Transcript of the Soundtrack Release Party Chat from November 12th, 1996

Many thanks to
Dave Jenkins for sending this along.
PartyofFive Hi there everyone!
PartyofFive I'm here at the hard Rock Cafe in Universal City...
PartyofFive and the cast of Party of Fve is right outside at Sam Goody's...
PartyofFive signing autographs!
BT-People Since the cast members are at an actual party...basically they'll be stopping at a table and talking with our people there.
PartyofFive This is going to be a tremendous PARTY!
PartyofFive I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt earleir
PartyofFive and YES she is going to sing tonight!
PartyofFive She was with her mom.
Julie I heard some of the band members from the album will be there. Who?
PartyofFive Lots of bands off the Po5 sundtrack are here tonight!
PartyofFive Voodoo Daddy
PartyofFive Syd Straw
PartyofFive Holly Palmer
PartyofFive The cast is signing autographs right now.
PartyofFive We are going to start uploading the pictures soon...
PartyofFive First shots!
PartyofFive From the Hard Rock cafe.
PartyofFive To set the atmosphere.
PartyofFive The cast will be here in about 40 minutes.
BT-People We're going to try to get at least some of your questions through as we speak with cast members. They'll be on AOL simultaneously in the Reprise Records area
PartyofFive And Reprise artists too!
PartyofFive right now, its the publlicity people for Columbia TriStar Interactive talking to you with the People Online gang.
PartyofFive Hey, did you guys know there's a contest where you can win a trip to the set of the show. The info for that is also on
Viper BT-People, I love your magazine
PartyofFive People Loves You too!
BT-People Thanks, Viper...
PartyofFive And, on your vacation, you can meet all the stars. You have to get the first clue tonight!
PartyofFive Go to the content guide at to link to streamworks directly
PartyofFive For clues, you have to check out the official site at on Sony Online
PartyofFive There are projected to be over a thousand fans here tonight.
PartyofFive I heard the artists practicing earlier, you could barely here anything in here!
PartyofFive We're totally psyched. There's a red carpet going from Sam Goody into the Hard Rock where the stars will walk in
Rich Is it really loud?
PartyofFive We're at the Hard Rock Cafe, upstairs, where the stars will come after signing autographs at Sam Goody a few steps away. And yes, it's totally loud in here.
Bill When do the stars start answering questions?
PartyofFive They'll start answering questions a little after 7 p.m. west coast time
Viper PartyofFive, which Hard Rock?
PartyofFive Hard Rock Cafe in Universal City, California
DaveMan1 How long will this last?
BT-People PartyofFive, have any other celebs arrived at the Hard Rock yet? Will you tell us what the cast members are wearing?
PartyofFive We'll be partying for about 2 hours. There are fans screaming everywhere. We can'twait!
PartyofFive Yes, we'll let you know what they're wearing.
PartyofFive Oh, FYI, Jeremy London broke his arm, and he's really self-conscious about it. We'll put a picture of Jennifeer Love Hewett signing his cast "To my sweet angel" online...
bourdaa How'd he break it?
PartyofFive I don't know how he broke it, ask him when he's on..
Pof5 Howdy
PartyofFive I can't answer for Jeremy, but you can ask him...
Rich Do you think there will ever be an opportunity to do a special night of programming where the Party of Five cast will interact with say...the 90210 or Melrose cast?
PartyofFive Don't know Rich, but you're giving us some good ideas..
PartyofFive If you're in LA, come on by!
PartyofFive hey, what else do you guys want to know?
PartyofFive The crowd's totally crazy outside Sam Goody.
PartyofFive I just sent the first batch of pix off!
PartyofFive They include--
PartyofFive Pix from the autograph signing..
PartyofFive Jennifer next to Jeremy.
Dylan Ah, Jennifer.
PartyofFive Yes, indeed, Dylan, c'est MOI!
Dylan (sigh)
Epson is the URL for Reprise Records
Julie Where did you send the pics?
PartyofFive They'll be up on PATHFINDER
Dylan Are things thick?
PartyofFive Dylan!
PartyofFive tell us the URL.
PartyofFive Things are wild...
PartyofFive things are CRAZY!
PartyofFive the musicians are warming up...
Dylan or try
Dylan Remember: the procedings aren't even officially underway, so let's
Dylan Ack!
Viper dylan, what will that address do?
Dylan Should take you to a page where the pix will be nicely framed, Viper
Viper Thanks Dylan!
Greg Dylan, really? I just see that one picture of the cast. Is the picture of Love and Jeremy there?
Dylan Not yet, Greg. I think it may take us a couple minutes turn-around time.
PartyofFive I'm sending those pix just as fast as I can!~!!
PartyofFive There's a little bit of a turn-aroujnd time.
Dylan Hmmm.
keithk THE Picture are there !!!!!!
PartyofFive Maybe 10 minutes total
Dylan Alright!
PartyofFive I have to look at 'em then i have to send them to our stalwart webmeister!
PartyofFive i can't be uploading a candid shot of jennifer Love Hewitt with her bra strap showing...
Dylan Folks, please ignore the URL address I gave you.
Dylan PartyofFive, would you mind reminding every one
Dylan where they can find the live photos?
Rich PO5, it's sad that you guys are out partying and we're sitting in front of computer screnes.
PartyofFive The talent hasn't yet started milling by our computers yet...
PartyofFive BUT...they will be soon!
PartyofFive these things always get off to such a late start!
PartyofFive Lots of musicians here tonight...
Dylan Who's playing, Pary?
PartyofFive Big, bad VOODOO Daddy!!
PartyofFive Syd Straw...
PartyofFive Holly Palmer.
PartyofFive Lots of anticipatory fans...
Dylan Lots of foot-tapping...
JD Ashlar are u still there
PartyofFive And we will be pasting the AOL chat her
Guest-Answers We'll be pasting the AOL chat onto here once it begins...
Dylan Hey, Pary, are the STARS visible tonight?
Greg Cool.. only 28 people here? How many are on AOL?
PartyofFive About 40.
Guest-Answers RDukeOfURL : standby everybody
Guest-Answers RDukeOfURL : welcome to cybertalk everybody!!! Our special
Guest-Answers feature tonight is LIVE from the Hard Rock
Guest-Answers RDukeOfURL : in Universal City
Guest-Answers RDukeOfURL : the party of five soundtrack release party is jumping
Guest-Answers off now!
Guest-Answers RDukeOfURL : we'll be taking question for both artists & actors...
Guest-Answers RDukeOfURL : in just a second
Guest-Answers RDukeOfURL : i'll be hosting...
Guest-Answers Pof5Party : There is a mob of people outside right now on the ...Guest-Answers left people
PartyofFive Nope, make that 52.
Dylan This is where to be.
PartyofFive Large search light are everywhere
PartyofFive this is getting wild!
PartyofFive Hi Dylan
Dylan Search lights? Is this a breakout?
PartyofFive So what's everyones favortie episode???
Dylan Pary of Five -- The Early Years.
Julie The one where Julia and Justin break up - that was me in high school to a tee.
Bill That would have to be the one where they confronted the man who killed their parents.
Iggy I liked the Halloween episode
JJ Anything from the second season
Viper My favourite episode is when the drunk driver gets released from jail. Great acting by all.
Holdenrex Before and After
Bill Me too Viper
Todd My Fav Is The One Where Claudia Played Oliver
bourdaa the pilot and Thanksgiving..
PartyofFive Jennifer Love Hewitt was the first one here she was very cool!
Rich I like the drunk driver one, too.
JD the engagment party (when they where supposed to elope)
Dylan Did you get a chance to say hi?
Greg Yeah! Jennifer Love Hewitt is there?!
Bill Is she a good singer?
Julie Of course she's a good singer.
Bill I love Neve
Rich I like when Carol O'Connor is on.
Todd Are You Asking The Questions Or Are We?
PartyofFive She's busy signing autographs
Dylan Joe: They should be at
PartyofFive Has one seen Xing??
Julie JHL is NOT on the soundtrack. She has several CDs though
Chris JLH doesn't sing on the album, but her album is out??
PartyofFive Go to
Chris 3 if I'm correct (JLH CD's)
Iggy JLH has 3 CD's, two available in the US
PartyofFive find the "Party of Five' entry on the conten guide'
Dylan PICTURES!!!!!
PartyofFive YES!
Dylan We're starting from the outside, Party.
Todd Say Dylan What The Addres For Streemworks
PartyofFive The castis STILL signing autographs!
PartyofFive They haven't even walked down the red carpet yet..
PartyofFive BUT..
Dylan Todd: Streamworks should be available at
PartyofFive You can ALL be famous!
PartyofFive Because...
PartyofFive CNN, ET, E! etc
PartyofFive are all coming by the computer bank mometarilyto be dazled by the wonders of modern communications technology.
PartyofFive So make sure to type intelligent things
PartyofFive that reflect well on yr cyber-citizenry
PartyofFive and you MAY end up in TV
Dylan Does that mean "behave" or something?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : from ltlelf22
AOL-PASTE Question : What artists from the soundtrack are there tonight?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : holly palmer
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : BT is hangin out
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : i heard chaka might come
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : :::yay:::
Julie The soundtrack is great. I've been listening to it all afternoon!
Dylan We've been pasted.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : cool, huh?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Don't forget to watch a new episode of Party of Five
AOL-PASTE tomorrow.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : i wonder if any of the actors will get on stage and
AOL-PASTE grab the mike!?
JD how many pics do you see at the site
Rich Uno!
JD I only see one new one
Julie There's just one pic so far.
JD good I thought I was falling behide
Dylan Sounds like we can say we've seen it all so far.
Dylan But there's more a'comin'.
Julie It's outside the building, showing the marquee.
Dylan (the photo)
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : from lhamameh:
AOL-PASTE Question : Is the crew of the show also expected to attend? For
AOL-PASTE example, Ken Toplosky, or Carol
AOL-PASTE Question : Kravitz?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : yep... but i dont know if they chat or watch!
SteveA does anyone have the XING stream running?
Dylan For the past hour, the cast of the show has been signing autographs and posing for pix.
Dylan BUT not in the party area.
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Topolsky will *definitely* be here!
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : from charismac
AOL-PASTE Question : Which cast members are here tonight?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, Lacey
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : there are a hell of alot of fans here
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : I've just sent someone out to canvas the room. There
AOL-PASTE are so many celebrities
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : here :
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : and they are trying to be nice and say "hi!"
PartyofFive Someone will be typing for the talent, however, their answers are their own.
Dylan Just so long as we don't change their names to protect the innocent.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : there is a huge party of five contest going on
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : where you can have a chance to fly to LA
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : and go to the set and "HANG"
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : if you are with that... check out the web site later
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : and only people HERE will have a chance to win
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : you will get the clue!
Joe PartyofFive: Nothing is showing up!!!!
Dylan One pic at a time, Joe!
AOL-PASTE Question : Is this soundtrack going to be good?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : it is really great
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : if you dig the show
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : you'll dig the CD
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Any CD containing Chaka Kahn is got to be good
Dylan Are they playing just the tunes from the soundtrack tonight?
AOL-PASTE Question : What is going to be happening on the show later in
AOL-PASTE the season??
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : you'll have to watch!
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : One of the cast members will be hospitalized in a
AOL-PASTE December episode.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : ask the cast when they arrive momentarily
Julie Claudia's the one hospitalized. Wonder what for?
PartyofFive They're at Sam Goody right now signing autographs
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : this contest is going to be so great for one of you!
AOL-PASTE Question : tell Jennifer to grab the mike & sing "I Believe" she
AOL-PASTE sings great!
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : you got it
Dylan What does one eat at a Party of Five party?
AOL-PASTE Question : How do they have time to chat if they are there
AOL-PASTE partying?
PartyofFive Yes, tons of food. Sam Goody a few steps away in universal city. There's a red carpet that they'll walk on to come over here and chat
Joe How would the contest work? I mean, would you stay for a week or something to see them film
Joe the entire thing?
PartyofFive It's basic Hard Rock Cafe food and appetizers. Waiters walking around with chicken wings and stuff
PartyofFive The contest rules are at
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : they are actually being attacked by a bunch of fans!
PartyofFive They're trying to get through the crowds, but I think they'll be here soon
Rich That's cool.
Dylan The crowds are swarming all over them?
PartyofFive Hey, how did you guys hear about this?
Dylan Don't they have body guards?
PartyofFive Yes, the crowds are going nuts!
bourdaa The mailing list
Julie Heard from the web site which I check often.
flagster I heard from the mailing list...
PartyofFive Yes, they have bodyguards everywhere personal publcists, etc.
Dylan Look after yourself, Party.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : from cmb96
AOL-PASTE Question : When can we enter the Party Of five Contest?
Greg what's the url for thre pictures again?
Dylan Did everyone get that?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : will get you there
Dylan The URL for photos (now being uploaded) is:
PartyofFive2 Jennifer looks great. Her hair is crimped.
Dylan I think this requires some divine intervention. Hold on...
flagster Is the cast actually going to join this channel?
Dylan DEAN:
PartyofFive2 Yes, the cast is going to chat, once they get through the crowds.
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Right now, we have Treeboy here (that's his nickname
AOL-PASTE on the set). He works as
PartyofFive2 We'll tell you when the stars are with us, so you'll know.
PartyofFive Oh hey!
PartyofFive2 There are already several pictures.
PartyofFive They're starting to serve the food which is a good sign...
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : the on-set dresser for the Party of Five. Welcome,
AOL-PASTE Treeboy!
PartyofFive2 The pictures are of the stars right now signing autographs and stuff]
AOL-PASTE Question : where is the show filmed?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Sony Studios.
AOL-PASTE Question : can the release party be seen on television?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : there are a bunch of news shows here... i bet you'll
AOL-PASTE see it soon!
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Right now, there is plenty of camera crew from
AOL-PASTE entertainment shows such as Extra,
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood etc. You'll
AOL-PASTE be able to see the segment for
PartyofFive The streamworks looks good, Iggy!
PartyofFive2 Artists from the soundtrack are here. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Syd Straw are going to perform as well as Jennifer Love Hewett
PartyofFive I'm loo9king at it now ...
PartyofFive You all know we have theset dresser, right?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : the party on those shows. Plus, I understand there
AOL-PASTE is a live streaming audio and video
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : broadcast of this party taking place.
AOL-PASTE Question : Hi treeboy! where do you get the clothes for the
AOL-PASTE characters? thanx.
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Wrong kind of dressing. I dress the set :
PartyofFive2 They should be here online now, but the crowds are swarming them. Don't worry, they'll be here
Lisa is kirsten coming back to the series
PartyofFive2 Ask Kirsten when she's online.
AOL-PASTE Question : Hi Treeboy, how did you get that nickname?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : We also have John Ryan, who works as the leadman on
AOL-PASTE "Party of Five." He's
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Treeman's boss. Ask him questions, too.
AOL-PASTE Question : What is an on-set dresser?
PartyofFive The talent is starting to stream on up those Hard Rock Cafe stairs...
Dylan Does this mean they are here?????
Rook I just got here - is streamworks up?
Greg Go to and click on the PoF thing
PartyofFive2 You have to download streamworks at
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : An on-set dresser is one who deals with moving
AOL-PASTE furniture on camera and making
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : sure that the scenes look presentable, per the
AOL-PASTE decorator for each shot.
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : I especially do trees!
AOL-PASTE Question : Hi, What's it like working with Scott Wolf?
Dylan I'm logging
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : He's really cool to work with. He likes to joke
AOL-PASTE around.
PartyofFive2 Yes, there are pictures so far of Jennifer Love Hewett and Jeremy London.
PartyofFive Hi there,
PartyofFive2 Party of Five stars are going to come online.
Lisa hey, my friend saw Scott Wolf and Kirsten in a bar in New York City kissing is that true?
PartyofFive2 Yes
Greg PartyofFive2, at ? or somewhere else?
PartyofFive When there's a steady stream of talent,maybe we should start moderating.
PartyofFive2 Soon.
PartyofFive They're supposed to be here soon.
PartyofFive2 Jeremy London broke his arm and has a cast on and Jennifer Love Hewett signed it
AOL-PASTE Question : are any members of the cast your favorite to work
Rich They're already 30 minutes late.
Dylan Right now, there's a steady stream of adoration for the talent.
Dylan Are there enough people here?
Joe But I still think everyone is great.
Julie Give 'em a break. If we were there you know we'd be mobbing them too. (To be so lucky)
PartyofFive2 Thanks, Julie
AOL-PASTE Question : is the cast on yet?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : soon!
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : they are walking up i think
AOL-PASTE Question : is the cast on yet?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : soon!
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : they are walking up i think
PartyofFive2 Yes, Matthew's here too.
AOL-PASTE Question : Hi John, how did you come to hire Treeboy??? : )
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : For his level of excellence.
AOL-PASTE Question : John, What is your job on the set? Off the set?
PartyofFive2 The special effects designer from PofF is here. His name is Ric. Any questions for him?
mocha did he make the chicken pox look so real?
PartyofFive2 Ric does effects like snow and rain and wind, smoke, etc.
mocha actually it looked kinda grody
Bill how did you manage to make scott wolf look horrible?
Julie Actually, I thought he chicken pox looked more like warts.
Rich How do you make it rain when you need it to.
PartyofFive2 Actually, make-up did the chicken pox
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : We have Big Bad Voodoo Daddy with us right now.
AOL-PASTE They're looking really cool with
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : their suits and hats.
PartyofFive2 To make it rain, you wet everything down with a hose, you have pipes with holes that you rig to hang above the windows...
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : they're on the soundtrack
bourdaa How do you make it rain if it's an outside shot at like the marina?
PartyofFive2 You can still shoot hoses in from different directions, even for an outside shot
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Yeah. We were on an episode last season.
AOL-PASTE Question : Are you having fun at city walk/?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Oh yeah. It's great. Glen got a picture with Merlin
AOL-PASTE the Magician.
AOL-PASTE Question : How do you feel being able to be a part of a
AOL-PASTE television soundtrack as wonderful as "Party
AOL-PASTE Question : of Five"?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : We feel great about it. It's really cool.
PartyofFive2 Tom Mason, who plays the owner of Salingers, will be here in a few minutes. Any questions?
Lyn Owner of Salingers? Do you mean Joe?
PartyofFive2 Yes, he plays Joe, he's coming up now.
AOL-PASTE Question : Where did you come up with the name big bad voodoo
AOL-PASTE daddy?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Guitar came up with that one, I think, after a night
AOL-PASTE of drinking.
PartyofFive2 Joe's here now. Shoot your questions?
PartyofFive2 Okay guys, Tom Mason (Joe) is here. Shoot away.
AOL-PASTE Question : What bands do you guys listen too? ( and don;t
AOL-PASTE justmention bands onthe soundtrack to kiss
AOL-PASTE Question : up)
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : We listen to everything from alternative, from Kiss
AOL-PASTE to Tony Bennett.
Julie Joe, you haven't been in the episodes lately. When will you be back?
PartyofFive2 Thre's always a possibility, because I love doing the show so much.
Lyn Hi Tom! You do a great job as Joe! I'd love to see more of him as the father figure in the Salingers' life.
Rook Tom, Charlie seems to be maturing. Does he need you anymore?
AOL-PASTE Question : Have you guys met Love Hewitt?
PartyofFive2 "I'll be back on 11/27, for a great episode which I can't talk about because it's kind of a surprise." Tom Mason
Lyn I already know the surprise!
Rook Lyn-what surprise??
Lyn If you look ahead on the internet, they give you spoilers...
AOL-PASTE y : Yeah. We have on the set. She said hi to us
AOL-PASTE tonight. She's going to sing two songs
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : tonight. She looked really good, too.
Rich Lyn, what's the surprise?
Lyn Wedding bells for Joe
PartyofFive2 "An average shoot day is 12 hours, but many times it goes over that and the crew really work hard because they have to be involved in every shot while the actors get a break every once in a while." Tom Mason
Julie Do you shoot in front of any type of an audience?
Chris IS the Po5 set a closed set???
Bryan How did it feel to get the Golden Globe?
PartyofFive2 "No, this is all on film." Tom Mason
PartyofFive2 "That was a very exciting day, because we were the underdogs and all the big shows like ER and Chicago Hope & NYPD Blue were shocked. Nobody could believe it!" Tom Mason
PartyofFive2 "No, it's 32 mm film." Tom Mason
bourdaa Mr. Mason, what direction would you like to see your character go in?
PartyofFive2 "One of the things that's wonderful about doing the show is that the writers are so good for Pof F. I trust that whatever they come up with will be wonderful." Tom Mason
PartyofFive2 Mr. Mason plays Joe, owner of Salingers Restaurant
mocha tom, yeah i like the stories...its really real.
PartyofFive2 "My son tells me that everyone in his college watches it and my daughter says that everyone in her Jr. High watches it, so that's a pretty big cult right there." Tom Mason
Lyn Tom, do you "surf the net" and see what people are saying about POF?
PartyofFive2 "On 11/27, a new character will be introduced that I have something to do with that I think everyone will like a lot because I sure do, but I can't talk about it." Tom Mason
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : hmmmmm
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : hmmmmm
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : ok tell 'em....
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : It is, and listen closely now...
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : That's the secret word!
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : shhhh
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : dont tell anyone
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : except when you enter the web contest!
PartyofFive2 "Actually, this is the first time I've ever surfed the net in my life." Tom Mason
BeckyF IS that person going to be a girlfriend of Baily or Charlie, Tom?
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Remember it, and you'll be on your way to a cool trip
PartyofFive For those of you who want to come to LA and visit the "Party of Five" set in person and watch a filming--play the "Party of Five" Mulitmedia Treasure Hunt at!
PartyofFive2 "Can't tell you because the producers would get really mad at me." Tom Mason
PartyofFive Yes, the "Party of Five" Mulitmedia Treasure Hunt Secret Word is "Salingers"!!! Enjoy!
PartyofFive2 If you just joined, I have Tom Mason with me, who plays Joe, owner of Salingers. Any questions...
bourdaa How did you land the role?
PartyofFive2 "I was in the pilot. I went in to meet Chris and Amy, the producers, when they were producing the pilot and I guess I was the type of person they wanted to play Joe." Tom Mason
Lyn Tom, do you enjoy working with the cast of POF?
AOL-PASTE Question : I want to meet the cast. How much would I have to
AOL-PASTE pay to have lunch with them? Or could
AOL-PASTE Question : I win that??
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : you can win that
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Yeah. Just enter the contest. You can visit the
AOL-PASTE cast on the wonderful Culver Sony lot.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : remember everyone
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : We have a great cafeteria there. Sushi on
AOL-PASTE Wednesdays!
PartyofFive2 "Absolutely. The cast is full of extremely nice people and all extremely good actors." Tom Mason
Julie Hey, how much do the five main characters make?
Rich Estimate if you don'tknow.
PartyofFive2 "I think their salaries beat carrying refrigerators for a living." Tom Mason
Julie Ok? Any news about how good it looks for a season 4. Will it be a nail biter?
PartyofFive2 "There are just lots of surprises in every episode." Tom Mason
AOL-PASTE Question : What's going on at the party right now?
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : fans, press...
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Too much.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : cameras
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : computers
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : music
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : the humanity of it all!
Lyn Tom, which of the cast is the most fun to work with?
PartyofFive2 "I have a feeling that those days are not over. Charlie just strikes me as the kind of guy who gets himself in lots of
Tommy Congrats on a great show!
PartyofFive2 "Thanks, Tommy." Tom Mason
bourdaa Yes, but you must admit that Charlie has grown up a tremendous amount.. esp. when it comes to Claudia.
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : hmmm lets see
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : 15 i think
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : 2 from the bodeans
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : stevie nicks
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : holly palmer
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Chaka Khan
AOL-PASTE Pof5Party : Joe Jackson
AOL-PASTE RDukeOfURL : howard jones ...AOL-PASTE left people
Lisa Does Lacey Chabert actually play the violin?
Greg Lisa, yeah she does.
PartyofFive2 "I think Claudia's just really brilliant at faking it." Tom Mason
mocha lol, course she couldn't fake it. duh...
BeckyF Tom, at faking what?
mocha wow, so does she practice alot?
PartyofFive2 "They have a real violinist who comes and plays and teaches her how to bow and do everything exactly right." Tom Mason
Pof5 Hey! We're here with Val from the Party of Five. She's the
Pof5 associate producer!
PartyofFive2 "I think she's an incredible young actress and I enjoy every moment that I work with her. I've been doing this for 26 years and sometimes I look at her and think, 'how did she learn how to do this so fast?'" Tom Mason
Lyn Hi Val. You sure are lucky.
BeckyF Hey Val
Dean Val, excellent show!
Greg Tom: Seriously?? I swear I heard that she really knew how to play. From her fingering and bowing, it looks like it.. it would take SO much time to learn how to fake that well huh..
mocha good show good show. = )
Julie Val-how do things look for a season 4?
Pof5 We're also here with Ken Topolsky who is the co-executive
Pof5 producer and director of "The Party of Five." Also, he put
Pof5 together the album
Pof5 Hi everybody!
Steve Val: cheers from Philly, too!
Julie Hi Ken! Great album. I've been listening to it ALL afternoon
Joe Ken: Why was Jan Arden left off of the soundtrack?
PartyofFive2 "Thanks for your great question, Lyn. The answer is very complicated. With the writing on this particular show, the emotions are so loaded and built up to, so it makes it 'easy' from an acting standpoint." Tom Mason
Pof5 There were so many great choices to make that we're hoping
Pof5 to put out another album. Hopefully, Jan will be on that one.
Lyn Ken, you are the executive producer of the BEST show I have ever watched. Hats off to an excellent cast...
mocha TOM: is everyone on that show really homey? like good friends n stuff.
Pof5 Thank you. The best part of the album is that it gives a chance
Julie Val & Ken, do you guys look at fan web pages devoted to Party of Five?
Pof5 to the audience to have a souvenir of their favorite episode.
Pof5 We're really lucky to have one of the fan audience bases in
Pof5 television. It was they who kept the show on the air, and it is
PartyofFive2 "The show has been on for 3 years now and I'm amazed at how tight everyone still is. This cast really gets along beautifully." Tom Mason
Pof5 them that we work for. You guys have been terrific.
PartyofFive2 I have Tom Mason on now, who plays "Joe"
Pof5 The cast will be here pretty soon. I do see Tom Mason, who plays
Pof5 the part of Joe.
bourdaa Mr. Topolsky, I've heard a couple of times that Owen is in the Christmas episode.. are there any plans to have him in more than one or two scenes at all later in the year?
Pof5 The best way to remedy the situation is to tell all your friends about
Pof5 your feelings regarding the show. Owen is going to be in more and
Pof5 more episodes, and we're really glad that he's becoming part of
Pof5 the family.
PartyofFive2 Jennifer Love Hewett and Jeremy London are coming up, get your questions ready...
Pof5 I'm going to run but some of the cast members are going to be
Pof5 here too. Tell all your friends about the album and tell them about
Pof5 the Reprise and Party of Five websites. It's at
Pof5 Visit us there!
PartyofFive2 Jeremy will be on sone.
Pof5 Jeremy and Love will be here soon.
PartyofFive2 Tom thanks you very much...
Pof5 I want to introduce my two friends Love Hewitt and Andrew Cavarno,
Pof5 Owen and Sarah from Party of Five.
PartyofFive2 They're playing the PoF theme song right now.
Julie Let Sarah sing on more shows!
Lyn Hi Jennifer! You do a wonderful job on POF?
Pof5 I just did a movie for WB called "Rescue Me" coming out
mocha heya ya doin' little buddy?
Pof5 March 21st of next year.
Pof5 Owen says "hi!"
mocha hiya jennifer!
Pof5 Thank you, and hi back!
bourdaa Owen is the best!
Pof5 Thank you very much.
Viper Jennifer, I love your show and think you are great. What are your plans for the future?
Pof5 Owen says thank you.
Pof5 To continue doing what I'm doing.
mocha how cute. owen is adorable.
Pof5 Trojan War has been changed to "Rescue Me," the movie
Pof5 I just spoke of.
Greg Love, you're great.. we even have a mailing list here just for discussion about you!!
Lyn Owen, do you enjoy having Charlie for your "dad?"
Pof5 Owen says that he likes him alot.
Lyn Jennifer, do you get a chance to surf the websites about PoF, read the mailing lists or the chat groups?
Julie Jennifer, do you ever visit the web sites devoted to the show?
Pof5 I work mostly with Bailey (Scott Wolf). I really love working with Neve.
Andy Jennifer: How do you like going on the big talk shows? Is it more nerve racking then performing?
Pof5 Talk shows are much more nerve wracking than performances.
Pof5 I have to go. Bye everybody in cyberspace! I'll be back soon!
Pof5 Now we have BT, who did a song with Tori Amos on the
Pof5 Party of Five soundtrack.
Julie BT, what made you do the soundtrack? Do you watch the show?
Pof5 Any questions for BT?
Pof5 Yeah. I love the show. I was excited to participate in the soundtrack.
Pof5 Tori is an absolutely amazing person and incredible talent.
Pof5 And she's nuts in a good way.
Julie BT, which is your favorite episode.
Pof5 When Kristen leaves the show.
Pof5 Guys...she had to go :
Pof5 Brian Transeau.
Pof5 Question -- have any of you bought the soundtrack?
Rook This soundtrack is good!
Rich No tyet, but plan to.
Lyn I haven't bought it yet, but I'm definately going to!
Fred haven't purchased just found out about it
Julie Bought the soundtrack this afternoon, listening to it all day, driving my husband nuts!!!!
Rich Sorry, that's YET...
Pof5 It's incredible. It's really good. I just got it for the first time
Pof5 tonight. BT is track 4.
Pof5 Have you heard of BT's album called IMA?
mocha c'mon, who said jennifer had to go?! its someone in disguise.
Pof5 Mocha - Jennifer had to go to be with the rest of the cast :
Pof5 BT has got to go now, too. He says bye!
Pof5 Enjoy the soundtrack!
Viper Pof5, who is coming on next?
Pof5 I believe Jeremy is coming on next.
Pof5 Jeremy London, who plays Griffin on "Party of Five." Here he comes.
mocha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
mocha = )
dlk whats it like being a twin?
Pof5 I dunno. I don't know what it's like not to be a twin.
Lisa jeremy i loved you in man on the moon!!!!
Julie Jeremy, when are you coming back on the show? We miss your character.
Pof5 Jason was the man on the moon.
Pof5 January, hopefully.
BeckyF Jeremy, which character do you play on the show
Pof5 Jeremy plays Griffin.
JAWS Jeremy, How was it working with Kevin Smith? He is the god of director's!
Greg Jeremy: You do so much great acting just with facial gestures and jerking movements and stuff.. where did you learn to get
Pof5 Why would you call Kevin Smith the god of directors?
Lyn Jeremy, do you get a chance to surf the net and see what everyone is saying about POF?
Pof5 Greg - I just put myself into it. I just put my emotions.
bourdaa Mr. London, where would you like to see your character go?
Pof5 Lyn - This is my first time.
Pof5 Bourdaa - I would like to see him stay interesting but mingle with
Pof5 other characters.
jj Jeremy, when's the new movie coming out?
Julie Jeremy, got a girlfriend?
bourdaa Mr. London, in what way would you like to mingle?
Pof5 jj - I have a movie going to Sundance called "Levitation," hopefully.
mocha especially when he picks his butt, aww that's the best.
Pof5 Julie - No.
dlk are those tattoos real?
Pof5 Boudaa - Just be involved character wise and plot wise with
Pof5 the other peoplel
Pof5 Mocha - my brother did a commercial.
Pof5 dlk - Yes!
Bill do you find Neve attractive?
Pof5 Bill - Yes1
Julie What's your favorite actor/actress to work with?
JAWS Jeremy, You didn't answer my question regarding Kevin Smith. Did you not get along with him?
Pof5 Julie - Alicia Silverstone.
Rich Do your parents support your career choice?
Pof5 Jaws - Yes.
Pof5 Rich - Yes, they do.
JAWS Jeremy, Just let me tell you that I enjoy you in Mallrats whether or not you like it.
Pof5 Jaws - I like Mallrats!
steve33 Jeremy: Do you prefer doing movies or TV?
Pof5 steve33 - I prefer to do movies.
Pof5 jeremy has to go. He says Thank you for tuning in. He appreciates
Pof5 everybody.
Pof5 Now, we have Tamara Taylor. She's a new cast member on Party of Five.
Rook Tamara, can you snag Charlie?
Lyn Tamara, you were great in the AT&T commercials. That was you, wasn't it?
Pof5 Rook - You know, no comment.
Julie Tamara, how many episodes are you signed on for?
Pof5 Lyn - Yes, it was. Thank you so much!
Bill You look great Tamara.
Pof5 Julie - I'm signed on for nine right now.
bourdaa Ms. Taylor, is there anything you can tell us about your character without giving spoilers?
Pof5 Bill -- Ooo...thank you!
Pof5 Boudaa - Yes, she works for a non-profit organization called
Pof5 the Harvest Program which feeds the homeless, and she meets
Julie Tamara, did you watch the show before you got the part?
Pof5 Charlie trying to get his restaurant involved in her program.
Bill Tamy, do you like Matthew Fox?
Pof5 Julie - Yes I did.
Pof5 Bill - He's a great guy!
Bill Have you talked to Scott a lot?
Julie Tamara, would you like to stay on longer than the 9 episodes?
bourdaa Ms. Taylor, are there any hopes that you have as far as the direction of your character?.. many ppl on the mailing list think that you and Charlie will get together..
Pof5 Bill - We haven't really worked together yet.
Lyn Tamara, how did you get the part of POF?
Pof5 Julie - I sure would. I'm having fun.
Pof5 Bourdaa - I guess my main hope is that my characer and the
Pof5 relationship with Charlie remain honest.
Pof5 Lyn - I auditioned for it.
Greg Tamara, I saw Demi Moore do one-handed pushups. How are you with pushups? and don't you think JLH is a great
Tommy Tamara - any plans pending after the 9 episodes? Not that we want you to go...
Pof5 Greg - I stink at pushups and JLH is great!
Julie Is your character going to straighten Charlie out?
Pof5 Tommy - None yet!
Pof5 Julie - I hope so!
Pof5 Tamara Taylor has to go now. She wants to thank everybody.
Pof5 She thinks it's wonderful!
Pof5 We're here with Alexondra Lee, who Callie on Party of Five.
Pof5 Please send your questions for her right now.
Bill Do you enjoy playing such a bad person in the show.
Julie Alexondra, so are you a permanent on the show now?
Pof5 Bill - She's not a bad person at all.
Pof5 Julie - Yes, for awhile.
MichelleAlexondra, is it hard being the "bad girl"?
bourdaa Ms. Lee, do you have any hopes about the direction taht your character will go, and if so, what are they?
Pof5 Michelle - Callie is not a bad girl. She's just misunderstood.
Pof5 Bourdaa - She's a pretty deep character as you'll see in upcoming
Julie Alexondra, who's your favorite cast member to work with?
Pof5 episodes. So as of now, hopefully she and Scott will get together
Pof5 for awhile.
IggyIp Alexondra, your character is one that we all love to hate, is it hard to play your role?
Pof5 Julie - Well, I only work with Scott and sometimes Love, so Scott
Pof5 is my favorite.
bourdaa Ms. Lee, are you happy with playing someone so misunderstood, and is it a real challenge?
Greg Alexondra, you certainly do a great job on the show... have you done anything in the past?
Pof5 Iggylp - No, not at all.
Pof5 bourdaa - It's definitely a challenge.
Pof5 Greg - I was on Picket Fences for awhile. And thirtysomething
Pof5 and LA law.
bourdaa Ms. Lee, the next question is how is it a challenge?
Pof5 bourdaa - It's a challenge to work with someone like Scott who is
Pof5 so natural and fantastic.
Pof5 But makes me look that much better.
IggyIp Alexondra, since you are now in the opening credits are you going to be a regular on the show now?
Bill How did Callie have the nerve to play the game with Bailey and Sarah knowing that she stole Bailey?
Pof5 Iggylp - Yes.
Pof5 Bill - Well, it's pretty descript that way!
Julie Alexondra, are Sarah and Callie ever going to duke it out?
Pof5 Julie - Well, you'll just have to watch and see.
Pof5 Alexondra has to split now. She says just keep on watching
Pof5 because you'll never know what's going to happen.
Pof5 Hi! We're here with Syd Straw, who is one of the musicians
Pof5 on the Party of Five soundtrack. Please send up your questions.
Julie Love "People of Earth"! What made you decide to do the soundtrack?
Pof5 Julie - You know what? I heard that they were looking for a song
Pof5 from me and I'm lucky that I just written this one, "People of Earth."
Brandi Syd, did you enjoy working on the album and did you write a lot of the songs?
Pof5 And so it was a happy coincidence, really, that they liked the song.
Pof5 Brandi - I write a lot of songs and they've used a few of my songs now.
Pof5 Which is a blast. I love the show. I watched it since the beginning.
Julie Syd-What CDs do you have out? I might have to go shopping!
Pof5 I want that family to adopt me.
Pof5 Julie - I have a new one. And thanks for asking. it's called "War and Peace," and that is on the Capricorn/Mercury label.
Pof5 I also made a solo album years ago for Virgin and that record is called "Surprise."
Ziggy WHt kind of beer are yopu drinking?
Steve sy--what other pieces have you written?
Pof5 Ziggy - How did you know? (She's drinking a Heineken).
Pof5 Steve - Well, I"ve written many songs. I've written songs. Most
Pof5 of them are on my records.
Pof5 I have some new ones you might like to hear.
Rich How old are you?
Pof5 Rich - You're absolutely horrid for asking, which means I"m over
Pof5 30.
Pof5 But you can trust me.
Pof5 Guys got any more questions?
Tommy Did Syanswer my question? I think I got cut off before I saw it.
Pof5 Tommy - what was the question?
Steve syd i missed ur answer to where i can get ur new music
Greg so what happened to all those AOL pastes?
Pof5 Steve - At the coolest little record store in your town.
Pof5 Greg - We've stopped broadcasting on AOL and am now devoted
Pof5 solely to this chat ;
Pof5 Syd wants to ask you a question - Are all you people in this box
Pof5 right now good friends? You all seem to have your own vibe going.
Rich Yeh!
Julie Pof5 fans are united by our love of the show--it crosses all barriers! :-)
bourdaa Syd, do you watch the show on a regular basis, and if so, what's your favorite episode and why?
Pof5 Bourdaa -- I do.
Pof5 Boudaa - Well, I can't say I have a favorite episode. I don't play favorites. But I hope Kristen pulls herself together soon. I feel
Pof5 for her fragile mental health.
Pof5 Syd Straw has to leave. She says that she hopes she meets you
Pof5 all again online. You should be happy she's leaving, she says,
Pof5 because some of the cast members are headed this way.
Pof5 We have Lisa Melamed and Mark B. Perry, who are the writer/producers
Pof5 for Party of Five.
Pof5 Please send your questions up.
Steve is writer/producer technically cast??????
Pof5 Steve - No.
Joe Pof5: How are things looking for Season 4???
Pof5 Joe - We're very hopeful. Things are looking good. We're talking about it, so we hope the network is.
Julie Lisa & Mark - do you guys check out the Pof5 stuff on the Internet done by fans?
Pof5 Julie - Occassionally. We get very competitive as to who's episodes
Rich How do you get started as a show's writer?
Pof5 get the most comments.
Pof5 Rich - Write a great script.
Julie Lisa/Mark Hey, will you guys hire me as the official Party of Five webmaster?
Pof5 Julie - Yes, we actually write the episodes to the show. We write
Pof5 many many drafts under the guidance of Chris and Amy. But our
Pof5 voices are allowed to be in the show as well.
mocha wow, how you do find enough stories? do you freak when you run out...sheesh
Pof5 Mocha - Yes. WE sit in a room and we stare at each other and we
Steve how long does it take to write one episode
Pof5 drink alot of diet cokes and eventuall an idea comes along. And then another one. And then we have an episode.
Pof5 Steve - It takes two weeks for a first draft.
mocha wow, are you serious?
Steve weeks--not many pages on aerage
Pof5 Mocha - About what?
Pof5 Steve - About 55 pages a script.
Lyn Do you write episodes based on knowing the cast and their capabilities, or do you just write and tell them to do it?!
Steve how many staff writers?
Pof5 Lyn - We just tell them to do it, but knowing who they are and knowing their quirks and the way they talk eventuall makes their way into how
Tommy So, do you honestly accept scripts from outside writers? and NO, I don't want to submit one!
Pof5 we write their characters.
Pof5 Steve - Seven staff writers.
bourdaa Ms. Melamed and Mr. Perry, do you find it difficult to write for the character of Owen do to his age (not just the time constraints of child labor laws?
Pof5 Tommy - Not very often, and you can't send it in without signing a release form from the studio. But we're so far ahead on what's on the air that it would be hard for somebody to just jump in and write one.
Pof5 Bourdaa - We can only use him a limited amount of time.
Pof5 Joe - We think optimistic.
Pof5 Lyn - I was a development executive. I read hundreds of scripts and
Pof5 finally figured out that I could write one.
mocha it gets pretty depressing most of the time. then if i don't record some episodes i die.
Pof5 Mocha - don't die.
Pof5 We're now here with Ben Browder, who plays Sam the Roofer on Party of Five. Please submit your questions!
Julie Wait, Sam the roofer hasn't been on yet has he?
Pof5 Julie - tomorrow night.
Pof5 Joe - No...*Sam* the roofer.
Julie Which roofer are you though?
Pof5 Julie - Roofer No. 1.
Julie The pot one or the stars one?
Pof5 BTW...the writers have now gone off and are now mingling.
Pof5 Julie - the stars one.
bourdaa Mr. Browder, is there anything you can tell us without spoiling the show?
Pof5 Bourdaa - Neve falls for me.
Julie How many episodes are you doing?
Greg Hi Sam the Roofer, just wondering.. how do you keep in such good shape? I look forward to seeing you tomorrow (tonight in 13 minutes)
Pof5 Julie - I'm working on number 6 right now.
Julie So this roofer/Julia thing is kind of long term?
Pof5 Greg - Just don't eat too much.
bourdaa Mr. Browder, how did you end up getting this role?
Pof5 Julie - At the moment it is, yeah. But the writers won't tell me.
Lyn Sam, are you the one with short hair or the longer hair (per the previews)
Joe Pof5: How many episodes are you doing?
Pof5 Bourdaa - Auditions.
Pof5 Lyn - I'm the one with short hair.
Julie Joe, pay attention, he said he's on number 6 :-)
Pof5 Joe - Done six but maybe more.
bourdaa Mr. Browder, was it just another role, or was it one that you were extremely interested in from the moment you heard about it?
Pof5 Bourdaa - Very interested in the role, very interested in the show. I think it's a beautiful show.
bourdaa Mr. Browder, do you have a favorite episode, and if so, why?
Andy Is there background information about your character?
Pof5 bourdaa - Right now? I like the ones that I've shot. "I do," just for the
Pof5 work that Neve has done it because it's what I see mostly.
Pof5 Andy - No, there's not really.
bourdaa Mr. Browder, how about before you were on the show?
Pof5 bourdaa - I have done some Broadway, done some films, some TV movies and odd jobs around the house.
Pof5 He's got to go now. He says Goodnight, I gotta go. And watch the show tomorrow night and let me know what you think
Pof5 We're now here with Chris Kaiser, the executive producer of Party of Five.
Pof5's Chris Keyser.
Julie Chris, do you look at Pof5 fan stuff on the Internet?
Pof5 Julie - You know sometimes we do, but there are those who read it
Bill Chris, does Mole Richardson supply your lighting?
Pof5 all the time.
Lyn Chris, we'd all love to know how much you surf the net and visit POF sites, mailing lists, etc/
Pof5 Bill - You know, I don't know. I have no idea.
Pof5 Lyn - As I said, Ken on our show and a bunch of other people surf it all the time and print it out so that all the writers on our
Bill you and amy lippman are God's gift to TV.
Joe Pof5: Maybe YOU can tell us Chris: When are Neve and Scott gonna be on????
Pof5 Bill - That's very nice, thank you!
Pof5 Joe - I don't know. Neve is not here as she is stuck in Canada.
Bill Who do you think is the most talented actor on the show?
bourdaa Mr. Keyser (sorry about the earlier spelling), what do you hope the show accomplishes this year?
Pof5 Bill - I'm the producer. I can't possibly answer that or I'll be in trouble with everyone else.
Julie Chris, How do you decide when new characters need to be introduced?
Pof5 bourdaa - WEll, first of all, we want to expand our viewership as much as possible. We want to tell the best stories that we
Andy Chris: What shows on t.v are inspiring you lately? (if any)
Pof5 Julie - We do new storylines every week, and it depends on what that storyline is. If a character has a new girlfriend or boyfriend, we bring someone new on.
Rook Chris, do you worry about ratings?
Pof5 Andy - NYPD Blue.
Julie Chris, what is being done, or can be done, to improve ratings/
Pof5 Rook - Of course we worry about ratings. But ratings do not determine what stories we tell.
Lyn Chris, what can we do to make sure POF is on next year?
Pof5 Julie - The most important thing is for people who love the show to tell other people to watch it.
Pof5 Lyn - Write letters to the network and tell your friends.
Andy Chris: Just wondering: Have you caught any episodes of "Relativity" which like Pof deals with family issues and the sorts in
Lyn Chris, is POF already renewed for next season?
Pof5 Andy - Yeah, I try to watch it every week. I think it's a real interesting show.
Pof5 Lyn - Not yet. It's very early. It will never happen this early.
Pof5 Hey...Chris just bolted. JLH is on stage right now and is now going to sing.
Pof5 We're now with Chris and Amy's assistants. If you have any questions, please ask.
Pof5 Folks...we now have Lacey Chabert from Party of Five. Please send your questions.
Julie Lacey- Ok, there's this big debate? Is it you playing the violin?
Lyn Lacey, you do an EXCELLENT job as Claudia. Is it hard doing the really emotional scenes?
Pof5 Julie - I actually play but because of sound purposes, they have to dub in the sound.
Pof5 Lyn - To do an emotional scene, I just have to be there where the character is.
Pof5 Joe - I love it. Love it love it love it!
Julie Lacey-what has been your favorite episode for your character?
Steve Is that Jennifer I hear singing in the bkgrnd?
Pof5 Julie - The first episode, actually. I think it shows the cahracters as individuals, but in the end it always came back to family.
Pof5 Steve - Yep...that's her.
Lyn Lacey, you and Matthew Fox have a really good rapore on the show; do you enjoy working with Matthew?
PartyofFive2 Jennifer sounds awesome!
mocha what what?
mocha she does?! awww, man, wish i was there
Pof5 Lyn - Matthew is like my big brother. If I'm having trouble in a scene, he's always asking if I need help. He protects me.
PartyofFive2 You are there, mocha!
Julie Lacey, any off-season plans for movies, etc?
Lyn Lacey, how much "off time" do you get to do the things you love to do? (besides being Claudia, of course...)
Pof5 Julie - I really want to get into feature films. HOpefully, this hiatus.
Steve lacey how young werre u when u started?
Rex Later, got to study.
Pof5 Lyn - I have a large family and weekends are for family time.
PartyofFive2 Don't go rex!
IggyIp Lacey, how was it to be on Jay Leno?
Pof5 Steve - The first thing I did was Les Miserables on Broadway. I was 9.
Pof5 Iggylp - It was a lot of fun.
Lyn Lacey, do you spend much off camera time with the cast? I heard you go to each other's houses for dinner on occasion.
Pof5 Lyn - We're all like a family. I know it sounds lame, but I have no other way to put it. We love each other.
Bill Is Scott Wolf like an older brother?
Pof5 Bill - Yes.
Pof5 Matt and Scott protect me like their little sister.
PartyofFive2 Can everyone hear Jennifer in the background?
Julie Lacey- what about schooling, how do you work that in?
Pof5 Lyn - I enjoy talking to people. As the show gets more popular, they seem to know more about the characters.
Bill Do you enjoy reading fan mail?
Pof5 Julie - I have a teacher on the set in a classroom. And I have 3 hours of schooling a day, and an hour of homework.
Pof5 Bill - I do. I read all of my mail and I respond to as much of it as best as I can.
Lyn Lacey, do you personally surf the net for your own leisure and check out what's going on in the POF web site?
Pof5 Lyn - Yes. We had chat sessions on America Online. We've all done that a couple of times.
PartyofFive2 Here's a question from James..."Lacey, I think you're the best actress on the show, where did you study to be so good?"
Pof5 PartyofFive 2 - I never took any acting classes.
Julie Lacey, how do your siblings deal with your stardom?
Pof5 Julie - At home I'm just Lacey.
bourdaa Lacey, do you think that Claud and Owen should interact more often?
Pof5 Bourdaa - Owen is getting as big as me.
PartyofFive2 From James " Someone must have taught you something. Who were your role models, mentors and teachers?
Bill How many Brothers and Sisters do you have I am one of six. Party of Six.
Pof5 Bill - My older sisters.
mocha LACEY, what were you in before pof?
Pof5 Mocha - Les Miserables and All My Children.
Greg Lacey, who did you play in Les Miserables?
Pof5 Young Cosette and young Eponine.
Lyn Lacey, do you do much travelling? I live in Minnesota, but I'd love to come to L.A. and see a taping of POF!
Pof5 Lyn - Yes. I've been to 39 of the 50 states. I love to travel to see interesting places.
Pof5 Lacey says goodbye. It was fun talking to everyone. Thanks!
mocha bye!
Pof5 Sorry..she had to go. :
Pof5 We're here now with Susannah Grant and PK Simonds. They are both writers on Party of Five. Please send up your questions.,
Julie Susannah/PK- which are your favorite episodes?
Rook PK, did they steal your initials once for the guy Julia was dating?
Pof5 Julie - (S) My favorite one I wrote was the one when Julia went to New Orleans to see Griffin after the abortion. (PK) My favorite episode that I wrote hasn't been on the air yet. It's being shot now.
Pof5 Rook - Yes!
Pof5 Lyn - We all work together on the story of the episodes but we write them ourselves.
Julie PK, what's the title, so we'll know when it's on?
mocha til you think of an idea, right?
Julie Do you look at the fan sites on the Internet?
Pof5 Julie - Significant Others. It will be on in January.
drea How did you get the job to be writers of the show? Why did you decide to work on Party of Five?
Pof5 Mocha - Yes, and eat cookies and throw Kooshes at each other.
Pof5 Julie - Yes. Pretty regularly, and love hearing your comments.
IggyIp Do you feel that as the show go's on that it will be difficult to come up with stories that are as good as they are now?
Pof5 Drea - Chris and Amy liked our writing and hired us.
Pof5 Iggylp - It will be difficult to come up with stories that are completely new.
Julie Do you enjoy doing storylines for one character more than others?
Pof5 Julie - Yes, but it always varies character to character, depending on what they're going through at the time.
PartyofFive2 hey this is chris keyser and amy lippmans assistants. got any questions?
Julie As assistants, what do you guys get to do?
PartyofFive2 well we get to see everything from start to finish. we take care of all their daily plans.
Julie Cool, can I have your job? :-) hee hee
PartyofFive2 no sorry we wouldn't give them up for the world.
Julie How often do you shoot on location in San Francisco?
PartyofFive2 once maybe twice a year
Pof5 Lyn - There is no episode that all others are compared to. Every episode tries to tell a story that makes us feel something and when we're lucky enough to be telling a story that has as much emotion as there is in the death of their parents, it's hard to find more than that.
Pof5 They're going to leave but say Thanks for Watching!
Pof5 We're here with Bruce Nachbar, who is the producer of Party of Five. He does a lot of the music.
Pof5 Please send up your questions.
mocha hello bruce!
Rook Bruce, great music. It makes the show.
bourdaa Mr. Nachbar, is there any chance of getting classic rock on the show?
drea Bruce: Do you write the music for the show before or after the show is filmed?
PartyofFive2 bruce you are cool!
Pof5 Bourdaa - If it's appropriate we put classic rock on. We've had some in the past. We're always trying to break new artists.
Lyn Bruce, how many producers work on taping one episode?
Pof5 Drea - We deal with the music before and after the show. Sometimes scenes are shot knowing what the song will be but will often find a song to play the emotions of the scene.
PartyofFive2 anymore questions for the assistants. thanks Julie youre the best, coming to our rescue.
Pof5 Lyn - A lot! Different producers do different things. Some are writers. Some are in charge of the schedule and the budget.
PartyofFive2 yeah.
Nikki is it hard to find the type of music to put on the show?
Julie Any job openings for a Pof5 webmaster?
Pof5 Nikki - Yeah. We do a tremendous amount of work. Alot of time is spent finding the right song. We know how important it is to people.
PartyofFive2 we'll lety you know if anything opens up.
Julie Do you visit fan web sites?
PartyofFive2 who
Pof5 Julie - Yeah, sometimes. I worked on the Wonder Years and I look on some of those websites and I'm amazed at how some peopple are still interested. I also check out the AOL message board for Party of Five.
drea Does everyone on the set get along well?
PartyofFive2 Don't we wish. There are things that we want to Jeremy coming on every episode. But we just make decisions for the exec
PartyofFive2 s
drea Wonder years. Speaking of which. I saw Fred the other day.
Pof5 Drea - We actually have a really great time on the set. You send so much time with them year after year, you hope you get along. We're very fortunate that way. I even go surfing with some of the guys. Real surfing, not like the one on the internet.
PartyofFive2 we also get to read all the scripts in advance which is pretty cool.
Julie How many days a week does the show work?
PartyofFive2 five.
drea Where do you surf?
Pof5 Julie - Monday through Friday.
Pof5 Drea - Malibu.
Julie Are you guys always worried about whether or not the show will be renewed?
PartyofFive2 come in at eight and leave at eight.
drea Awesome! Most of my friends surf at Malibu too :)
Julie Is the pay at least decent?
PartyofFive2 truth?
Julie yep
Pof5 Julie - I've never worried about the show being renewed, even when it was on the brink of being cancelled. We still had a job to do. If you don't worry and do it well, it affects the product you put out.
PartyofFive2 YEah.
drea Did you go to school for your jobs, or just actively pursue them?
PartyofFive2 we actively pursued them but we did go to school for television and film. Marni is going to be a superagent and debbie a writer.
drea Which school did you attend?
PartyofFive2 University of Maryland and George Washington with Scott Wolf.
Julie Debi, do you hope to write for Party or other shows.
PartyofFive2 Yes.
Julie Debi, Do you get to put your two cents in with the writers?
Pof5 Folks...thanks for sticking around. If you have questions for the cast for the party of five, please email us at
PartyofFive2 no,
PartyofFive2 KEep watching and you will find out some juicy stuff,
Tommy No Neve?
Julie Thanks Party of Five. Let's do it again!
Rook Pof5-thanks, do this again some day
drea The rest of the staff is just as important as Scott or Matt. :)
Pof5 Sorry we couldn't get to everyone you wanted to hear and see!
Good night everyone!