry to hear that.
Julia: Yeah, well, if I was a welder or a truck driver, I'd be no problem, but then I'd have to wear an iron mask or a tattoo.
Griffin: Listen, Julia, something's bound to turn up. You're smart! You're intelligent! You'll get a job in no time.
Julia: You think so?
Griffin: Yeah, I do.
Julia: (smiles) I wish I had your optimism and confidence. (kisses Griffin)

(Salingers' restauraunt. Charlie is on the phone with Jennifer.)

Charlie: No, I'd really love to see you, but this weekend is not a good time.
Jennifer: Why not? You get bored with me already? (laughs)
Charlie: (smiles) No, no. I just, I just had an old friend come down to visit me and me and Kirs...Chris were going to spend some time hanging out this weekend.
Jennifer: Oh...well, that's cool. I hope you two have a great time together. We can always visit next weekend.
Charlie: Right. I'll see you then, okay? I gotta run.
Jennifer: Okay. Bye. (hangs up the phone)

(Bailey is at the restauraunt and sees Charlie and approaches him.)

Bailey: What was all THAT about?
Charlie: It's nothing, Bai. Mind your own business.
Bailey: And just who is Chris?
Charlie: Chris is Kirsten.
Bailey: You mean, you haven't told Jennifer yet about Kirsten?
Charlie: (shakes his head) No.

(Charlie walks away as Bailey looks at him with surprise.)

(Claudia's bedroom. Claudia is on the phone with her friend from camp, Linda.)

Linda: So, what are you going to dress up for Halloween as?
Claudia: I dunno. I thought about a gypsy. What about you?
Linda: Oh, I might just be cheap and go for the witch costume. How about your brothers and sisters? What will they be wearing?
Claudia: Well, Owen, wants to be a Rugrat, Charlie wants to dress up as a jailbird, Bailey wants to be a jock and Julia wants to be a witch.
Linda: Well, I'll come visit you this weekend. We can watch horror movies together and stuff.
Claudia: That'd be cool.
Linda: Well, talk at you later, Claudia. Bye. (hangs up the phone)

(Claudia goes downstairs to find Owen laying down on the couch.)

Claudia: Hey, Owen! What's wrong? You tired?
Owen: Uh huh...I don't feel too good.
Claudia: What's wrong?
Owen: My head hurts. It feels hot.

(Claudia feels Owen's head.)

Claudia: God, your head IS hot! Let me take your temperature.

(Sarah's house. Bailey is talking to Sarah.)

Sarah: So, you sure you don't want my parents to take you tonight?
Bailey: Yeah. I got me a ride to AA and back home.
Sarah: Oh. Who?
Bailey: Lisa Kelley, this girl in my English Lit. class.
Sarah:, is she a good friend of yours?
Bailey: Yeah, pretty much.
Sarah: I see.
Bailey: Yeah, she's totally into English. She's smart and will definitely help me get a passing grade in that class.

(Doorbell rings.)

Bailey: That's her.

(Sarah opens the door to see Lisa.)

Lisa: Hi.
Sarah: Hi.
Bailey: Hey, Lisa!
Lisa: Hey! You ready?
Bailey: Yeah. Thanks, Sarah. I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Lisa: Bye. Nice meeting you.
Sarah: Nice meeting you, too.

(Sarah shuts the door and turns around with a frown on her face.)

Sarah: (to herself) What have I done?

(Commercial break.)

(NP: "Who Will Save Your Soul" by Jewel as background music. Bailey & Lisa are studying together.)

Bailey: So why would he do something so stupid?
Lisa: Because he loved her. He loved her so much that he sacrificed his own life so she could be happy with Charles Darnay.
Bailey: Man, I can't believe how stupid Sydney Carton is. I would never do that.
Lisa: Oh?
Bailey: I don't care how much I was in love with some woman. I ain't sacrificing myself if some Bailey Salinger clone is in love with the woman of my dreams.
Lisa: (smiles) Aren't YOU the romantic?
Bailey: No, I mean, I am romantic.
Lisa: Oh really?
Bailey: Yeah.
Lisa: You just won't sacrifice yourself for love.
Bailey: Lisa, we're talking about a story here! I mean, yeah, if my girlfriend ever was in danger, I would sacrifice myself to save her!
Lisa: (laughs) God! Calm down, Bailey! I was only teasing you!
Bailey: (laughs) Well, stop doing that alright?

(Lisa laughs as her and Bailey look at each other as if they are about to kiss when Claudia knocks on the door.)

Claudia: Bailey?
Bailey: Come in, Claud!

(Claudia enters the room.)

Claudia: I'm sorry to interrupt, Bailey, but there's something wrong with Owen.
Bailey: What?

(Owen is lying down on the couch with a washcloth over his head.)

Owen: Bailey, I'm sick.
Bailey: What's wrong, buddy?
Owen: My head hurts and I feel like I'm gonna throw up...
Bailey: Oh man. Did you get the bucket out here?
Claudia: Yeah, right here.
Bailey: Where's Charlie at?
Claudia: He said he had to work late at the restauraunt. He's pulling a double shift because somebody is sick.
Bailey: Damn.

(Bailey goes back up to his room and talks to Lisa.)

Bailey: Lisa, I'm sorry. My brother is sick.
Lisa: Oh? What's wrong with him?
Bailey: I dunno. I just really feel bad about this, but I'm gonna have to cancel the rest of the tutoring for tonight. My older brother has to work late and I want to make sure my brother is okay, you know?
Lisa: Well, sure. I mean, we can do this at another time.
Bailey: Lisa, I'm really sorry.
Lisa: Bailey, stop apologizing! It's okay. And you know what? I think it's really sweet of you to care about your brother so much.

(Lisa kisses Bailey on the cheek.)

Bailey: I'll walk you out.

(Bailey and Lisa are outside as she is about to leave.)

Bailey: Well, thanks, Lisa. I really appreciate you helping me.
Lisa: No problem.

(Bailey and Lisa look at each other then finally kiss each other "Goodnight.")

Lisa: Well, goodnight, Bailey.
Bailey: Goodnight.

(Salingers' restauraunt. Charlie is working and sees Kirsten at the bar.)

Charlie: Kirsten! Hi!
Kirsten: Hey! I called the house, but Claudia said you had to work late.
Charlie: Yeah, Kimberly has a bad stomach virus and was throwing up all day.
Kirsten: Aw, geez. Well, you sure look like you're earning your paycheck tonight.
Charlie: Yeah, it's been real busy.
Kirsten: Well, Charlie, I'd just like to have some ginger ale.
Charlie: Coming right up.

(Charlie gets her the ginger ale.)

Kirsten: So, Charlie, did you date anybody right after we broke up?
Charlie: Yeah, why?
Kirsten: Oh, I'm just wondering. I mean, I dated this guy, Phil, for about three months, but it just didn't work out.
Charlie: Really?
Kirsten: Yeah. He just wasn't very mature. He'd rather be playing with his Sony Playstation than spending time with me.
Charlie: Oh, man. (laughs) Well, I dated this woman and she was really great, but after a couple of months it dawned on me that this wasn't the right woman.
Kirsten: What happened?
Charlie: Well, the family never really got along with her and she didn't want to have kids.
Kirsten: Really?
Charlie: Yeah. So we broke up.
Kirsten: Was it a really messy breakup?
Charlie: Oh, no. I mean, we kinda left on bad terms, but we just were two different people. And like I told her, my family comes first, especially Claudia and Owen.
Kirsten: (smiles) I'm really proud of you, Charlie. That was, I dunno....
Charlie: What?
Kirsten: I just never thought I'd hear you say that. I mean, Charlie Salinger has finally grown up.
Charlie: (laughs) Yeah. Yeah, well I guess he has.

(Julia and Griffin's apartment. Julia is sitting on the sofa as Griffin enters.)

Julia: Hey!
Griffin: Hey! (They kiss.)
Julia: How was work?
Griffin: Uh, pretty good, actually. What'cha doing?
Julia: Nothing. Unfortunately, nothing.
Griffin: Oh.
Julia: Griffin, I was thinking...I, uh, I don't know how to say this, but...
Griffin: What? What is it, Julia?
Julia: I know that you work really hard and you're trying to support us and I do appreciate that, but I really feel like I'm not holding up my end of the deal here in this marriage.
Griffin: Julia, what are you talking about?
Julia: The reality is, Griffin, the reality is that I'm not supposed to be goofing off and taking job after job. I'm not supposed to be sitting here wasting my time as life passes me by...
Griffin: Julia, c'mon. Just spit it out.
Julia: (sighs) Okay. Griffin, what I'm saying is...I think I want to go to college. I mean, I do.
Griffin: (pauses) Wow! Are you sure about this?
Julia: Yes. I've never been so sure of anything in my whole life. I just feel so empty, Griffin. And my heart is telling me to go to college. And I must follow my heart.
Griffin: Well...okay.
Julia: Okay what?
Griffin: If it means that much to you, then I want you to be happy. I want you to go to college.
Julia: Aw, you really mean it?
Griffin: Yes!

(Julia screams happily as she hugs Griffin and kisses him.)

Julia: You are the best, Griffin. Thank you.

(Charlie is walking Kirsten to her car after he leaves Salingers'.)

Charlie: Man, that was a long day!
Kirsten: Yeah, I'll bet you're tired.
Charlie: (yawns) I am, actually.: (laughs) Stop that! You're gonna make me start yawning.
Charlie: Sorry. So, are we still on for this weekend?
Kirsten: Yeah.
Charlie: Okay. I'll see you then. Bye.

(Kirsten gets into her car, waves at Charlie and smiles. Charlie stands smiling at her as she leaves and drives away, then he waves goodbye to her.)

(The Salinger home. Charlie gets into the house and is approached by Bailey.)

Bailey: (whispering) Charlie!
Charlie: Hi, Bai.
Bailey: Shhh! Owen is sleeping.

(Charlie is looking at Owen who is asleep on the couch.)

Charlie: Is he alright?
Bailey: We don't know.
Charlie: Well, what's wrong with him?
Bailey: He has a 103 degree fever and he said he felt like he was going to throw up.
Charlie: Man, you guys should have called me.
Bailey: Me and Claud handled everything ourselves.
Charlie: Is she asleep?
Bailey: Yeah.
Charlie: Alright. Well, I'll take over from here.
Bailey: Thanks. I really need to go to bed soon.
Charlie: Okay. So how did the study date go tonight?
Bailey: Actually, pretty good. I think Lisa likes me.
Charlie: Really?
Bailey: Yeah. We were talking and studying and then when Owen was sick, I told her we'd have to cancel and she thought it was sweet of me to do that, so then we kissed. And it was great.
Charlie: Cool!
Bailey: Yeah. I really like her, Charlie.
Charlie: That's great, Bai.
Bailey: Well, I'll see you in the morning. Goodnight, Charlie.
Charlie: Goodnight, Bai.

(Charlie walks over to Owen and tries to wake him up.)

Charlie: Owen. Owen, c'mon, buddy! Wake up! Time to go to bed.
Owen: Charlie...I wanna stay here....
Charlie: Well, you can come and sleep in my bed tonight, okay?
Owen: Ow! (cries)
Charlie: What's wrong?
Owen: My neck hurts! I can't move it!
Charlie: What do you mean you can't move it? Where's it hurt?
Owen: (pointing to the sides of his neck) Here and here. It hurts, Charlie.

(Owen is crying as he is pain as Charlie looks on, looking confused and a bit scared.)

(Charlie is holding Owen in his arms as his siblings look on as Charlie is about to leave to go to the hospital.)

Bailey: What's wrong with him?
Charlie: I don't know, Bai. That's why I'm taking him to the hospital.
Claudia: Can I come, too?
Charlie: No. I want you to stay here and go to bed.
Claudia: Charlie, do you expect us just to go to sleep and not think about this?
Bailey: Yeah, don't you know we'll be worried sick about Owen?
Charlie: I don't know. Just try and get some sleep. I'll make sure he gets to the hospital and if anything happens, I'll let you all know.

(An ambulance pulls up. Charlie and Owen get into the ambulance.)

Charlie: You feeling okay, Owe?
Owen: still hurts, Charlie.
Charlie: Well, we're almost there. Hang in there, buddy, okay?
Owen: I'm tired, Charlie....I wanna go to sleep.
Charlie: I know, Owe, but we gotta get you checked out.

(The hospital. Charlie is in the waiting room. A nurse arrives.)

Nurse: Mr. Salinger?
Charlie: Yeah. I'm Charlie Salinger. How is my brother?
Nurse: Well, he was very lethargic when he was brought in and he has an unusually high fever. After we did some tests, your brother lapsed into a coma.
Charlie: A coma?
Nurse: Yes.
Charlie: What's wrong with my brother?
Nurse: He has spinal meninigitis.

(Charlie takes a long pause and begins to look very upset and scared.)

Charlie: What are you saying? Is my my brother going to make it through this?
Nurse: I don't know.

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger home. Charlie enters, looking a bit distraught and upset. Bailey and Claudia walk up to him.)

Bailey: Charlie?
Claudia: Charlie?

(Charlie looks at them, but doesn't say anything.)

Bailey: Where's Owen?

(Charlie takes a long pause before talking.)

Charlie: He, um...he's in a coma.
Claudia: Oh my god...
Bailey: Jesus, what's wrong with him?
Charlie: He's got spinal meningitis. The doctor said that as soon as he was brought in, he was very lethargic and had a high fever...and that was it. He slipped into a coma.

(Bailey and Claudia both look at each other with surprise.)

(Julia and Griffin's apartment. The phone rings. Julia and Griffin are in bed. Griffin picks up the phone.)

Griffin: Hello?
Charlie: Griffin, I'm sorry to wake you up, but I need to talk to Julia.
Griffin: Sure, okay, man. (tapping Julia on the shoulder) Julia!
Julia: Hmm? What? (rubbing her eyes)
Griffin: It's Charlie. He wants to talk to you. (handing the phone over to Julia)
Julia: Hello?
Charlie: Julia, hi.
Julia: Hi, Charlie. What's up?
Charlie: I would have called last night, but I didn't want to wake you. It's Owen. He's...he's sick, Jule.
Julia: Sick? What do you mean, sick? Like how sick?
Charlie: (pauses) He's in a coma.
Julia: What?
Charlie: He, um...(sniffles and starts to cry a little) he has spinal meningitis.
Julia: My god. When did all this happen? Last night?
Charlie: (restores his composure a bit) Yeah. He said he couldn't move his neck and that he felt really tired, which is unusual for him way before his bedtime, and he had a high fever.
Julia: Well, how are Bai and Claud handling this?
Charlie: Pretty much the same as me and you.
Julia: Well, listen, Charlie, I'll stop by the house later on today and we'll all go over to the hospital, ok?
Charlie: Okay.
Julia: Okay. I'll see you later. Bye.

(Julia hangs up the phone.)

Griffin: What's wrong?
Julia: (sighs) Owen's sick. He's in the hospital.
Griffin: My god! Is he alright?
Julia: No, Griffin...he's got spinal meningitis and he's in a coma.
Griffin: Man...did the doctors say if he's going to...
Julia: I don't know...and, and, they probably don't know either. Oh, I'm so scared, Griffin.

(They both embrace as they look scared and confused.)

(Bailey's college. Lisa walks up to him.)

Lisa: Hey!
Bailey: Hey.
Lisa: How you doing? You looked pretty spaced out in English Lit. Everything okay?

(Bailey looks at her, then looks away and pauses for a few seconds.)

Lisa: Bailey?
Bailey: My brother, Owen, is in the hospital.
Lisa: Oh wow. I'm sorry, Bailey. What's wrong with him?
Bailey: He's got spinal meningitis. And on top of that, he's in a coma. And I have like so many things on my mind right now and yet I can't stop thinking about my brother. I just can't help but wonder if my brother is going to die.
Lisa: Bailey, don't say things like that.
Bailey: No? Well, what am I supposed to say, Lisa? I mean, I don't want it to happen, but I didn't want my parents to die either. And where are they now?
Lisa: Where are they?
Bailey: Exactly.

(Bailey walks off as Lisa looks on very sadly.)

(Salingers' restauraunt. Charlie is working and giving money back to a customer.)

Charlie: Okay, out of ten dollars, that is $6.75 change.
Customer: Wait a minute. You owe me a dime.
Charlie: Excuse me?
Customer: You owe me $6.85 change.
Charlie: Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. Here ya go.
Customer: Thanks.
Charlie: Thank you.

(Another customer is paying.)

Charlie: Okay, that'll be $3.15. Out of ten, here you go, $6.85 change.
Customer #2: Uh, excuse me, but I gave you a twenty dollar bill.
Charlie: Wait. No, you gave me a ten.
Customer #2: Uh, no, I gave you a twenty. So, you owe me $16.85 change.

(Kirsten enters the restauraunt.)

Charlie: You're right. I'm really sorry, sir.
Customer #2: What's your problem? Don't you know how to count?
Charlie: I'm having a really bad day, sir.
Customer #2: Yeah, no kidding. So am I? We all have bad days, but that doesn't mean we can't give back the right change.
Charlie: Look, sir, I'm sorry for making a mistake, but for your information, my brother is in a hospital right now in a coma.
Customer #2: Yeah? And I'm supposed to feel sorry for you.

(Customer walks off, shaking his head at Charlie as Charlie punches the bar in frustration. Just at that precise moment, Kirsten enters.)

Kirsten: Hi, Charlie.
Charlie: Kirsten! Boy, am I glad to see you.
Kirsten: Thanks. Uh, Charlie, I wasn't being nosy, but I couldn't help hearing...
Charlie: Yeah, that guy was just being a jerk. Don't worry about it.
Kirsten: Actually, I wasn't worried about that guy so much as I am about you saying your brother is in the hospital. Who's in the hospital? Bailey? Owen?
Charlie: Owen.
Kirsten: My God! What's wrong? Is he sick?
Charlie: (nods) Yeah. He's got spinal meningitis. And to make things worse, he lapsed into a coma last night.
Kirsten: God, I'm so sorry. Well, how are the kids taking this? And you? My god! You must be going crazy!
Charlie: Yeah, I am. I can't even concentrate, Kirsten. I just...I just don't feel right being here. I just want to get out of here and go to the hospital and be with him. I just hope that he's going to be alright. I wish I could take the rest of the day off.
Kirsten: Well? Why can't you?

(Bailey's college. Lisa runs after him.)

Lisa: Bailey! Bailey, wait up! What do you mean "exactly"?
Bailey: My parents are dead, Lisa. They both died three years ago in a car accident when a drunk driver hit them.
Lisa: Bailey, I'm sorry.
Bailey: No, it's not your fault.
Lisa: I know, but I don't know what else to say.
Bailey: Yeah, well, I don't know what to say-period. I can't concentrate here.
Lisa: Bailey, why don't you go home?

(Bailey gives Lisa a hug.)

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger home. Claudia answers the phone.)

Claudia: Hello?
Jennifer: Claudia? Hi! This is Jennifer!
Claudia: Oh, hi, Jennifer!
Jennifer: Is Charlie there?
Claudia: No, he left work early today and went with his friend, Kirsten, to the hospital.
Jennifer: Kirsten? Hmm. (pauses) So, why is he going to the hospital?
Claudia: Our brother, Owen, is sick.
Jennifer: Oh my! What's wrong with him?

(Scene morphs into another scene with Bailey talking to Sarah at her house.)

Sarah: What's wrong with him?
Bailey: Spinal meningitis, and he's in a coma.
Sarah: Oh god! I'm sorry, Bailey. Did the doctors say how long he's going to be like that?
Bailey: They don't know.
Sarah: Is there anything I can do, Bailey?
Bailey: Not really, Sarah. But I'm glad you're here.

(They both hug.)

(The hospital. Jennifer shows up and sees Charlie and Kirsten in the waiting room.)

Charlie: Jennifer!
Jennifer: Hi, Charlie. I came as soon as I heard the news from Claudia.
Charlie: Well, so far we haven't heard anything new.

(Jennifer looks at Kirsten.)

Jennifer: Are you a relative of Charlie's?
Kirsten: Oh no! I'm Kirsten. (shaking hands with Jennifer) I'm Charlie's friend.
Jennifer: Pleased to meet you....
Kirsten: Charlie has told me many wonderful things about you.
Jennifer: Really? Well, he hasn't even mentioned you.
Charlie: Uh, Jennifer, can I talk to you for a minute?
Jennifer: Excuse us, Kirsten, is it?
Kirsten: Yeah.

(Charlie and Jennifer go to another side of the hospital and talk in private.)

Jennifer: So, who is Kirsten? Is this who you were going to spend the weekend with? Funny, she doesn't seem like a "Chris" to me.
Charlie: Jennifer...
Jennifer: Let me guess, Charlie, she's an old girlfriend of yours, right?
Charlie: She just...
Jennifer: Answer my question, please.
Charlie: Yeah. Yeah, she's my ex-girlfriend, but we are just friends now.
Jennifer: I don't believe this. I can't believe you lied to me.
Charlie: I'm sorry, Jennifer, but honest to God we are just friends, I swear. I just didn't want you to be jealous, that's all.
Jennifer: Then why lie about it, Charlie? Why couldn't you just tell me the truth?
Charlie: (pauses) I don't know...
Jennifer: Well, I don't know either. That's why I asked.
Charlie: God, Jennifer! My brother is in a coma in this very building and you're worried about whether or not I still have feelings about my ex-girlfriend? I mean, I love you! I want you, Jennifer, not her! I just still have a special relationship with her, that's all. And I didn't want you to be jealous and I'm sorry for lying to you. I won't do it again.
Jennifer: I don't know if I believe you, Charlie. How can I believe you? I want to, but I don't know if I can.

(The hospital. A nurse comes out, looking for Charlie.)

Nurse: Mr. Salinger?
Kirsten: Uh, he's down there.
Nurse: Mr. Salinger?
Charlie: Yes? You have some news on my brother? How is he?
Nurse: (pauses, as Charlie, Kirsten and Jennifer all look on, waiting for an answer) Mr. Salinger, I'm afraid I have some really bad news....
Charlie: (gulps) What kind of bad news?
Nurse: (slowly) Your brother, Owen...his condition has gotten worse...and we think it's best that you notify family because we don't think he is going to make it through tonight.

(Charlie, Kirsten and Jennifer each react with looks of shock that soon turn to looks of fear as each begin to start crying.)

Charlie: Are you telling me...that my brother is going to die?
Nurse: (starts to cry) It is not definite, Mr. Salinger...but if your brother makes it past tonight, it will be a miracle.

(A telephone at the hospital. Charlie picks it up and dials home.)

Charlie: Bai! Hi, it's Charlie. (sniffles and starts to cry) Bai...I'm afraid I have bad better get Julia and Claudia up here right away...

(Commercial break.)

(Scenes of next week's "Party Of Five" episode. Footage of the Salingers at the hospital, all in tears and holding hands. Julia asking "What are we going to do if he dies?" Charlie talking to Bailey outside of the hospital with Charlie telling Bailey that he should be the one in the coma, not Owen, because of all the horrible things he has done. Clips conclude with a nurse telling the Salingers, Sarah and Griffin Owen's fate, but all we see and hear is "Salingers?" and Charlie asking "Is my brother dead or alive?")

(Closing credits. End of episode.)

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