Bryn Erin Interview continued

TKTV: Do remember filming any scenes for the show that didn't make it to air? If so, what were they? Do you know why they were cut?

Bryn: Yes. In the first episode I did, "Homework," there was a scene that was cut. We shot it in two different locations which is unusual. The scene took place after we had failed the pop quiz because we had gone to the party the night before. I was freaking out in the bathroom while Julia was in a stall. I had most of the dialogue. Then we shot it with both of us walking up stairs at school. I think it was cut for one of three reasons.
  1. It focused too much on Libby (a supporting character), and they decided not to center the show so much on her. (It was the second episode of the show and big decisions were being made about the direction it would take.)
  2. The producers didn't like the scene and/or feel it was necessary to include it.
  3. The show was running too long.

Also the last half of my speech (the Libby/Justin break up episode) when I'm talking to Julia about Justin breaking up with me was cut. I think that it was cut because the show was running too long or because it was very emotional. I was crying and they probably didn't want the audience to be mad at Julia for stealing Justin. I know that network execs didn't want me to wear my glasses and wanted me to look less geeky in the two Justin episodes for that reason.

TKTV: Any other good behind the scenes stories?

Bryn: Michael Goorjian didn't have to audition for the show. He got cast off of his demo tape because I believe he was out of town. He won an Emmy for playing an autistic boy in a movie of the week.

Scott Grimes sings in his band. They are great!!! The cast would go to see him play in bars.

Neve's actress friend, Tara, from Toronto, was in town visiting her when they wre casting Libby. She auditioned but was given a smaller role. Her lines were cut but you see her kissing a guy by a car in "Homework."

Paula Devicq has always been able to eat whatever she wants and stay thin. I wish! We would tease her about it.

Brittany Murphy, a big film star now, was worried about filming her scene with Neve and I (she is in the bathroom scene in "Homework") because she had only done sitcoms before.

The boom guy (holds up the microphone) was lying on the ground in front of a car we were sitting on while filming the scene about if we should go in the party or not. We were in the middle of shooting our dialogue when he passed wind very loudly! We tried not to laugh because we didn't want to embarass him but we lost it.

TKTV: How did the show change from season to season as you came back to guest star?

Bryn: It was always a wonderful and fun place to work!!!I wish my character had been in more episodes and was still alive!!!

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