Not a Second Time

Written by Jeff Mills

episode 7, season 4

(Montage of clips from previous "Party Of Five" episode, concluding with the family seeing Owen awake at the hospital.)

(The Salinger house. Bailey & Sarah are talking.)

Bailey: Sarah, can you hand me my jacket?
Sarah: Sure. (hands Bailey his jacket)
Bailey: Thanks. You know, Charlie wanted all of us to go out to dinner this weekend, and we'd like you to come too.
Sarah: This weekend?
Bailey: Yeah, the doctor said that Owen is able to come home this weekend.
Sarah: Wow. That's great, Bailey, but the thing is I've already made plans.
Bailey: Plans? What kind of plans?
Sarah: Well, I kinda got a date this weekend with this guy in my English class.
Bailey: Oh. Well, that's a shame because we'd really like to have you there.
Sarah: Bailey, I'm sorry. You know I'd go if I could.
Bailey: No, no, it's okay. Really, have a good time on your date.

(The hospital. Charlie is talking to Owen's doctor.)

Doctor: Your brother is doing quite well, Charlie. All we have to do is give him one more shot, and he'll be able to go home this weekend.
Charlie: Great. (smiles & laughs) That's great, doc, because we were going to have a celebratory dinner this weekend for Owen.
Doctor: I'm sure he'll like that very much. (smiles) I must say that though your brother is doing remarkably well with his recovery, there may be some side effects to this disease.
Charlie: What kinds of side effects?
Doctor: Well, they may not happen soon or even within the next couple of years, but his vision may deteriorate and so might his hearing. I'm not saying that it is one-hundred percent positive, but this does happen in many cases with people who get spinal meningitis. I say this not to alarm you, Charlie, but just to let you know that it is possible.
Charlie: Right.
Doctor: Don't worry about it, Charlie. Just remember that Owen leaves the hospital this weekend, and have a good time with the celebratory dinner. (smiles)
Charlie: (smiles & nods) Okay.

(Julia and Griffin's apartment. Julia and Griffin are in bed, watching "Father Of The Bride" on tv.)

Julia: God, I love this movie. I like the part where Steve Martin's daughter gets married at the end. I mean, it makes me cry every time I see this.
Griffin: C'mon, Julia, it's only a movie.
Julia: Yeah, I know, but I just love the wedding part. I remember when I was younger that I always wanted to have a big wedding when I got married.
Griffin: What are you saying, Julia? Are you saying our wedding wasn't good enough?
Julia: Of course not, Griffin. It was great, but it was unplanned and unannounced. None of my family could go to it, and none of yours either. I just sometimes wish we could have a second wedding, but this time have it big.
Griffin: Well, if it means that much to you...okay.
Julia: Okay, what?
Griffin: Why don't we have a second wedding?
Julia: You really mean it? Oh, Griffin, you are the greatest! (kisses Griffin and hugs him tightly)

(Opening credits.)

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger house. Charlie is talking to Bailey and Claudia.)

Charlie: Okay, we got the balloons, we got the there anything we've looked over?
Bailey: I think we got everything, Charlie.
Charlie: Great. This is going to be great.
Claudia: Yeah, it'll be so great to have Owe back in the house again.
Charlie: Any of you heard from Julia yet?
Bailey: No. You think we should call her again?
Charlie: Nah. We should let Griffin and her have their privacy.

(The doorbell rings.)

Charlie: Kirsten! Hey!
Kirsten: Hi! So what did the doctor say?
Charlie: Owen gets to come home this weekend.
Kirsten: Really? That's great, Charlie!
Charlie: Yeah, and guess what? We're celebrating this weekend. You, me and the rest of my family are going out to dinner this weekend to celebrate Owen coming home.
Kirsten: What about Jennifer and Katie?
Charlie: Oh right. Yeah, they'll be coming, too.

(Julia and Griffin's apartment. NP: "Me" by Paula Cole. Griffin is looking at photos of Julia and Justin from their trip to Paris.)

Julia: What'cha doing?
Griffin: I'm just looking at some old photographs and the ones with you and Justin from this summer.
Julia: You know, I really wish you could have been there with me, Griffin.
Griffin: Yeah, me, too. It makes me sad sometimes to think about it.
Julia: About what?
Griffin: I wish I could have went with you to Paris, Julia. I always wanted us to have a honeymoon and I feel bad because we never got to have one.
Julia: Well, maybe we could have one now.
Griffin: Really?
Julia: Yeah, and besides, don't feel bad about it, Griffin. I had a wonderful time in Paris, but it will be ten times more beautiful when you take me there. (smiles)
Griffin: Oh, I see you've made your decision already! (smiles & laughs)
Julia: (laughs) Well, it was just a suggestion.
Griffin: You know your laugh drives me crazy.
Julia: What's wrong with my laugh?
Griffin: Absolutely nothing. (kisses Julia) So Julia Holbrook, you ready to plan our wedding?

(Charlie and Kirsten are at her apartment talking.)

Charlie: This is really nice, Kirsten.
Kirsten: Thanks. Would you like something to drink?
Charlie: No, I'm fine.
Kirsten: So, how are you and Jennifer doing?
Charlie: Doing pretty good. What about you? You seeing anybody?
Kirsten: No, I haven't dated a man in months. Besides, all the good ones are taken it seems.
Charlie: Ah, Kirsten, that's not true. You know, I used to think the same thing about women, but then Jennifer popped into my life.
Kirsten: That's really great, Charlie. I'm really happy for you.
Charlie: Thank you, Kirsten.
Kirsten: I remember how you were when we were going to get married, and I see you now...and I wonder if maybe I made a mistake.
Charlie: What do you mean?
Kirsten: What I'm trying to say is that I still love you, Charlie, and I kinda wish I stayed with you rather than leaving.

(The coffeehouse. Bailey walks in and sees Sarah and a guy smooching at a table.)

Bailey: Sarah!
Sarah: Hi, Bailey! Come and sit down.
Bailey: No, really, I don't want to intrude.
Sarah: Oh, but you're not intruding.

(Bailey sits down next to Sarah.)

Sarah: Bailey, this is John Stepp.
John: Hi, Bailey. It's nice to meet you.
Bailey: Nice to meet you, too, John.
Sarah: John is in my English class and is the best poet, Bailey.
Bailey: Really?
Sarah: Yeah, and he also is the editor of the school's newspaper.
Bailey: Wow. That's great, John.
John: It's nothing, really.
Sarah: (laughs) Look at how modest he is. Oh god, you are so cute when you're modest.
John: Not as cute as you, pumpkin.
Sarah: Awww.

(They kiss as Bailey looks on with disgust.)

(Kirsten's apartment. Charlie is sitting on her couch in silence as Kirsten stands next to him.)

Kirsten: Charlie? Are you going to say anything?
Charlie: (shaking his head) I just can't believe you, Kirsten. I thought we both agreed that what happened in the past was over, but you hit me with this and all I can say is you got lousy timing.
Kirsten: Lousy timing? This coming from the same guy who got cold feet at our wedding!
Charlie: Do you know I was waiting for you to come back last year? I waited and waited for a phone call, a knock on the door, a letter, anything. I was hoping that you'd come back into my life and you didn't. I know I screwed up at the wedding, but I also said I still loved you, Kirsten, and you rejected me.
Kirsten: That is so unfair, Charlie. You know damn well what happened. You didn't want to commit so I didn't want to be married to a man who couldn't commit himself to me.
Charlie: And what about now, huh? Now you all of a sudden want me back? Well, I hate to break this to you, Kirsten, but you're a little late.

(Kirsten sits down next to Charlie and looks embarrassed.)

Charlie: Kirsten, I'm sorry.

(Charlie hugs Kirsten and soon they start to kiss, but stop.)

Charlie: I think I'd better be going.

(Charlie walks out the door as Kirsten sits on the couch in shock.)

(Commercial break.)

(Julia and Griffin are doing some window shopping by a wedding store.)

Julia: What about that one, Griffin?
Griffin: Oh yeah! That would look great on you, Julia!
Julia: Look over there at that tux! That is a nice tux, Griffin!
Griffin: It sure is.
Julia: Yeah.
Griffin: Are you sure you want to do this, Julia?
Julia: Yeah, why? Don't you want to do it?
Griffin: Of course. I just wanted to hear you say it, that's all.
Julia: Well, I really felt bad not having any of our familes there at our wedding, and everything being all secretive.
Griffin: Well, I doubt anybody from my family will show up. It's okay, though. I just want you to be happy, Julia. I worry sometimes about whether or not I can make you happy for the rest of your life. I know it's dumb, but it's this little insecurity thing inside of me that I can't get rid of.
Julia: You have nothing to worry about. (kisses Griffin)

(The Salinger house. Claudia is reading "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" at the kitchen table as Bailey enters.)

Claudia: Hey!
Bailey: Hey.
Claudia: What's wrong?
Bailey: Nothing.
Claudia: Okay...

(Bailey sits down next to Claudia.)

Bailey: What'cha reading?
Claudia: "Tess of the D'Urbervilles." I have to read it for English class.
Bailey: Is it any good?
Claudia: It's okay. So, are you still seeing that girl?
Bailey: No, we broke up. We're still friends, but that's all we are.
Claudia: So, are you seeing anybody right now?
Bailey: No, I haven't had much luck lately. However, Sarah seems to have no problem finding dates.
Claudia: Sarah?
Bailey: Yeah. She's dating this guy who goes to her college, and he's a complete dork.
Claudia: how?
Bailey: He's feeding her all of this mushy, poetic stuff about how she's like the sun and calls her pumpkin...(mocking John) "I love you, pumpkin!" (mocking Sarah) "No, I love you more!" God! Ugh! It makes me sick!
Claudia: You still love her, huh?

(Charlie is at a payphone talking to Jennifer.)

Charlie: Jennifer? It's me, Charlie.
Jennifer: Hi.
Charlie: Hi. Listen, I'm sorry I didn't call you back right away. I just had something come up and...well, I know I should have called you, but I totally forgot and I'm really sorry.
Jennifer: Okay. So, what did you do that was so important that you forgot to call me?
Charlie: What?
Jennifer: C'mon, Charlie. I know what's going on here. I know that you were with Kirsten and if you deny it, you're a liar.
Charlie: (pauses and sighs) Yeah. Yeah, I was with Kirsten.
Jennifer: Goodbye, Charlie. (hangs up the phone)
Charlie: Jennifer? Jennifer? (slams the phone down) Damnit!

(The Salinger house. Bailey and Claudia are talking in the living room.)

Claudia: Why can't you just tell Sarah how you feel about her?
Bailey: I can't, Claud. She's got a boyfriend now.
Claudia: That never stopped you before. Remember when she was going out with Will? You didn't seem to care about Will, your best friend, dating her then? Now all of a sudden you're afraid to tell her how you feel about her?
Bailey: It doesn't matter anyways. Sarah told me last spring that she wanted us to be friends and nothing more, so what's the point?
Claudia: Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Bailey. What have you got to lose?

(Julia and Griffin enter the house.)

Julia: Hi guys!
Claudia: Julia!
Griffin: Hey, Claudia! Hey, Bailey!
Bailey: What's up?
Julia: Where's Charlie?
Bailey: He went over Kirsten's, and said he'd be back in about a couple of hours.
Julia: Well, listen, me and Griffin have like big news.

(Bailey and Claudia sit down and listen to Julia and Griffin.)

Julia: Griffin and I are getting married...again. We're going to have a big wedding here as soon as possible.
Griffin: And you all are invited.
Julia: Right.
Claudia: Oh my god! Congratulations, Julia! (hugs Julia)
Bailey: Congratulations! So, when do you plan on having this wedding?
Julia: We talked about having it next weekend.
Bailey: Next weekend?
Julia: Yeah, we figure Owen will be out of the hospital, and we want to do it as soon as possible.
Claudia: I'm sure Charlie won't mind.
Griffin: You don't think he'll mind, do you, Jule?

(Charlie enters the house.)

Julia: Charlie!
Charlie: What?
Julia: What's wrong?
Charlie: Nothing. What's up?
Julia: Me and Griffin have big news. We're both going to get married again, and we want to have a big wedding here with all of you attending.

(Charlie walks off.)

Julia: Charlie? Charlie? What's wrong?
Charlie: I don't want to talk about it. I just have had like a really bad day, and I can't even begin to think of a wedding right now.
Julia: Well, that's okay. We can talk about it later. (hugs Charlie)
Charlie: I'm sorry, Julia.
Julia: For what?
Charlie: For not being all cheery and happy for you. Believe me, though, I am really happy for you and Griffin. I only wish I could get married someday.

(Charlie walks upstairs to his room and dials Jennifer's phone number.)

Charlie: Jennifer! Look, Jennifer, please listen to me. Jennifer......well, I'm really sorry, but...yeah....yeah, I know I screwed, I don't want us to break up, especially over the phone like this. (starts to cry) I'm sorry.......I'm really sorry. (hangs up the phone)

(Commercial break.)

(The next day. Charlie is outside washing his car as Claudia approaches him.)

Claudia: Hey.
Charlie: Hey.
Claudia: It's going to be a busy day tomorrow, huh? I mean, with Owen coming home and all.
Charlie: Yeah.
Claudia: What's the matter, Charlie? Did you and Jennifer get into a fight?
Charlie: She dumped me, Claud. She dumped me and it's all over now.
Claudia: I'm sorry, Charlie.
Charlie: Yeah, well, if I wasn't so stupid it never would have happened.
Claudia: What do you mean?
Charlie: I should never have kissed Kirsten.
Claudia: You kissed her?
Charlie: Yeah. I went over to her place, and we thing I knew we both started to have these feelings...then we kissed. I can't believe I did that. And now, my girlfriend dumped me...
Claudia: Ex-girlfriend...
Charlie: Right. I just can't believe it's all over between me and Jennifer. I really liked her, you know? I liked Katie, too, and she liked Owen and you, Bailey and Julia. It all seemed so perfect, but just like that it's gone.
Claudia: So...what are you going to do now?
Charlie: I haven't a clue.

(Sarah's house. Bailey and Sarah are talking. Sarah is wearing a sexy dress, as she prepares to go on a date.)

Bailey: Sarah!
Sarah: What?
Bailey: Wow! You look great!
Sarah: Thanks...I guess.
Bailey: What's that supposed to mean?
Sarah: Well, the way you said it was like it was unusual for me to look great.
Bailey: (shaking his head) No way.
Sarah: Will you help zip me up?

(Bailey zips Sarah's dress)

Sarah: Gosh, Bailey, I am so nervous! (laughs) I haven't seen anyone since Drew and I really want this to work.
Bailey: Yeah. You really like him, huh?
Sarah: John? Yeah. He's really sweet and fun. Not to mention that he is so gorgeous.
Bailey: Right. Listen, Sarah...
Sarah: What?
Bailey: (smiles) Nothing. Just have a good time and have fun.
Sarah: Okay. (smiles)

(Sarah walks off as Bailey stands with a sad look on his face.)

(The Salinger house. Charlie gets a phone call.)

Charlie: Salinger residence?
Jennifer: Hi, Charlie. Can we talk?
Charlie: Jennifer?
Jennifer: Yeah. I wanted to call and say I am really sorry about yesterday. I thought about it all night, and I don't want us to break up, Charlie.
Charlie: I don't want that either.
Jennifer: I do want to say, though, that I'm going to need you to be totally committed, Charlie. Whatever feelings you have for Kirsten, they are going to have to be brushed aside.
Charlie: Jennifer, I love her...but I love you, too.
Jennifer: So, who is it going to be, Charlie?
Charlie: Jennifer, I love Kirsten as a friend, a dear friend, but I am in love with you. I miss you so much. I miss you and Katie, and I don't ever want to lose you again. I'm sorry I screwed up, but it won't happen again. I promise.
Jennifer: (laughs and smiles) It better not.
Charlie: (smiles) Why don't you come with me tomorrow when we pick up my brother at the hospital? I want you and Katie there.
Jennifer: Okay.
Charlie: I love you.
Jennifer: I love you, too.

(Julia and Griffin's apartment. Julia and Griffin are talking at the kitchen table.)

Julia: Let's see, who do we invite? How about Justin?
Griffin: Justin? Oh no way, Julia!
Julia: Why not?
Griffin: Me and him do not get along, okay?
Julia: Griffin, it's our wedding and he's my friend.
Griffin: I know, but I always get the feeling that he wants to hook up with you again.
Julia: Well, Griffin, I'm married now so it's going to be a little hard for that to happen. Besides, I thought you were over that!
Griffin: I am over it!
Julia: No you're not, sweetie! You still have this tiny, insecure part of you that thinks I am going to fall out of love with you, well, you're wrong. I love you, Griffin, and I am totally in love with you and always will be.
Griffin: (smiles) Okay.
Julia: Okay, so Justin will be invited. I guess we can take Jennifer and Katie's names off the list.
Griffin: Why? Did her and Charlie break up?
Julia: (nods) Yeah. It's really sad, too, because Charlie looked so sad today. He never seems to have luck with relationships lately, but always has bad luck when somebody gets married.
Griffin: Poor Charlie. I'll bet he's so depressed right now.

(Cut to Charlie singing and dancing in the house to the stereo, which is playing "Back To You" by Bryan Adams, all along with a smile on his face.)

Julia: Yeah, I'll bet he is, too.

(Cut again to Charlie feeding treats to Thurber as he continues to dance. The doorbell rings.)

Charlie: Kirsten!
Kirsten: Charlie! What were you doing?
Charlie: Oh, I was dancing and singing! (laughs)
Kirsten: (laughs) Are you alright?
Charlie: Yeah, never better. Come in.
Kirsten: Hi, Thurber! (pets Thurber) So, what's going on?
Charlie: Kirsten, I think there's something you should know...
Kirsten: What?
Charlie: Well, I know that we had something great in the past, and that kiss meant something to me the other day, but I love Jennifer.
Kirsten: I see.
Charlie: I love you, too, but as a friend. Too many things have happened to us, Kirsten. Most of the things that have happened to us have not been good. I don't want to screw this up with Jennifer.
Kirsten: So, what are you saying, Charlie?
Charlie: Let's just move on, Kirsten, and let's be friends, good friends. I want that and I think you would want that, too.
Kirsten: (nods) I do.

(Charlie and Kirsten hug)

(The Salinger house. Bailey is in his room listening to the radio. NP: "She's Got A Way" by Billy Joel. Bailey looks at some old pictures of him and Sarah when they were together and smiles. Just then, he takes out a pen and writes on some paper.)

(Commercial break.)

(The Salinger house. Claudia enters Bailey's room.)

Claudia: Hey, we're going to be leaving soon.
Bailey: Okay.
Claudia: What's that you've got there?
Bailey: It's nothing. Just a poem I wrote for Sarah.
Claudia: Can I read it?
Bailey: Nah, it's crap. I'm probably going to throw it away.
Claudia: Well, wait a minute. Let me hear it first.
Bailey: Okay. (starts to read the poem)

Hopeless Romance

I love to watch you smile I love to watch you sigh I get chills whenever I see you Whenever you walk by I love to hear your laugh So cute and innocent I love the way you smell Perfume of such great scent I love your dark, brown eyes I'm hypnotized for hours I'd give you anything to make you happy Poetry, romance and flowers I know I screwed up before I know what I did was wrong I'm sorry for what I did But with me is where you belong You and I love each other That you know is true You really need to hear me say it Sarah Reeves, I love you I know you love me, too Please give me this chance I'll love you forever and forever For this is hopeless romance.

Claudia: Wow, Bailey. That is beautiful.
Bailey: You think so?
Claudia: Yeah. (hugs Bailey) I sure hope you two get back together.

(Jennifer's apartment. Charlie knocks on her door.)

Jennifer: Charlie!
Charlie: Hi! (kisses Jennifer)
Katie: Hi, Charlie!
Charlie: Hey, kiddo! (picks up Katie) How are you doing?
Katie: I cut a tooth! See?
Charlie: (laughs) Wow! Did the tooth fairy leave you anything?
Katie: Uh huh! She left me a quarter!
Charlie: Wow! Great!
Jennifer: You ready, Charlie?
Charlie: Ready when you are.

(They all get in the car.)

Jennifer: I can't wait to see Owen.
Katie: Me neither.
Charlie: Me neither.
Jennifer: I'm glad to see you, too, Charlie.

(Charlie smiles as he kisses Jennifer.)

Charlie: Let's go.

(The hospital. The Salingers, Katie, Jennifer and Griffin show up to greet Owen.)

Owen: Hi, everybody!
All: Hi, Owen!

(Owen runs to Charlie and gives him a hug.)

Charlie: It's so good to have you back home, buddy.
Owen: Katie! Jennifer!

(Owen hugs Katie and Jennifer. Just then, Kirsten enters.)

Kirsten: I'm sorry I'm late.
Owen: Kirsten!

(Owen hugs Kirsten as Jennifer looks at Charlie and he looks back. The scene ends with everyone leaving the hospital, and Kirsten and Jennifer not even talking to each other. NP: "I Am A Rock" by Simon & Garfunkel.)

(Closing credits.)

(Commercial break.)

(Sneak previews of next "Party Of Five" episode. Scenes of "The Wedding", showing Julia and Griffin exchanging vows as the family looks on. Charlie and Kirsten are shown drinking wine, and soon start making love. Finally, Sarah reads Bailey's poem and is in tears, yelling at him "How do you expect me to just take you back after all the stuff you've done to me?", concluding with Bailey tearfully saying "Because you love me, Sarah.")

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