Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the song they are playing on the commercials advertising the series finale of Party of Five?
A. It's Porcelain by Moby off his Play cd.

Q. I missed an episode. Can I get it on tape?
A. Columbia TriStar television has only released three episodes on tape. You can find more info on our books and videos page. TKTV does not have any tapes available. Your best bet would be to try making a request on the Usenet news group

Q. Do you know the song that played in (insert any episode)?
A. All the music info we have is located within the season episode guides. Click on episode titles for more details. If you know of any music info we are missing, please let us know.

Q. Are there scripts available?
A. The only transcripts we know of are the ones located on this site, and we don't know any place where you can find actual scripts of the show.

Q. Will there be a seventh season?
A. Fox has announced, as of January 24th, 2000, that this is the last season for "Party of Five."

Q. Why, oh why, is it going away?
A. Most of the actors have said that they're not interested in signing for another season, and in addition, the show's ratings haven't been all that great lately, so Fox is not eager to keep it.

Q. How can I get in touch with actors or producers?
A. Please see our info page for useful addresses.

Q. Where is the Salingers' house located?
A. In San Francisco at 2311 Broadway, between Fillmore and Steiner. (Please don't go and bother the occupants.)

Q. Did Jeremy London always play Griffin?
A. No. Griffin was played by James Marsden in the season one finale, and then when Marsden got another part, London took over the role for the premiere of the second season. Some flashback scenes were reshot with London in the role.

Q. Paula Devicq looks very thin suddenly. Is she ill?
A. We have not heard that Paula is ill, although we agree that she's been looking thin lately. In published interviews, she has said that she is just fine.

Q. Who runs this page?
A. Rachel and TK maintain this page together. Summaries and reviews are written by Rachel and TK is the major architect. Formerly maintaining separate pages, they combined their efforts in August 1998 to create the flagship fan site for TKTV.

Q. Do Rachel and TK have anything to do with the making or airing of the show?
A. No. This web site is completely independent of Fox Television, Columbia Tristar and Lippman/Keyser Productions.

Q. What is TKTV?
A. For more information on TKTV, see TKTV's About page.