Simonds Interview continued

TKTV: In season 2, the characters of Charlie and Kirsten attempted to marry. Now, four seasons later, with a great deal of plot under the bridge, they are once again approaching matrimony. What was the reason behind reuniting them? Will they make it this time? What role will Daphne play in Diana's life? In Charlie's?

PK: There will definitely be a wedding this time for Charlie and Kirsten. What kind of wedding is an open question. Daphne continues to be Diana's mother, and Charlie and Kirsten will both continue to want the child they share to have her natural mother nearby. Beyond that I can't say what will happen, except that it's a very complicated relationship the three adults have, and it will only get more so, but in ways people probably won't expect.

TKTV: Will the character of Claudia finally be getting her own storyline so that Lacey Chabert can show off her talents on a more regular basis?

PK: Claudia has always had her own storylines, and this year she will have even more to do. High School is a very scary and interesting place, and we'll have as much fun with Claudia's experiences there as we can.

TKTV: Will Owen's learning disability play a part in his storyline this year?

PK: Not nearly as much as last year, but it won't be forgotten.

TKTV: Is there a show bible? This year contained some major continuity gaffes (i.e. Nick and Diana attending Owen's first birthday party). Who makes sure things like that don't happen?

PK: As always, we make every effort to avoid continuity errors. Generating 25 hours of television in ten months is a lot of work, though, and things invariably slip through the cracks.

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