Simonds Interview continued

TKTV: Did The X-Files ask permission to use the Salinger headstone in their episode this spring?

PK: I didn't know they had done that. So they didn't ask me.

TKTV: Tell us a little bit about how you write an episode of Party of Five. Is there any kind of preparation you have to follow? How long is the cycle from concept until it appears on screen?

PK: The writing staff typically spends about a week together "breaking" the story for each episode, followed by four to five weeks of writing and rewriting, followed by seven shooting days and a several week post-production process. So the total time from concept to screen -- well, you do the math.

TKTV: How much do people involved with the production of Party of Five use the web? The show has a very loyal and active fan base online. Are there any ways in which you think this could be used to enhance or promote the show?

PK: We use the internet for research on topics raised in the show, and some staff may occasionally check the show's web sites to gauge audience reaction to storylines. Generally, however, we try hard not to be influenced by any outside opinions -- critics' or fans' -- in order to deliver shows that surprise the audience and defy expectations. As far as using the web to promote the show, we leave that to the excellent publicity departments at the network and studio, so I can't really say.

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