Simonds Interview continued

TKTV: How do you name the characters? We've heard that Julia's friend in the first season was named after you. Was Perry Marks named after Mark B. Perry?

PK: There's no set of rules for the naming of characters. I did work with Amy and Chris on another show previous to this one, however, and Mark Perry is of course a good friend to us here, so again, I invite you to do the math.

TKTV: How is the music selected for the show? By far the most frequent question we are asked via our web site is along the lines of "who sang that song while Griffin and Julia were sitting on the swing?"

PK: We have an excellent post production department headed by Val Joseph, who works constantly to find the best possible music for the show. Also writers and directors often bring suggestions for songs they've heard and love.

TKTV: Do you think this will be the last season? If so, will you prepare plotlines in anticipation of such?

PK: Most of the cast is committed to return for a seventh season, and the network is very interested in keeping the show on beyond this year. Needless to say, this will only happen if everyone involved is confident the show can maintain the level of quality it has in the past. Once that decision has been made, the writing staff will plan the remainder of the season accordingly.

Many many thanks to P.K. Simonds for taking the time out of his hectic schedule this summer while he's planning for the sixth spectacular season of "Party of Five."

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