Series Wrap Party continued

Shortly before I left I had a chance to talk to Joe Penella. I have always thought that he was a genius in the way that he makes the show look like it does week in and week out. Part of the beauty of it is that the sets actually have ceilings, but it's also the use of the kitchen window, and how they light with shadow and light. It's so distinctive. Joe and I were pleased to discover that we both have Madison, Wisconsin roots. He used to work for WHA, the public television station and I went to graduate school there.

As a bonus, as we waited for our car we got to watch Yasmine Bleeth, David Charvet and about five of their friends cool their heels in the parking lot. Clearly they had been hoping for an exciting evening at the Sunset Room, the hottest club in Hollywood right now, but it wasn't meant to be....because this was the night that WE got to go to Hollywood!

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