Alternative Titles

These alternative titles for "Party of Five" episodes were created by Dorothy. She took them from memorable dialogue within each episode. We thought they were cool, and she said it was okay to put them up, so here they are:

Season 1 ('94-'95)

Theirs Mine Who Said It
The Pilot This Brave Face B to J
Home Work It's Just Us B to Cl
Good Sports No Adults Nina to J
Worth Waiting For Like a Ton of Bricks Cl to B & W
All's Fair At Least He Cares Cl to J - re. B
Fathers and Sons He Woulda Loved You B to Kate, re. Nick
Much Ado I Can't Go In There Cl to Ross, at hosp.
Kiss Me Kate Most Like Me J, in her song, re. O
Something Out of Nothing Here's to Greer B to J
Thanksgiving Take a Step J to Ch
Private Lies Fail in Private Ch to B
Games People Play Dopey Little Tuna Cans Ch to K
Grownups Why Don't You Share Mine? Ch to K
Not Fade Away She's Disappearing J to K, re. Diana
It's Not Easy Being Green A Disaster Waiting to Happen W to B, re. Jill
Aftershocks Don't Walk Away Jill to B
In Loco Parentis Someone Who Acts Like a Father K to Ch
Who Cares? You Forgot the Charm? B to Ch & J
Brother's Keeper Follow the Dad Ch to K
The Trouble With Charlie Nothing's Easy Ch to everyone
All-Nighters Let's Go Home Ch to K
The Ides of March It Hurts Too Much B to Ch

Season 2 ('95-'96)

Theirs Mine Who Said It
Ready or Not Is It Hard? J to B
Falsies I Am Who I Am B to W
Dearly Beloved Together for Something Happy Cl to B & J
Have No Fear I Can Do Terrible Things B to S
Change Partners and Dance I'm Not Jill S to B
Analogies Remember My Mother's Voice B, on college application
Where There's Smoke Still Can't Believe That You Were Mine G to J
Best Laid Plans If I Had a Clue Ch to janitor
The Wedding ...And From These Children Who I Love K to Ch
Grand Delusions Start to Forgive Me Ch to B & J
Unfair Advantage A Lousy Thing Ch to J
Hold on Tight All We Do is Fight B to J
Poor Substitutes It Didn't Need Windows Ch to Cl
Strange Bedfellows A = B, Ms. Schrader Cl to Emily
Benefactors I'm Your Grandfather Jake to everyone
Comings and Goings Avoid Letting It Be Too Late Jake to J
Valentine's Day Maybe Later G to J
Before and After Bad Options J to Jus
Altered States Kinda My Call G to J
Happily Ever After A Pretty Good Judge of Character Jake to B
Spring Breaks A Family No Matter What B to S

Season 3 ('96-'97)

Theirs Mine Who Said It
Summer Fun, Summer Not One Best Friend B to W
Going, Going, Gone Rite of Passage Tucker to B
Short Cuts Like the Fog K to Ch
Deal With It The Long Haul Ch to J
Mixed Signals Desperately Attracted Callie to B
Going Home For You J to Ch
Personal Demons Prince Charming, Huh? Callie to B
Not So Fast She Was Searching, Too J to Ch
Gimme Shelter Tragic as Opposed to Privileged Ch to Grace
Close to You Someone Like You Callie to B
I Do Some Kind of Limbo Grace to Ch
Desperate Measures All I See K to Ch
Christmas Just Something Small Ch to Cl
Life's Too Short Never Gonna Be One of Them Libby's Diary
Significant Others That Guy On Top B to bartender
I Declare Your Clouds Were Purple J to Ch
Misery Loves Company Drinking Doesn't Get in the Way B to W
Mind Your Own Business Maybe I Want You to Love Him S to Callie
Point of No Return It's Really Bad, Isn't It? J to S
Intervention Not My Son, Too Joe, as Nick
Hitting Bottom Will You Help Me? B to S
Leap of Faith Skip the God Part S to B
Promises, Promises Promised You I Wouldn't B to S
A Little Faith Not a Baby Anymore B to Cl
You Win Some, You Lose... What Parents Do Ch to Grace

Season 4 ('97-'98)

Theirs Mine Who Said It
What a Drag Very Real Consequences Prosecutor to Ch
Past Imperfect But I Did It B to Ch
Handicaps Punishment Cl to B
Zap Lovesick? Cl to Ch
Fight or Flight Silver Lining Ch to Nina
Immediate Family Make Room for Griffin Ch to everyone
Positive Attitude Big Burdens J to G
For Richer, For Poorer,... All Wrong and All Right B to J
Truth Be Told Hear that Word Ch to Cl
Adjustments Can't Fix It B to Annie
S'Wunnerful Life The Best Day Ch to K
Empty Shoes Yours If You Want It Ch to B
Parent Trap The Tiniest Bit of Control Ch to K
Of Human Bonding Go For It Kevin to Ch
Here and Now About the Future Ch to Cl
I Give Up If I Die Ch to B & J
Of Sound Mind and Body Part of Our Lives B to Ch
True or False Withdraw B to S, re. A, but also re. Cl w/Ch
Go Away Fingers Crossed Ch to Dr. Rabin
Square One/Free & Clear A Fork in the Road Daphne to Ch & Joe to Ch
Opposites Distract Henry and Eliza Daphne to Ch
Fools Rush In Say Yes G to J
Fools Rush Out Heartbeat Doctor to Ch & Daphne

Season 5 ('98-'99)

Theirs Mine Who Said It
Moving On A Man Your Age Dr. Bob to B
Separation Anxiety Snapshots B to S
Naming Names Name Her Diana Ch to D & B
A Mid-Semester's Night Dream Those Eyes D to Ch
The Baby Look What I Made Ch at parents' grave
Forgive and/or Forget Some Time Apart B to S
Tender Age The Mission O to Ch
Love and War Shortchanged Ch to D
Gifts A Bang-Up Job Cl to Ch
One Christmas, To Go The Scrapbook Ch to G
Rings of Saturn Don't Let Her Hate Me Daphne to Ch
Witness for the Persecution Never Alone J to Ch
Fillmore Street Second Chances S to B
Stand by Me Intense as in Possessive Justin to Julia
Whatever Works Worth the Fight Claudia to Cody
Party of Freud No More Goodbyes Daphne to Charlie
Fam-i-ly What's Blood Got To Do With It? Sarah to soon-to-be-stepsister
Driven to Extremes More Than You Can Give Bailey to Charlie
Judgment Day In Front of Everything Charlie to Owen
The Wish Years and Years Sarah to Claudia
Get Back Squeeze In and Take Turns Owen to Charlie & Bailey
Fragile In Your Nature Charlie to Bailey
I'll Show You Mine Crossing Paths Bailey to Sarah
Haunted One Simple Question Sarah to Bailey
Otherwise Engaged Where's Sarah? Bailey to everyone at picture-taking

Season 6 ('99-'00)

Theirs Mine Who Said It
Don't Let Go The Secret to Life Charlie to everyone
Naked Surprise Me Charlie to Kirsten
Bye, Bye, Love I'll Be Right Here Bailey to Sarah
Wrestling Demons Cut Yourself Loose Will to Bailey
Shortest Distance So Far Away Bailey to Will and Griffin
Too Close Cheap and Empty Will to Bailey
We Gather Together Lucky to Share It Victor to everyone
Fate, Hope & Charity Knight in Shining Denim Daphne to Griffin
The Ties That Bind Every Penny Griffin to Julia
Dog Day After New Year Ten, Nine, Eight... Charlie to everyone
Fear and Loathing Nobody's Fault Holly to Bailey
Bad Behavior Speak of the Devil Joe to Will
Declaration of Co-Dependence A Beer or Two Bailey to Joe
One for the Road Behind the Wheel Bailey to Julia & Claudia
What If... Like Most Families Ross to Claudia
Blast the Past A Bunch of Get Well Stuff Owen to Bailey
Getting There Always About the Ending Adam to Julia
Too Cool for School We Took a Vote Julia to Charlie
Isn't it Romantic Marry That Girl Will to Bailey
Great Expectations They're So Amazing Julia to Adam
Taboo or Not Taboo Being Strong Julia to Justin
Falling Forward The Sky's the Limit Kimball to Bailey