Interview with P.K. Simonds

TKTV's exclusive interview with P.K. Simonds - June, 1999

P.K. Simonds, who recently became a new executive producer of Party of Five, and has spent many seasons producing and writing for the series, was kind enough to answer some questions for us, many of them contributed by fans. Here is what he had to say.

TKTV: What are your plans for the character of Griffin? Is there a viable long-term role for a non-Salinger? Will he be developed more as his own character and perhaps get his own storyline?

PK: Griffin is an important part of our ensemble, with strong ties to many members of the Salinger family, so we fully intend to keep him around. This will mean his own storylines sometimes, as well as involving him in other characters' storylines.

TKTV: What about the character of Sarah? We've heard that she'll be back for the season premiere and then move to her own show, but will Jennifer Love Hewitt possibly make any guest appearances later in the season?

PK: Jennifer Love Hewitt will appear in the first three episodes of our show before leaving to start her own. We hope she'll visit Party of Five now and again, but there are no firm plans for her to do so yet.

TKTV: As Party of Five matures we have seen the family go through many experiences and relationship changes. You have been quoted as saying that the family will be brought together next season. How do you see this happening now that they are growing up and having their own experiences?

PK: The family can and will come back together for a variety of reasons. Some of them practical -- when they need a place to stay, for example -- and some of them emotional -- when challenges or setbacks in their lives create a need for the support and affection of their siblings.

TKTV: There were several new writers this season, Mark Richard, Allan Heinberg, etc. Will any of them be writing for the show again this upcoming season?

PK: Allan Heinberg, Mimi Schmir and Julia Dahl are all returning from last season, and the staff will be joined by several excellent new writers as well.

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