Bryn Erin Interview continued

TKTV: Do you think your character of Libby would have killed herself?

Bryn: I hope not! The producers wanted to do an episode about suicide. They asked if I could do it because Libby was an established character. Had I not done it they would have had a new character kill themselves. I was surprised and disappointed that they did not show reruns of my old episodes to get the audience familiar with Libby again. It had been a long time since I had been on the show. I believe it would have had a bigger impact. It was not a message I was proud to send. Definitely not! I also think that at the end of the show one of the actors (maybe me) should have come on and said that suicide is not the answer and given a suicide prevention hotline phone number. I don't think that the whole thing was handled very responsibly.

TKTV: What have you been doing since leaving Party of Five?

Bryn: I did a lot of guest appearances and some movie of the weeks. I am the most proud of playing Patricia Wettig's daughter on "Courthouse," the son's girlfriend on "Dream On" (a recurring role), Vonni Ribisi's girlfriend on "The Wonder Years," my role in the film "The Last Supper" (available in video stores) and of course my work on "Party of Five."

I married my wonderful husband Thom, an art director, on June 1, 1997 (his roommate Shane worked with me at Jerry's Famous Deli. That is how we met.) After surgery, hormone shots, being told I would probably not be able to have children, and finally acupuncture, my beautiful baby girl, Shane (named after Thom's roomate), was born April 16, 1999. I got so many dirty looks in the hospital because I still look like I'm 15! I am currently a stay at home mom (the hardest job I've ever had, but very rewarding). My husband and I have also been busy restoring our 1931 tudor style house. It was painted pink(!) when we bought it.

TKTV: What are your future plans?

Bryn: I hope to get pregnant again when Shane is 15 months or has stopped nursing. A boy would be nice. When my kids are in school I definitely want to return to acting! I never knew I would miss it so much!!! It is hard to see all of my friends and people I've worked with becoming rich and famous doing something they love. Of course if the "Party of Five" producers want to write me my own show I'll be there!

Many many thanks to Bryn Erin for taking the time to answer our questions.

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