Scott Wolf and Rosie O'Donnell sing
Goodbye to Party of Five

Charlie cheated on Kirsten, but he didn't care.
He got cancer, but he kept his hair.
Later he got better and now he's feelin' chipper.
He married Kirsten after knockin' up a stripper.

Bailey loved Kirsten but she loved his brother.
She couldn't have babies but wanted to be a mother.
Got depressed and went away, but now she's back.
Finally got pregnant but had to quit Prozac.

The first five seasons nothing happened to Claud.
Once she was a schoolgirl, but now she's got a bod.
She's a musician and sometimes needs encouragin'.
Last week we found out she's no longer a virgin.

Just like Claud nothin' happened to Owen.
He did bad at school and the kids called him Slowen.
When he ran away, his siblings yelled "Oh No!"
And everyone at home said, "Is he still on this show?"

Bailey's a hero who sometimes is a punk.
He cheated on Sarah and then became a drunk.
He is such a pig that sometimes he should be oinking
Now the wife of his best friend is the girl he's boinking.

Sarah is a nice girl, her voice is sweet and soft.
She left Bailey and got her very own spin-off.
Don't worry about her, that her show got cancelled.
She makes millions as a teen horror damsel.

Julia went with Justin and soon they hopped in bed.
Then she married Griffin, but got beat up by Ned.
She is so dramatic, a writer who is nutty.
But she's had so many boyfriends that I think she's kinda slutty.

Haven't missed an episode in six whole long years.
That's two hundred bags of Ruffles and at least one million tears.
Now it's almost over and she says it's not right...
But I'll be there right 'til the end, so tune in Wednesday night.