Series Wrap Party continued

We were pretty early. I think the only other people there had to be interns. They had that hungry look that only an open bar and free food can produce.

Malin and I stood around for a while, then took up a seat close to the bar, but with a good view of the front door. The club was finally starting to fill up. The first star to arrive was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Then came Mitchell Anderson. He came into the club and declared that it was "incredible" to some friends standing nearby.

I headed out to get some food. On my way back I ran into Jennifer Aspen. She was the one person I really wanted to speak to since she had e-mailed me about a year ago. I reminded her of our communication and she did remember. She introduced me to her boyfriend, Dave, who wanted the whole story and found it very amusing. My leg started to shake while we were talking like it hadn't since I saw President Clinton at church six years ago.

I sat back down and we were soon joined by another couple, Rick and Fred. Rick asked if we were with Spelling, forgetting that this was the Party of Five party, not 90210. He worked for Columbia Tristar. We had a great conversation about TV in general, talking about what we watched and why. Fred and I bemoaned the cancellation of Freaks and Geeks at some length. At one point the conversation was so intense that I didn't even notice that the newly arrived Jeremy London had been standing right next to us for about 15 minutes.

I saw Ken Topolsky, our host, coming through the bar crowd and went over to introduce myself. He gave me a big bear hug, then headed for the other room where there was going to be a short ceremony. We headed that way as well. On the way I rubbed shoulders with Matthew Fox, nearly unrecognizable with his new military haircut and clean-shaven face.

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