Series Wrap Party continued

There were about 400-500 people at the party and it was hard to tell who lots of them were besides the cast. We had the opportunity to talk with a number of people that I would describe as being very "Hollywood." Deals were discussed, cards were exchanged.

At this point Ken Topolsky returned and sat down to talk to us. We presented him with the Dala horse Malin had brought from Sweden. He thanked us again for coming and all of our hard work. There seemed to be a real appreciation for the online community and their support for the show in its infancy when renewal was not always a given.

As we headed toward the dance floor I had a chance to speak with Chris Keyser and thank him for the wonderful show he and Amy had created. He is an incredibly nice, completely down-to-earth person. I commented on the fact that he and Amy were writing the last episode and he said that he thought we would like it very much.

After dancing for a while, we headed back to the patio. Jeremy was there talking very seriously with Joe Penella, the director of photography. When they finished I grabbed Jeremy's arm and asked him if he would come say hello to the woman who flew from Sweden to see him. He was extremely nice and Malin kept her wits about her quite well, despite being one of his biggest fans. We all talked for a while, eventually joined by Doreen Schultz, who has done the hair on the show since it began. This was great, because these are the people who make the show what it is and we never know who they are. After Jeremy left he came back to kiss Malin's hand and say good-bye.

I had seen Amy Lippman earlier, but she was busy talking to Scott Wolf, so I decided to come back. Now I headed back into the other room to hopefully find her. The club was emptying out and she was talking near the door chatting with Chris. I went up and spoke with both of them. They were so nice and seemed to really appreciate hearing how people felt about the show. They thanked us, the web people, for helping to keep them on the air.

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