Written by Jeff Mills

The first episode of the fourth season

Charlie is on the telephone talking to a friend of his who is trying to set him up on a date with this woman

Charlie: (talking on the phone, pacing back and forth) "No. No, I'm not ready yet. Right. I KNOW she is a nice person but I'm...I'm just not ready yet ok? Okay, I'll think about it. Bye." (hangs up phone as Bailey enters)

Bailey: Who was that?

Charlie: My friend is trying to set me up with this woman.

Bailey: (smiles) So what's the problem?

Charlie: Bay, I'm not ready yet for this. I mean, I don't like to be set up with in the first place.

Bailey: What's wrong with being set up?

Charlie: I just like to meet people in the old-fashioned way. You meet them by chance.

Bailey: Oh, you mean like you're both in a supermarket and both of you bump into each other's carts and you both look up and smile at each other and start talking?

Charlie: (smiles) Maybe.

Bailey: (smiles) So what are you going to do tonight, Charlie? How about you and me go get something to eat or something?

Charlie: Actually I was going to stay here and watch this show on Fox at nine o'clock.

Bailey: (smiles) Is it that one that the critics are all raving about?

Charlie: Yeah, it's a great show! I watch it every Wednesday night!

Bailey: Charlie, we've got to get you out of the house!

Charlie: (smiles & laughs)

Julia and Justin are on a plane coming home from their European trip

Justin: What are you thinking?

Julia: I'm thinking about Griffin..and, and my family.

Justin: Cool.

Julia: Why? What are you thinking?

Justin: Well, actually I was thinking about how we had a great time in Europe.

Julia: Yeah. (smiles)

Justin: And how...

Julia: What?

Justin: Never mind.

Claudia walks out of her classroom and is heading home when she bumps into this guy, Darren

Both: Oh! Sorry!

Darren: Are you okay?

Claudia: Yeah, fine. Are YOU okay?

Darren: Yeah. Don't I know you from Mr. Moore's history class?

Claudia: Yeah, I think so. You're Darren, right?

Darren: Yeah, and you're Claudia, right?

Claudia: (smiles) Yeah. (they both shake hands)

Darren: So are you walking home alone?

Claudia: Yeah.

Darren: Could I walk you home...I mean, if you don't mind.

Claudia: (takes a short pause) Yeah, that'd be great. (Darren looks back at her somewhat surprised) I mean, yeah. Sure. (smiles)

Sarah and Bailey are at the mall

Sarah: So how are things, Bailey?

Bailey: Pretty good, actually.

Sarah: How is AA going?

Bailey: Pretty good. I have been sober for almost six months now.

Sarah: (smiles) Great.

Bailey: So how is school?

Sarah: Awesome, Bailey, I love it! I love all my classes and my teachers and I met this really cute guy in my class the other day. His name is Brad and he is just totally cute.

Bailey looks at Sarah somewhat sad

Sarah: You ok?

Bailey: Uh huh. Sorry. That's, that's great, Sarah.

Sarah: (Smiles) Yeah. I'll introduce you to him sometime.

Bailey: Yeah.

Griffin is working at the auto shop where Julia puts her hands over his face

Julia: Guess who ?

Griffin: Julia?

Julia: Surprise! (smiles and laughs)

Griffin: Julia! I'm so glad to see you. (hugs and kisses her)

Julia: I'm so glad to see you too, Griffin! (hugs and kisses him)

Griffin: So, how was the trip?

Julia: The trip was awesome. We went to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, then ended up on a very interesting trip to Germany and then... (Griffin interrupts her)

Griffin: Why don't we just spend some time together first and then you can tell me all about your trip? (smiles and Julia smiles back and they kiss)

Claudia and Darren are walking towards Claudia's home

Darren: So my dad got this computer networking job here in San Francisco and my mom is a "homemaker" which used to be "housewife."

Claudia: (giggles) That's great.

Darren: Yeah.

They both continue walking and look away from each other

Darren: So what do your parents do?

Claudia: (pauses) Uh, actually my parents aren't alive anymore. They died in a car accident a few years ago.

Darren: (looks down) Claudia, I'm sorry.

Claudia: It's okay.

Darren: So, who do you live with now?

Claudia: My brothers and my sister. Well, my sister moved out not too long ago. Heh. (smiles)

Darren: Cool. (smiles back) Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Claudia: Yeah.

Darren: Good night, Claudia.

Claudia: Goodnight, Darren.

Darren smiles and turns and walks away and Claudia smiles back.

The Salinger's home. Charlie, Bailey and Claudia are all awaiting Julia and Griffin to come in.

Bailey: They're here!

Charlie: Okay, guys, let's keep quiet!

Car door shuts, voices inaudible as door opens.

All: Surprise!!!!

Julia and Griffin smile and hug everyone

Julia: Wow! Thank you, everybody!

Griffin: We were definitely NOT expecting THAT! Hehe. (smiles)

Bailey: Congratulations, Jule! Congratulations, Griffin! (Shakes hands with Griffin and hugs him and hugs Julia and kisses her on the cheek)

Claudia: It's so good to see you two! Congratulations! (hugs Julia and Griffin and kisses them both on the cheek)

Charlie walks up slowly as Bailey and Claudia suddenly become quiet

Bailey: Hey, Claud, why don't we go in the kitchen and get dinner ready?

Claudia: Oh yeah, right. (they both leave to the kitchen)

Charlie: (smiles) Hi, Jule. Hi Griffin.

Julia: (smiles) Charlie.

Griffin: Hi, Charlie.

Charlie: Congratulations, guys! (hugs Julia and shakes hands with Griffin and hugs him and pats him on the back)

Everyone sits down at the kitchen table and eats dinner.

Bailey: (gets up) I'd like to propose a toast. Using my non-alcoholic soda here...(everyone laughs) I just want to wish Griffin and Julia the best of luck forever. Cheers!

All: Cheers!

Bailey is sitting in the porch and Charlie comes up to him

Charlie: Bay, you ok?

Bailey: Yeah. Well, I was just thinking.

Charlie: About?

Bailey: What do you think, Charlie?

Charlie: You really miss her, huh?

Bailey: More than you or anyone will ever know. And today she tells me she met this guy at Berkeley and it just hit me, Charlie, that maybe it really IS over.

Charlie: Bay, maybe that isn't such a bad thing.

Bailey: No. Charlie, I know I screwed up. I feel so terrible for what I did. But I know that, that Sarah loves me. She still loves me.

Charlie: (frowns) I'm sorry, Bay.

Bailey: (sighs) It's not your fault, Charlie.

Charlie: Bay, remember when Kirsten rejected me at our wedding and you came to me and you said "I'm on your side."

Bailey: Yeah.

Charlie: Well, I'm here to return the favor, Bay. I'm on your side. (pats Bailey on the back)

Bailey: Thanks. (Bailey buries his face into his hand and cries as Charlie puts a brotherly arm around him and hugs him)

The End