Series Wrap Party

Rachel's experience at the Party of Five series wrap party
The Sunset Room
Hollywood, California
April 6, 2000

When I received the invitation from Ken Topolsky to attend the Party of Five series wrap party with my web site co-editor TK Baltimore, it seemed like a dream come true. As the day grew closer, I grew more nervous. Who was I to be a part of their evening? This was a group of people (cast and crew) who had been working together for six years. I had merely watched their work from a thousand miles away. I had a web site. Who did that make me?

Fortunately I had the good sense to enlist my dearest Party of Five friend Malin. She agreed to fly over from Sweden to join me for the evening. Even if the party was a bust, we were going to have a great California vacation!

Earlier that day, we scouted the location. It turns out that Hollywood is a real dive and the block where the club is located didn't look like much at all. However, when we drove up that night, this time there were lights, cameras and a ton of people with headsets on!

We pulled in and there were about 25 valets waiting to relieve us of our car. We got out and stood on the red carpet, not quite sure what to do. Finally a woman told us to go in. We walked up to the door...and were told they weren't ready. We walked back out. The first woman asked why we were back. We told her and she got on her headset and cleared it. We headed back into the club.

It was beautiful. There was a large room to the left with table and booths, a huge bar and large screen TVs all around. There was also a patio area with food set-up and another bar. Off to the right was a room with a dance floor.

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